8 Husband’s Ways for Pleasing his Wife in a Marriage

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Women everywhere are hard to guess. Emotional change, sometimes makes the husband dizzy around in pleasing his wife.

However, it is not an impossible thing to please your wife. The first step is the intention to please the wife, of course, besides that, you must be sincere in living it.

Marriage Tips

Because if your wife is happy, of course your household will also be more harmonious.

Here are tips to please your wife, especially when your wife is in a bad mood (You can read another tips at a good marriage quotes page at Stormsofmygrandchildren.com).

Husband’s Tips for Pleasing the Wife in a Marriage

Give gifts/gifts that the wife likes

Give a gift your wife likes when your wife is in a bad mood/sulking, can relieve your wife’s emotions.

When you want to apologize with your wife after you make a mistake, you can also use this method.

Always there beside him in critical moments

As the role of a husband is to protect his wife and children. When there are problems or when a wife is sick, sometimes all they need is the presence of a husband on the wife’s side.

With your husband present at critical times, your wife will feel safe.


Be a humorous husband. When you are tired after returning from work, you should still invite your wife to joke / just let go of small jokes that can make him laugh. A woman likes to listen to funny stories, so you can just tell funny things that happen in the office / on the go.


Jealousy is normal for a couple. It is a sense of belonging that gives rise to jealousy when our partner is approached / familiar with the opposite sex.

Occasionally show your jealousy when your wife is chatting with her friends on social media/smartphones.

Your wife will be happy if her husband is jealous because it means the husband still loves his wife.

Become a Good DecisionMaker

A husband must be able to be a decision-maker in the house. Assertiveness and clarity in making decisions will please your wife.

Not only that, if you often make the right decision, then your wife will be amazed at you.


Every woman likes to be cared for. Although only by text/telephone briefly to ask your wife’s activities, or ask whether the wife has eaten / not, but this is very important for your wife.

Give Trust

Give full confidence to your wife. In marriage, you must delegate your duties and roles to your wife. For example, when you go out of town on duty, you entrust your wife to heat the car/motorcycle every day.

Be pampered

Which woman doesn’t like to be pampered? So it is with your wife. You need to know the right moments to pamper your wife.

Familiar with family and friends

Your wife will undoubtedly be touched if you can get close to her family and friends. For your wife, that means you accept her and her world; even you are considered to be the ideal life partner for good.

Take a walk

Women are more likely to like shopping than men. Occasionally invite our wives to go out and shop.

Give flexibility for the wife to choose the mall to be headed. Give also the freedom of time when the wife was looking at clothes at the mall.

That’s the Tips to please your wife.

The tips above you can practice in your daily household life, for the sake of harmony in your household. Guaranteed when your wife’s heart is happy, your wife will increasingly love you.

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