Want to Take Care of a Persian Cat? Come, Get to Know Closer First!

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There are many people who have the desire to maintain or care for Persian cats.


From the many reviews on social media and the internet, it can be concluded that this type of cat is a cat that is in demand by most animal lovers.

Starting from the age of children to parents, many discuss the maintenance, behaviour and so on about this type of cat.

If you are interested in maintaining it, it is ok; you know more closely in advance about nature and how to care so that your beloved cat is treated accordingly.

For that, consider the reviews about animals that are excellent among cat-lovers, yuks!

The Appearance of the Persian Cat Body

Persian cats are one of the domestic cat breeds that have long fur and round face characters and short snouts.

While the body of this type of cat generally has a large body shape, fat and big fat.

The most characteristic of these cats are having a pug nose and round face. They are also balanced with long hair.

If you look at the cat from the side, its chin, nose and forehead will look flat. The nature of this cat is spoiled. Therefore, it is not surprising that this cat is very close to its owner.

They will feel at ease spoiled with their owners. Even these types of cats often look familiar or often approach their owners when they are together in a place or room.

But many people say it is not as easy as what is imagined to maintain this type of cat.

In some cases, this type of cat requires special care. For that, let’s find out how to care for Persian cats to keep them looking healthy and attractive!

How to Care for a Persian Cat

It is common knowledge that cats are one of the animals that are much loved to be petted at home.

The nature of spoiled and obedient cats is also one of the more values ​​or one of the main attraction for those who really like cats.
Indeed, caring for cats is easy and difficult because you don’t just need to feed it and drink it.

But you also have to pay attention to whether the food and drinks you provide meet nutritional value or not?

Even you also have to provide a clean, safe and comfortable place for cats.
This Persian cat also needs treatment so that it keeps growing healthy and attractive. Here are tips on caring for this Persian cat:

Maintain Cleanliness of Fur

This type of cat fur is very smooth and long. Well, to maintain its beauty, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of its fur. For this reason, avoid using cage material that can pollute your fur or even stick to this cat’s fur.

You can choose wood pellets for you to use as a base because wood pellets are one material that does not clot and sticks to cats. You also have to get in the habit of brushing since the cat is still an early age.

It would help if you did this so that the cat is accustomed to being treated with this activity. If you don’t get in the habit of brushing your hair from an early age, you will also have difficulty when you brush your cat’s fur at an older age. They will often rebel to brush his fur.

To make the cat feel comfortable when you brush its fur, use a brush made of metal and has a pointed tip. And choose a brush that has teeth that are not too tight.

Because this type of brush will help you smooth the matted fur gently, even if you choose a brush that isn’t too tight, it won’t make your cat feel hurt when you brush.

Choose the Right Bowl

With the characteristics possessed by this cat, then you also have to choose the appropriate eating bowl.

For that, choose a lower bowl to make it easier for this cat to eat its food. This is because the cat has a pug nose and a flat face.

You can also choose bowls that have no edges at all. And what you should pay attention to is, never use a bowl made of plastic because it will become a place to grow bacteria.

Maintain Cleanliness of the Nose and Eyes

With the characteristics of a pug nose, it is not surprising if this type of cat’s nose is often blocked because there is dirt coming in.

With a blocked nose, it will make it difficult for the cat to breathe. Thus, over time it will cause infection of the respiratory tract. For that, you should always maintain the cleanliness of the nose of this cat from time to time.

One way is that you can also clean the cat’s nose regularly. You can use a cotton bud moistened with warm water.

Do it slowly and carefully so that the cat does not experience pain. In addition to the nose, the cat’s eye must also be kept clean by wiping his tears using a clean cloth or tissue.

Maintain Body Cleanliness

You can keep your cat’s body clean by bathing it. Bathe with warm water and use a shampoo that has been specially produced.

You are also required to cut the cat’s nails. But if you don’t want to bother, you can take it to the pet shop to get maximum care.

Do this regularly, especially if you have taken your cat out of the house.

Regular Vaccination

Perform vaccinations or immunizations regularly to maintain the health of this type of cat, especially to avoid rabies and cat flu. Given this type of cat has a pug nose and does not have an extra filter layer that can filter out bacteria.

Type of Persian Cat

Four types of Persian cats are commonly found, including:

Medium Persian Cat


Persian cats generally have a pug nose. But the type of medium Persian cat has a long nose, and long hair and some are short.

Himalayan Persian Cat


This cat is a combination of Persian cats with Siamese race. The most prominent part of this type is the color of its fur. On the face, the tail and all four legs have black while on the white body.

Flatnose Persian Cat


This cat has a pug nose, a slightly rounded body that makes it look fat.

Peaknose Persian Cat


This type of Persian cat is often included in the contest because of its funny nature. Therefore, it is not surprising that this type of cat is the one that has the most fans.

That’s a review of Persian cats that can be presented.

Hopefully, with the above review, you will not hesitate to take care of Persian cats, because you already recognize more of this type of cat.
Congratulations on adopting and caring for the Persian cat! Always take care of his health!

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