Beijing Tai Tai: A Book Review – and Giveaway!

By | June 1, 2019

Beijing: Capital of China

Tai Tai: Wife

Beijing Tai Tai: A Book Review

India and China are two very different countries, but through the eyes of expat women with blonde hair and young children, they can be very similar. That is one thing I learnt from reading Beijing Tai Tai: Life, Laughter and Motherhood in China’s Capital.

Author Tania McCartney is very honest in her account of expat life in Beijing. Tania is a mum with a mother’s heart and the ability to laugh at herself and her experiences.

I related only too well with the day to day frustrations of living in a foreign country, but Tania wrote about them with such a good dose of humour that I almost wished I was there. As much as I would like to visit China, I have decided – after reading the wise words of a Tai Tai – to wait until the kids are a bit older. Thanks, Tania!

Tania writes about sending her kids to school in China, enjoying the Olympic Games, seeing the great wall, enjoying the markets, and falling over in a toilet and smacking her head against the wall.

She also talks about her struggles with the housekeeper -her “Ayi”. It’s a difficult relationship and you’ll be begging Tania to fire her as you read about it.

Beijing Tai Tai is released just in time for Mothers’ Day. Convenient! But it’s not just mums that will enjoy this book.

People who will love this book:

  • Mums
  • Expats
  • People with a sense of humour
  • People who have been to China
  • People who want to go to China
  • People who have heard of China

People who will not love this book:

  • Tania’s Ayi

You can get the book from Exile Publishing in either digital or proper actual paperback book form. Proper book is $24.99 while the eBook is only $9.99.

I have one proper actual book of Beijing Tai Tai to give away to one lucky reader (the validity period has expired).

Simply leave a comment below to go into the draw.

  • Draw will be made on 19 April and announced on Friday 20th April.
  • The winner will be notified by email and the book posted out.
  • If the winner does not reply with a postal address within 48 hours, the prize will be redrawn.
  • Australian residents only (Sorry).

Please enjoy the rest of the virtual book tour where you will find more reviews along with interviews and guest posts with the lovely Tania McCartney. She also has a website if you would like to find out more. She has other books too!

(Toushka Lee)

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