Calico Cats: Unique, Beautiful, Loyal, and Funny

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The calico cat is the most colored cat in the world on the thick long, medium, or short hairs. In the photo, this short-haired cat has a medium nose and two beautiful round eyes. Others can have flat or peak nose.


Do you have a plan to adopt Calico? Please, give your time in a moment to read and understand the following information.

It is a good idea to adopt by selecting the cat from cat rescue, pet shop, or others.

Are you ready to absorb all knowledge of the cat that has three colors?

Calico Cat: Many Females than Male

Calico means three colors so the cat has three color combinations like vibrant orange (read red), black, and white. The calico cat also appears in blue-gray, white, subdued flaxen.

If you nurture the feline genetics it has various patch patterns like snowflakes. By the way, the popular name of the cat is dilute calico.

Calico has some uniqueness where the percentage of females is plenty than male. Besides that, this domestic cat that rich in color is difficult to get two exactly alike.

Nonetheless, the calico cat has a rival of a tortoiseshell cat. It is because both are gorgeous and:

* The genetic of tortoiseshell and calico cat is extremely similar.

* It is quite difficult to identify whether the cat is calico or tortoiseshell for females.

Nonetheless, you still can distinguish it where the calico in solid color with white color. Meanwhile, the tortoiseshell cat appears with two solid colors entirely the coat.

Occasionally, the distinction becomes a blur when the calico has some woven patch on the solid areas.

Usually, people become difficult to identify it as torticals or clitorts. Anything happen, calico includes the cat with the most beautiful color.

Even, it comes as the most famous color pattern in Japanese Bobtails. Of course, the pattern and color combination are the main elements that create beauty.

2 Reasons to love and adopt Calico Cat

Truthfully, it has some reasons why you must prioritize one of these fabulous colorful cats. It includes the scarce cat in the world but now people starting to breed it.

Secondly, you have known that calico is the cat with the pretty color on the hair. Meanwhile, 2 other reasons to adopt, love, and care calico cat are:


The popularity of calico has been starting in 1800 from the children’s poem by Eugene Fields. It appeared along with the gingham pup as the pattern in his poem with the title “The Duel”.

Next, it becomes more popular in 2001 exactly in the State of Maryland. In October 2001, the state officials took it as the “State Cat” and share the color of some figures.

It shares with Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly, Marylands State Bird, and the Baltimore oriole.

Two kinds of personalities

Such as you know calico cat may get the character of the tortoiseshell cat if both married. The combination of both cats creates a “tortitude” that is very independent, spunky, and sassy.

Apart from the genetic combination, original calico has a far character from the torticals or clitorts. Real calico is loyal, sweet, and loving. Even, it is willing to give unconditional love for you enthusiastically.

Genetic and Rules of Breeding

Let’s talk about the genetic of calico that starts to study seriously in the 1940s! The researchers like Murray Barr along with his graduate student E.G. Bertram observed the dark masses in drumstick-shaped.

They observed it because it just exists in the female cat’s nuclei of nerve cells, not in male cats. Afterward, they state the dark masses as the Barr bodies.

Later on, Susumu Ohno, the Japanese cell biologist stated that the Barr bodies as the X chromosomes. Ohno determined it in 1959 but Mary Lyon in 1961 proposed the X-inactivation concept.

The concept will make one of the X chromosomes died inside the female mammal. Lyon observed it using the coat color patterns in the mouse. On the other hand, the calico cat has some rules in breeding the offspring.

Well, below are lists of allowing and do not allow things as the breeding rules:


The calico cat allows solid colors like the British Shorthair, the Russian Blue, and the Bombay.

It allows Manx, Scottish Fold, Maine Coon, and Persian breeds. However, some breed standards still permit the tabby pattern.

Do not allow

You just cannot breed it with Himalayan (without combination), Siamese, and other pointed breeds.

Detailed information on Calico or Tricolor Cat

Below is some detailed information about the cat that you must know:

  • Calico is a special cat that is rich in history and so mysterious personality and genetic. Alongside that, the characteristics are extremely interesting.
  •  The personalities are loyal, exciting, mellow type (like with convenience), and laid-back. On the other hand, calico can be the opposite in the current circumstances. 
  • How does the lifespan of the cat? Averagely, the age of the calico cat is between 12 and 16 years where it relies on females or males.
  • More about the male calico that only exists in 0,1% from the female that is 99,9%. The male calico has a shorter lifespan than females. By the way, the unique chromosome on females becomes the reason to have a longer lifespan. Nonetheless, you can keep calico both male and female with love, good shelter, and a nutritious diet. You must support a solid health care plan too.
  • It turns out calico has two types that are well-known properly. They are Patched Tabby and Dilute Calico.

That is detailed information about the calico cat that you need to know about. This unique cat will make you happy and not lonely. Prove it!

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