How to bath and groom a Cat Short, Medium, and Long Hair

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Who dare bath and groom cats without an assistant or the pet groomer? It turns out both cat’s activities need the knowledge to do.


How to bath and groom a cat short, medium, and long hair are different. If you are wrong to undertake it the fur can fall out or emerge other issues.

Your cat becomes not comfortable with you again because they regard you as their enemy. Never think to just bring them to the pet shop or groomer but learn to groom and bath at home.

Steps to Groom and Bath Cats anything the Fur

Indeed, bathing and grooming cats independently are the right to do amid pandemic. It helps to reduce going outside and you can be closer to your cats at home.

What part of the cat you will clean for the first time? You must know the terms and the parts of the cats. This article gives some steps to undertake such as below:

Ear care

The first step to do is on their ears where it is important to control. Clean their ears from the wax and debris at least once a week while examining for infection.

Try to check their outer and inner ears. Clean their ears using the right liquid and tool. Learn the sign of ear problems and ear disorders. Blood blister, ear mites, and ear infections include ear disorders for cats.

Eyes treatment

Next, undertake eye care to your cats at home as simple treatment. Examine it from inflammation, crust, tearing, or cloudiness as the eye health problem.

It turns out many signs to indicate it and eye disorders for cats. Before those health problems coming, keep their eyes healthy and bright.

Check their pupil size, bright, clear, and white color around the eyeballs. Conduct it by seeing their eyes under a brightly lit area.

Check lid’s lining (it should look pink, not white, or red). You can do it by roll down their eyelid gently using your thumbs.

Lastly, use a damp cotton ball to wipe any crusty gunk away from the cat’s eyes.

Dental groom

It turns out cats is the same as human about dental care. This lovely pet must possess healthy gums and sharp & clean teeth.

Damage gums, teeth, tongue, and palate can affect their health risks. Luckily, you can prevent it by giving good old-fashioned brushing and regular home check-up.

Use a specific toothbrush and paste for cats to brush their teeth correctly. Ask your veterinarian to get more information.

Fur and skin grooming

Cats do self-grooming using their teeth and tongue every time. They often do it after getting a touch from human and other activities.

Even though, it will better if you also optimize their grooming by bathing with water, shampoo, and others. Unluckily, not all cats are easy to bath because they are afraid of water.

Well, it includes their natural nature that you should understand. If you meet fastidious feline you must possess tricks to handle. Without tricks, your cats can get stress and trauma.

Make a schedule, trimming Fluffy’s claws first, and giving good body brushing.

Put a bath rubber and close their ears with cotton. Use a hand-held spray hose, gently massage with cat shampoo, and rinse the shampoo off.

Wipe their face using a washcloth and wrap and dry their body using a large towel.

Besides bathing with shampoo, brush their body once or twice a week. This treatment is useful for improving cat skin condition overall, keep his/ her healthy glow, good for the old cats. Stimulate blood circulation, remove skin flakes, also removes dirt, grease, and dead hair.

Pay attention to their hair shedding where it can indicate their health condition. Indeed, shedding is a natural process for cats that occurs every time.

It assists with losing dead hair but try to look at the fur. If you see bald patches in their fur or they are shedding significantly, bring them to the veterinarian immediately.

Lastly, it is about the skin problems that you can indicate from the condition. Licking, chewing, and scratching excessively are the respond to skin issues.

It can cause by getting stress, allergies, parasite, seasonal chance, or a combination of those. So, investigate it immediately both at home and carry it to your veterinarian.

Nails and paw care

The last step relates to their paw and nails to groom. Trimming their nails is not easy if they never get this treatment before.

Sometimes, cats disappear when you want to do it alone. Find the right seat and sitting position to lap your cat conveniently.

Massage their paw that you want to trim the nail for about three seconds. Make sure your cat feel comfortable hearing the scissor’s sound before cutting their nails.

Never cut the pink part of the cat because it includes a sensitive area. Of course, you often play it (namely quick) because it looks chic and smooth. Press while massaging the pad to extend the nail.

Do not punish or raise your voice if your cat resists it. Trim the claws one by one or all at one time.

Never declaw the cats and trim the nails every two weeks or per ten days. Cats need health paws to climb, scratch, until achieving their acrobatic landing.

Make sure their paws are wound-free and clan by examining them regularly. Keep the cleanliness, check for sores, swellings, splinters, or cuts. Be careful about the sensitive paw quickly and investigate the limping.

5 Tips to Grooming and Bathing Cats Easily

Okay, you have known parts to attend during grooming and bathroom your cats. However, you need good patience to face their fuss until they like to do it regularly.


How to bath and groom a cat short, medium, and long hair with 12 tips assist to solve it properly. Let’s see the 12 tips of grooming and bathing below:

Wait for relaxing and tiring

Treat them like humans by knowing when they tire and relax. Both conditions ease you to bath and groom without many resistances.

Even, they tend to surrender with what you will do with water, shampoo, teeth brush, and others. Show your love during undertake this activity so they feel special in front of you.

Bath with the right tub size or sink

You should not bath your cat in your bathtub but you can do it in a sink. The sink is more practice to use and the cat also more convenient to get bathing.

Make the room warm and use pet-friendly shampoo

Ensure the bathroom or any room to bath them has a warm temperature. Cats like warmth and you must meet it for them. Closing the door and windows is the right solution to get room temperature.

On the other hand, only use a pet-friendly shampoo, not your shampoo. The cat shampoo has a specific formula and ingredient that are suitable for their skin and fur.

Meanwhile, the human’s shampoo makes their skin dry and not healthy.

Regulations for short and long-haired cats

Next, it discusses the regulation for the cats with short and long hair. The short-haired cats may use a rubber brush to groom them.

Damp or wet the brush if you want to use it because it can catch loose fur. Alongside that, it assists with keeping flying furs.

The long-haired cats groom the hair using a comb and begin from their favorite areas. It is such as head and chin before progressing to other places. Use a blunt-tipped scissor to cut any matted areas out.

How to groom and bath cats rightly

Okay, it is the ways to groom and bath cats anything the hair. Anyway, it is a detailed explanation from the first part of the grooming and bathing steps.

You can start from:

* Clean the cat’s ear by swabbing with a cotton bud before putting the cat to the water. The cotton bud must wet with warm water. Solely clean the visible areas of the ears and never clean the ear canal.

* Tidy up their loose fur by brushing or combing the cat before bathing them.

* Wear a pair of rubber gloves in your hands. Then, pick and put your cat to the shallow warm water. Conduct it by gently placing and pick the scruff. 

* Start to wet the cat from the back, stomach, and then the legs. Avoid making panic your cat if you use spray attachment or shower. You should use a jug or a small plastic.

* Apply the pet shampoo sufficiently because it just makes it difficult to rinse off. Distribute it evenly by massaging it gently before rinsing. Usually, the pet shampoo does not make their ears and eyes getting limitations. Nonetheless, keep avoiding those areas away.

* Use a warm towel to dry the cat by snuggling inside after rinsing. You can use a hairdryer to blow-dry if your cat dares to the noise.

* Let your cat groom herself again afterward to get the fur such as he/ she likes.

Finally, you have got a complete package on how to bath and groom a cat short, medium, and long hair.

Do not be afraid to start because your cats will like it soon. Quite learn it properly and practice along with your forbearance.

Look at your good-looking cats every day without going to the grooming center. Good luck!

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