How to choose the right Litter Box for Cats Easily

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Nurturing cat is heavier and bothering than take care of the baby but it is also exciting. It turns out you not only feed and give a living. However, you must clean their feces and pee regularly.

How to choose the right litter box for cats is extremely essential to know. Moreover, you let your cat live in one roof with you.

Placing the litter box is the first thing to do if you cannot train them to do it in the toilet. Let’s know and make them comfy!

How to choose the right Litter Box for Cats according to 5 Types

It turns out giving the wrong litter box makes cats feel not comfortable to pee or throwing feces. Besides they feel difficulty, it is possible for them cannot do it at all.

Therefore, you have to know what kind of litter box that is truly suitable for them. How to choose the right litter box for the cat can be according to 5 types below:

High-tech Self-scooping litter box

High-tech Self-scooping-litter-box-amazon
Source: Amazon

Firstly, this page introduces a high tech litter box for cats. This cat stuff comes with electric power and scoopable feature. Of course, it matches for you, the newcomer of a cat lover, or you who are busy enough.

The litter box has a sensor to self-cleaning the waste and separates it when your cat leaves the box. On the other hand, it has a nonporous feature so it is easier to use.

Litter box with a cover or Covered litter box

Covered litter box-wayfair
Source: wayfair

Secondly, you can use the covered litter box to give more privacy to your cats. Unluckily not all cats like this type because they smell bad trapped inside the box during defecate or urinate.

Nonetheless, this box also comes with side or top vent. It is useful as an air circulation, and odor controller. How to use it is by utilizing the opening for exit and enter. By the way, the rigid cover locates on the box base safely.

Shifting litter box

Next, the shifting litter box looks simpler than before consisting of two boxes with a shifting inside. The upper box is for the sand and it will fall when you sieve it.

Lift out the shift when the sand runs out and you see clumping of feces. It is time to throw it away to the toilet.

Fancy litter box

Well, it is the litter box with the cover but the material is under the second type. It uses a standard plastic material but still deserves for inside. The superiority is it has a decoration like a chest, end table, cabinet, or other furniture designs. Not only the cats but also you like to see it.

Inexpensive plastic pan litter box

Lastly, there is a plastic pan litter box that is cheaper than the previous types. Nonetheless, you do not need to doubt the quality and convenience. It turns out this inexpensive litter box has numerous advantages.

The litter box is suitable for all kinds of waste and easiest to clean without taking apart. It is available in various depths and sizes also suitable for all kinds of cats. The shallow litter box is beneficial for disable and old cats because it is easy to climb in and out. 

More information about your Litter Box

Besides understanding how to choose the right litter box for cats, you should know about dos and don’ts. Place the litter box far from commotion or heavy foot traffic.

Precisely, you purchase it based on the right height and size. You can also make an experiment to know the right box by using various litter types.

Never be angry with your cats when they miss the box and do not move it to a different place. It turns out cats like orderliness and habit so change the place of the litter box may make them stress.

Undertake it slowly if you should do it. Thank you for following how to choose the litter box for the cat of the day.    

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