Common Myths and Facts about Cats

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Do you feel that you have understood your cat correctly? You might think again after reading this article.

Some common misconceptions and facts often undertake without you never realize it before. It turns out giving affection excessively include the common misconception.


Even, the cat lovers often undertake it so the pet feels stress or depression. What kinds of common mistakes that cat lovers often do?

Let’s know it along with new facts to give the right love and affection. So, you both feel happy!

3 Common Misconceptions that even Some Cat Lovers often undertake Inadvertently

Let’s start to outlines some common misconceptions that you ever have done! You, surely, never intend to conduct the mistake to your cats or kitty. But, it might happen because you are being angry or too spirit in treating them.

Please and remember! Your cat also has a smooth heart like you where it is easy to hurt, sad, happy, and trauma. Okay, look at 3 common misconceptions to avoid it after reading them:

1. Black Cats are the symbol of misadventure

Some people may think that black cats are the symbol of misadventure and relates to the devil. So, they prohibit nurture it at home.

It turns out the black color on the cats has no reason for the bad or good power. It is a superstition from the story that has been running for hundreds of years.

Why do people regard that? Let’s check some considerations below:

Black color always associates with the black magic or force of evil

So, it gives a lot of disadvantages to black cats. Due to people regard the black is the unlucky color and mystique this kind of animal often become the target of murder.

Even, they never doubt to torture with the reason of satanic ritual, dismiss bad luck, or just for fun.

Black includes an invisible color for cats at night

The next reason does not relate to dark or black magic. But, it refers to the color of the fur that often invisible at night so people hit them inadvertently.

Usually, it happens when the cats are crossing the street and people cannot see them from their vehicles. On the other hand, the black color often makes people shock when riding their vehicles

So, they try to avoid hitting the cats but they might hit tree or other. Some people claim that black cats have special powers for good or evil are nothing more than superstitions.

Truthfully, this reason may cause by the driver’s ability to see the cat darting across the road before him.

2. Cats have nine souls

Why does the opinion of cats have nine lives include the common misconception?

It is because some people believe it. They often hit, kick, or even torture the cats but they still live.

Besides that, the cats look as though fine without feeling hurt. The wild and the current cats have a long life until years.

It turns out it is not because they have nine souls of lives but they can protect them properly.

Cats have claws, good vision, audio, canine and they include nocturnal. Cats spend a lot of hours sleeping at daylight to charge their power.

Then, they use it for hunting at night, marry, and others. Once more, cats just have one life. So, stop torturing or killing but start to love them like your kids.

3. The cat’s fur is the cause of allergic

Do you agree that cats are sources of diseases? People often relate the furs and everything on the body causes some heavy illnesses.

It is such as allergic, infertility, asthma, and others but it is not 100% correct. Well, let’s see the following facts:

Recently, some researches arise that cats are clean animals and have numerous advantages for people.

The character of hating water makes them minim bad bacteria but many good bacteria. Cats have a tongue with a rough surface to clean their dead fur and bacteria.

Fur does not cause allergic but it comes from the proteins in saliva and skin secretions. People say that fur is the cause because the protein from the skin secretion also attaches to the fur.

Truthfully, the protein is very light so it is easy to unite with air that people inhale.

Finally, they get allergic-like asthma because it conveys in their sinus and lungs. What is the solution?

Treat your cats better with regular bath, grooming, littre handling, cage, food, and so on.

7 Facts about your Cats to optimize your Treatment to them

What do you feel to cats after reading three common misconceptions above? Please, never say you change mind and start to keep far away. Love them by giving the right treatment.

Complete your knowledge with the common misconceptions and facts from the right source.

It is the right source for you and here are 7 cat’s facts to know and learn:

1. Cats can take care of themselves without your aid

It sounds like a common mistake but also facts that you cannot deny. Cats can protect and treat them although they look weak.

Cats are strong so they can live outside without deserve a place. Nonetheless, your opinion to protect cats does not wrong and good to undertake.

Many street cats survive for a long time but their existence is under the human’s threaten and other conditions.

2. Love place or people?

Next, the new fact about cats that prefer like a place or home than the human. The fact is not true, the truth is the cats are very territorial and mark their own property. However, it doesn’t mean they prefer places to people.

The explanation about this fact is cats have difficulty adapting to a new house. Even, it occurs when they have attached their odor to your body like theirs. They need time to adapt to a new place.

When they move to a new house with the same owner, the possibility comes back to the old house. They think that you are still there because the new house quite upset about their habit.

Unluckily, people often utilize this fact to leave their cat alone both with and without a new owner. It is a form of the wrong way of thinking that may make the cat’s sorrow. 

3. Cats are cold fish

What does it mean? It is about the cat lovers and haters where this animal can identify it easily.

Cats also regard the owner more than a close friend but also a sibling. You, of course, feel the same thing when let them enter and invade your house.

Cats will no doubt ask for playing together, lick your body, sleep in your lap, until disturbing your work.

They often sleep in your bed, laptop, computer, use the same toilet, bathtub, and everything insides the house.

When they think that you are their family, they will bring their prey to you as gifts. Your cats may bring mouse, lizard, even snake. It sounds pleasant and emerges the current convenient for you both.

On the contrary, cats feel not comfortable getting stare from foreign or the cat haters. They can feel it although the people never do anything before.

Besides staring, cats dislike getting a touch from foreigners and the people who ever give trauma events for them.

4. Purr is the symbol of the cat’s happiness

Okay, let’s straight this fact although the statement is not wrong. Many signs come from the cat’s purr both for the owner and this cute animal.

Firstly, purring is a sign of satisfaction, dying, and giving birth. Cats start to purr since they are kitten (before opening eyes) that show their satisfaction during nursing to their mom.

Secondly, it is a sign of friendship both with human and their friends. By the way, it appears based on the observation of British zoologist Desmond Morris.

The third is the cat’s purring gives advantages for human mental and body health. Caressing purring cats makes people more relax and it can lower their blood pressure.

Moreover, seeing their face both they are sleeping and not always invite the human’s smile.

This reason makes the nursing homes and other institutions add cats to amuse people or patients inside. Lastly, their purring signs that they are good cats and deserve to get your affection and love. 

5. Claws for scratching

One of the risks of nurturing cats is your furniture may have scratch marks from the cat’s claws. You can easily see it on a sofa, coffee table, door, bed frame, and so on.

You cannot forbid them to do because scratching has the same essential as purring. It is useful to stretches the cat’s muscles and signs their territory. Cut the claw nails regularly so they keep scratching without leaving bad marks.

6. Cat drinks milk

Same as humans, mom’s milk is the best milk for a kitten. Cats also can drink cow milk but not all cats can do. If you want to add it in their diet you must know that it will make their stomach fine.

You can consult it to the veterinarian to know the best milk for your cats. Wrong milk also makes their litter smell bad and looks up-normal.

7. The cat eats plants for what?

Some owners regard their cats to eat plants because they are sick or something bad disturbing their digestion. Up to know, people never find the real answer or research about it.

Only cats know it. Those are some common misconceptions and facts about cats to act as better cat lowers.

Love them like your family because they regard the same thing for you. Do not hurt and leave them alone because they will miss you and sorrow.

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