Visit Colombo The Largest City of Srilanka

By | June 3, 2019

After spending a day with elephants, riding them and looking upon their cuteness, we were exhausted and had dinner out – which we never do because the kids are just hard work and make things a bit less than enjoyable, but this place had a playground and it wasn’t McDonald’s and we had beverage and we felt all holiday-ish and it was great.

I love Sri Lanka.

Then a quick swim back at the hotel and then falling into an exhaustion coma.

What a day! But our whirlwind holiday wasn’t over yet.

We had Colombo to visit before getting on a plane back to stinky Chennai.

We woke to rain. It had been a very long time since we had seen rain.

It was fantastic and certainly didn’t dampen our holiday mood.

We were driven around Colombo, seeing the sights and stopping at McDonald’s to taste the local cuisine because we are such foodies.

Colombo, being the capital, has a denser population than Negombo, and this is where you can start to see some of the poverty.

Our tour guide, Jerom says that Sri Lanka has “75% poor people”.

But he also said that the population of Sri Lanka is about 2-3 Million – it’s actually about 21 Million, so who knows.

The city is still much cleaner than Chennai. The footpaths are clear, the air is fresh (the rain helps), and even the rickshaws are shiny.

Some of the auto rickshaws we saw were pimped out with huge sound systems and lights.

pink rickshaws


There was even a rickshaw comes ice-cream truck complete with music.

But mostly they were just colourful and bright and clean and shiny.

Millar, my kid, wanted to take this guy home with us.

Millar had some more close up animal encounters to add to his list including a snake that he got annoyed with so just took it off his neck and threw it on the ground – he didn’t like it “slivering all around him” and we took some photos of other things like temples and giant Buddhas and parliament buildings and monuments….

Then Jerom took us to a Gem “museum”, which was about when the holiday feeling wore off.

Gem “museum”

It was just a shop, but they took us out the back, into an office and sat us down to watch a video.

The video was going to tell us all about gem mining in Sri Lanka, which I’m sure is fascinating but the sound quality on the 20-year-old tape was shit, and the tiny tv did it no favours.

We walked out without even looking at the gems.

Jerom gets kickbacks from these places. It’s the same in India, and I’m sure in many places all around the world. But we are really tired of it.

Don’t call it a museum when it’s not. I remember my carpet emporium and the marble in Agra, this is not our first time at the rodeo.

We declined the offer to see the fabric emporium and asked to just go to the airport.

We had plenty of time at the airport for the kids to play in the playground and Millar said that was his favourite part of Sri Lanka (kids!) While the kids played, I had plenty of time to spend all our money in the souvenir shop. Hurrah.

Overall, I absolutely loved Sri Lanka. I would love to stay there longer. Much longer.

If we were offered time in Sri Lanka instead of Chennai, I wouldn’t even hesitate.

There is so much more to see than we could see in one weekend. One day we will go back. Hopefully.

(Toushka Lee)


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