9 Places in Bali That Have Amazing View for You To Visit

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One day is not enough to visit all places in Bali though it is not a large island. You will need several days, weeks, even month, maybe because there is always a new destination exist. Most people choose Sanur and Kuta beaches as their first destination. Bali turns out not only about those but also the others.

Perhaps you never know that it has lots of beaches and natural landscapes. You can climb to some hills until dive under the blue water along with the sea animals. Today, the article discusses Bali natural tours that have never been on your list before.

9 Best Places in Bali You Must Visit

It turns out Bali has some hills with the wonderful view underneath. You have to try to feel the positive aura from the peaks along with the greeting the morning sun. Explore the hills definitely must not be alone but with your friends or couple is okay. Well, here are some awesome hills from Bali:

Mende Hill


Not many people know about this tourist object, and it is quite calming. Even though, Mende which is in Subaya Village, Kintamani, Bangli, Bali, has easy climbing paths. Be the early people who conquer the challenge by walking down the hill. Try to build a tent and enjoy the night there while seeing the starts that look closer. In the morning, your eyes will watch a huge green natural tapestry that covers the hills around.

Tukad Melangit

Tukad Melangit becomes one of the extreme selfie spots for the tourists because the location is above 300 meters. You will stand on the bamboo stilt with a long runway around 5 meters.  Seemly, it needs great courage to get an extraordinary image. Apparently, Tukad Melangit owns a breathtaking view from the green hills and the blue sky.  Do not worry about the security because there are many staffs will guard you.

Find this interesting place in Banjar Antugan, Jehem, Tembuku, Bangli Regency. This tourist object is free, and there is merely a donation box. To reach Tukad Melangit, come from the Bangli to the east and continue to Rendang (Karangasem). Go to the north when you are in the Jehem crossroad.

Later, you will meet Antugan Street after in 3 km. After that, you just go to west around 50 meters, and you can challenge your adrenaline soon.

Asah Hill from Bugbug Village Karangasem

Asah hill comes from Bugbug village, Karangasem which differs from the previous hills. It displays different natural scenery in the form of beautiful views of Bali beaches. Here, you can do camping while seeing the wonderful rocks and the small islands.

Tamblingan and Buyan Lakes


It is a volcanic twin lake in the north side of Bali which has very quiet nuance. Those lakes are close to each other, but there is a green forest in the middle with a wide 1 km. By the way, the residents do not use the motorboat for fishing because they want to keep the naturalness. They use “Perahu “(the name of the boat) for fishing, and you are also able to rent. To enjoy both like at once, you are better to climb a hill in Asah Gobleg village. If you want to do a honeymoon or spend time together, this place is very suitable.

Down to the Waterfalls, Beaches, and Field

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung Waterfall still has a wild atmosphere. Your adventure here is a lot of climbing and climbing before reaching the location of the waterfall. When passing through the derivative, look up and see the dashing cliffs around. They surround the waterfall along with the flow of water from the river above it. Wear appropriate footwear and take good care of the environment around this waterfall.

Tukad Cepung waterfall on Tembuku Street, Penida Kelod, Tembuku, Bangli, Bali is classified as a virgin. So there is no official entrance ticket. Be vigilant when visiting here, because water levels can be very extreme and dangerous during the rainy season.

Peguyangan Waterfall, Nusa Penida

It turned out that not many local people were aware of the existence of Peguyangan Waterfall. It’s quite difficult to find a waterfall that comes from this spring. So many people suggest using travel services when heading there. Later, you will descend about 460 steps on a cliff that is quite steep to reach the spring.

However, the beauty of the spring that flows along the terraced slopes to the sea is amazing. You will also get a natural spa from the flowing water massage. Believe that the strength of the water will restore your body and mind to freshness faster. So, come here while testing your level of courage.

Blue Lagoon from Nusa Ceningan

As the small island, Bali is rich in the fascinating beaches. One of them is the Blue Lagoon in Nusa Ceningan. Blue Lagoon has blue water and is crystal clear. This beach also has a 12-meter high cliff, which will be a favorite for people who like challenges. Try to jump from the cliff to the sea but do not do it if you are not sure. Recently, local parties have banned the activity due to bad weather.

Green Cliff and the Small Cave

Discover the location of the Green Cliff in Undisan Kelod village, Tembuku, Bangli, Bali. In fact, the Green Cliff is high cliffs with decorative moss. See lots of views such as the rice field, forest, ravines, and waterfall during the Journey. Once here, follow the flow of water under the cliff and find a hidden little cave. Try to swim following the water to the cave if you dare. Hence if you don’t dare don’t be forced. Just sit on a rock under the Green Cliff to just meditate in search of tranquility in this remote place.

Green Terraced Rice Field from Jatiluwih

It may be the time to little bit relaxes in the midst of the green rice overlay. Come to the Jatiluwih Terraced Rice Field in Tabanan, Bali. This place matches for people who dislike challenge, but they need the serenity to revive their physic and mind. Here, you do need to climb the hill, jump to the sea, or down the cliff.

Quite sit on the porch of your villa or walking among the rice trees. Breathe fresh air while playing with dew and morning sun. You can also mingle with residents passing or working in the fields. They are very friendly and happy with new people like you. This will definitely add a new experience that is only here.

Talking about Bali is never endless, where there is always a new story every day. Besides those tourist places, you certainly will meet the other spots. Go now and prove what you read today! Happy unusual vacation!

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