10 Simple Words to Introduce to Your Kitten

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Hello cat lovers and the newcomers! How do you feel when touching your cat for the first time or nurturing cats all this time? Whenever you start it, understand 10 simple words to introduce to your cats since childhood.


It sounds funny and ridiculous, yes, of course! But, it is real that nurturing cats is, occasionally, more than dry-nurse children.

A lot of people say it according to their experience. Okay, it is time to upgrade your cat’s vocabulary to understand them more!

10 Simple Words to Introduce to Your Kitten

A lot of reasons you should be closer to your cats both male and female. They are animals, indeed, but they have numerous benefits and facts for humans in various aspects. You, surely, realize that you often forget that cats are not dolls and humans.

You regard them as your friend, family, and even kid not pet. It is because cats act more amuse you with their behaviors. However, this furry funny pet, as though, understand your words and feeling. It is true, right?

People who love cats never disincline to share with a bed, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, foods, and so on. It turns out those things not only make cats happy but also the people. Cats are animals with minimum bad bacteria, dislike dirty, even they are good for the human’s health.

Cats with their funny behaviors are effective to relieve stress or depression. Seeing their appearance is truly melting your heart, refresh your mind, and grow a smile on your lips.

Once more, cats’ snoring is good for human’s heart health. So, no reason to vain or torture this sweet animal. Give your love to them by implementing these 10 simple words to introduce to your cats since childhood:

Give them a special name

Firstly, you can prepare a special name for your kitties and never tire to practice it. Repeat it often and do not use other callings besides their name. You should use it for giving food, just calling, singing, and other chances.

Attention to their expression or happiness when responding to your calling. Try to call using their name from a current distance and wait for their coming in a few seconds.

Use your name

Use your name to call yourself. The trick is still the same as the prior. Do not forget to call them by their name when you point to them and your name when you point to yourself like me, mother, dad, and others.

Just say “Food”

Say “food” to call your kitties each time you want to feed them. You can also point at the food plates while saying “food”. They will come soon and sound not boring for your smart kitties or cats. Say “nice food” when they start to eat.

Introduce good things

Who says you cannot train your cats and kitties to have good behavior. Conduct it slowly and they will understand it soon. For instance, you smile, talk, or wipe the fur to express that their lick to you is not bad. Undertake the same thing when they are snoring, bite you for kidding, and associate to you.

Introduce the bad things

On the contrary, you are mandatory to avoid bad things like stealing and other negative behaviors. Feel free to say “no” each time your kitty does it.

When using “No”

The word no is for both purposes stopping and prohibiting their bad behaviors. However, you need to have good forbearance to do it while adding actions to warn or stop them.

Train to “Sit”

Use the word “Sit” to make them sitting in a good position. Do not forget to praise them when kitties success to undertake it.

Cat’s bedtime

Say “bedtime” to ask for your kitties to sleep both with you and alone. You may use it to know that you are sleepy and stop playing with them.


Use “please” when you want to request something to your kitties.

Say “Thank you” to your Cats

Although they are pets, cats and kitties also understand your gratitude to them. Say it when they serve you better.

Well, those are 10 simple words to introduce to your cats since childhood. Those words are effective to implement but it keeps need forbearance to do it. Happy trying!  

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