4 Supporting Aspects of a Healthy Lifestyle That Might Be Forgotten When Doing a Diet

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Before you go on a diet to lose weight, it is important for you to remember that a diet is part of your goal of achieving ideal body condition so that you can maintain stamina, endurance and fit conditions that will have an impact on work productivity later.

Healthy lifestyle

Factors that Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s easy to say “follow a healthy way to live!”, But in reality, we often forget the factors that support the healthy life that we want to achieve. According to health experts, there are at least four important aspects that need to be done to support a healthy lifestyle.

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Healthy Eating Aspect

You are what you eat …!

I think these words can be right. If we want to be healthy, of course, the intake that enters our body must meet healthy criteria.

Regarding eating patterns, here are recommendations from most nutritionists:

• Amount of Food Composition

Balance the number of calories that enter with the energy coming out. If the number of calories entered is greater than the amount of energy that comes out can cause your weight to increase.

Besides the number, the composition of one meal must be complete and balanced.

Nutritional deficiencies can be avoided by consuming lots of vegetables and fruits.

• Type of food

Try to consume food in various ways and high in nutrients.
For example, carbohydrates, choose high fibre such as wheat and brown rice.

It is recommended to consume vegetables and fruits as much as 5-9 servings per day. It is better to choose vegetables or fruits that are bright colour because they indicate they are rich in antioxidants.

Don’t often eat foods that contain bad fats. You need to carefully choose the type of fat that is good for consumption such as olive oil, avocado or fat nuts.

• Schedule Meals

Another important thing is to set a meal schedule to be more frequent in small amounts and regularly than a single meal with a large portion.

A good main meal schedule is breakfast, lunch and dinner (before 6). If you are hungry at night, you can consume vegetables or fruits.

Body Motion Aspect

Exercising body movements regularly can facilitate blood circulation so that the body’s metabolism can function properly and the body remains fresh and fit.

Take 30 minutes every day to do moderate or moderate exercise such as jogging or brisk walking around the home area.

More optimal benefits can be obtained if you do it in the morning or evening. Because at this time your body condition is still fresh and not close to bedtime.

If you do not have a lot of time to exercise on weekdays, you can do this by increasing walking and going up and down stairs, both when leaving the office or during office breaks.

Quality Resting Aspect

After working and doing various other activities all day, your body needs time to repair and regenerate body cells.

Quality sleep for 6-8 hours a day, in addition to repairing body cells, also helps restore used energy.

Tips so that you can Sleep Soundly at night:

• Arrange the sleeping room so that you feel comfortable sleeping in it. Keep your bedroom from electronic objects such as TVs, computers, refrigerators and so on. Adjust lighting to a minimum so that you sleep better because minimal lighting makes the room quieter and quieter.

• Do not bring office work home. But if forced, do it as soon as possible so that your mind while sleeping more calmly.

• Avoid caffeinated drinks

• Reading topics that soothe before going to bed like the book Religion, the Qur’an (in Islam) can help your mind be more peaceful.

• If using AC Set the room temperature to suit your comfort.

Positive Mindset Aspect

This time I also agree if anyone says : You are what you think …!
Yes, it is true that what we think describes our condition. Positive thinking is one way to nourish our souls.

Generating positive thoughts can be done by:

• Be grateful for what has been obtained. Also, sincerity (feeling pleased) for what God (Allah) gives us whether it’s difficult or easy, healthy or sick is one of the keys to bringing positive thoughts in us.

• Be patient and get rid of all negative thoughts in us.

• Reduce excessive attitude in each of your activities.

• Does not have an excessive obsession in achieving a target.

• Being submissive to God’s provisions (Allah SWT)

• Carrying out the worship recommended by Religion, both the obligatory and the Sunnah, as well as possible (including reading a lot of the Qur’an in Islam). By multiplying worship, our hearts feel at ease because whatever we do we feel God is pleased with us.

Thus the review of healthy lifestyles that need to be applied in our daily lifestyle, especially if we want the program to get the ideal weight (lose weight) done successfully.

Hopefully the above article is useful!

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