5 Easy Ways to Store Your Recipes

By | June 4, 2019

One of this week’s Menu Plan post is about how to store your recipes. I have a tendency to print a recipe, then lose it shortly after I’m done with it. To prevent this, I scoured the web for some quick and easy ideas.

Easy Ways to Store Recipes

Storage Binder

Storage Binder

This is by far the easiest way and while it won’t win any decorating awards, it works. I’m all about simple and easy solutions. Take your recipes, put them in sheet protectors and then they are protected for when you are using them with messy hands. Just wipe off the mess and store!

Recipe Box

Recipe Box

This is an obvious choice (which is probably why I have never owned a recipe box in my life). Take recipes you find in magazines, cut them out and glue them to recipe cards, then put in the box.

I don’t like this option as much because it is so easy for the cards to get dirty, but if you were to get some recipe boxes that are cute, they could be a nice addition to your kitchen decor.

Here’s a few from Etsy:

Recipe Nest

Recipe Nest

This has never happened before, but I WANT THIS. Yes, it’s for the kitchen and I still want it. That’s how cool this looks.

What is it?

The Recipe Nest is a recipe storage system that looks very easy to use. You don’t have to worry about hole punching anything, it has a sheet protector and an easel to hold recipes while you work and it all folds up to look nice for storage.

Yup. Totally want.

Online Storage

As much of a tech nerd as I am, I don’t really like this method. Blowing flour out of your keyboard after a baking session will do that to you. Nevertheless, there are quite a few good recipe storage solutions available, including:

Allrecipes – You had to know I would have this one listed. Keep track of all your recipes from the site in your very own recipe box.

Evernote – Copy and paste your recipes in or just link to the different URLs.

Springpad – I prefer this method to Evernote because it looks better and I can organize my recipes into notebooks.

Expandable File Folder

One final way to organize is by using expanding file folders. These allow you to keep recipes organized into different categories, so you can just pull and cook.

What do you do to prevent dirty recipes?

If you use recipe cards or papers not in protectors, here’s my new favorite clean paper tip:

  • Hole punch the cards, put a suction cup hook in a cabinet – when you are cooking, put the recipe on the hook, then replace when finished. Just put the hole punch in the middle or use two hooks to keep the paper/card straight.

This keeps the recipe clean and out of the way!

Now I want to know – how do you organize your recipes? Any tips? Any pics? As always, leave it in the comments!

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