Sphynx Cat Facts: from the History to the right Grooming

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Most people directly regarding that the sphynx cat comes from Egypt but the fact is wrong. They have this opinion because the name and the sound are alike with the Egyptian Sphinx.


Well, you know the fact about both right now looking from the writing. Okay, turn back to the cat that includes one of the hairless breeds.

You with a fur allergy but love cat can take it as the solution. Or, you want to pet a unique and unusual cat like it.

What makes Sphynx Cat Hairless?

You, surely, wonder why the Sphynx cat is hairless. It is a natural condition and not a sign that the cat is not healthy or had just shaven off. Well, you should know that cat is the result of the genetic mutation.

It births for the first time in Toronto, Canada in 1966. But, the cat with the original name of a Canadian hairless cat looks like an abnormal breed.

Due to it regards as an unnormal cat by CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association), the breeding stops for a while. However, it was born again from the domestic cats in Minnesota, US.

In 2002, CFA also accepted this hairless cat joining the championship class competition.

Truthfully, both nativities do not emerge the name of sphinx yet. It starts having the name after Georgina Gattenby made an experiment.

Georgina married the Devon Rex cat race with the hairless Canadian cat. From this event, the name of sphinx births for this hairless cat.

Personality and Physical Characteristics

Okay, that is a detailed history of the cat to rectify misunderstandings that occur accidentally. The personalities of the sphynx cat are:

Active and Energetic

Firstly, her personality is active or energetic different from the general cats that are lazy.

If your pet this hairless cat you have to supervise it because the activeness increases when meeting new people. Although it has a dour expression, the cat has a good sense of humor.

Friendly, loving, and delightful pet

The sphynx refers to an indoor cat because of the sense of humor, friendly, loving, and loyal.

Plenty of people say that is the delightful pet that loves showing off for attention. Wherever you move or go, it is ready to follow you.

The sphynx cat is willing to involve in your activities. It is ready to curl up in your lap or perch on your shoulder. Once more, the friendly character makes it easy to get along with other cats.  

Meanwhile, the physical characters of the cat are:

Extra-short hair

You might think that the breed truly does not have hairs or bald. The cat just solely has extra-short hair until look hairless. The skin of the cat also looks wrinkled but it quite muscled.

It looks dense and heavy within the medium-sized, sleek, round belly, and strapping body. The weight range of female is less than 12 lbs and male is more than that.

Wide-sized head, eyes, and ears

Next, the sphynx cat has a wide-sized head, eyes, and ears. For the ears, the wide triangle shape makes it look like a bat. The eyes of the cat also have various colors. You can also see the prominent cheekbones on the face.

Color and pattern

The colors of this hairless cat are various white black, red, blue, cream, blue-cream, cameo, brown, golden, and silver. Besides that, you can nurture it in tortoiseshell or two colors.

Meanwhile, the patterns are calico (tricolor), tortoiseshell (bicolor), smoke, solid color, shaded, ticking, and tabby.

 Other detailed information

Nurturing this cat can take place between 8 and 14 years with the high attention or social needs. The tendency to shed is low but it needs high overall grooming necessary.

If you ask about the allergy risk it says no or everyone is safe to nurture it. The cat with the rare prevalence matches joining some cat association recognitions like TICA, ACFA, and CFA.

2 Common Health Issues and How to take care your Sphynx Cat

As the owner of the cat or the cat lover, you should supervise the sphynx cat properly. It is useful to monitor her health and safety. Commonly, this hairless cat is easy to get two following health issues:


Firstly, the cat is easily getting diarrhea because of some factors. Getting a new adopter can be the cause of the disease. Besides that, the wrong food and medication also become other causes.

You might get the wrong medication or give foods with the protein under 80%. The wrong food makes the belly cannot receive it and causes diarrhea.

Powerless immune

Exactly, the immune is less strong both for adult and kitten. The hairless physical character makes this cat is easy to cold and has respiratory infections.

Do not worry because you can prevent those health issues by giving the right treatment. There are 3 ways to take care of your Sphynx cat:

3 ways to take care of your Sphynx cat

 Groom the cat routinely

Take the advantages of routine grooming on the cat that is easy to dirt. It turns out the dirty skin make it cannot absorb sweat, saliva, until oil properly.

Choose baby shampoo or shampoo with moisturizer

Do not choose a careless shampoo for this hairless cat breed. You should use a specific shampoo that contains moisturizers or use baby shampoo.

Bath the cat with a gentle rubbing on the wrinkled parts. This way ensures the dirt really vanishes and the cat cleans perfectly.

Cut nails and brush the tooth

Lastly, you should cut the nails and brush the tooth! Both ways avoid the cat from germs on the nails as well as teeth. Alongside that, cut the nails useful to prevent the cat from hurt itself.

Do you attract to have the sphynx cat or still eerie seeing the hairless appearance?  The fact is the cat is so safe for everyone to include the cat lover with the fur allergy.

It also has easy grooming and not many health issues. Now, look for the adoption of the cat on the vet or other relating places. Believe it! Your heart will get used to as time goes by.

Try it and feel a new unique experience that will not get from other cat breeds. Good luck!      

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