5 Best Places to Visit in Japan for Getting the Exciting Experience

What do you think about Japan? As we know, Japan is a country with many interests. In this country, you can find a unique culture, many kinds of foods, nice clothing, wonderful places, and so on. On this good occasion, we want to share with you about several best places that will be very inviting to visit. It must be good news for you who like to visit the best places in the world.

Talking about places to visit in Japan, there are some choices that you can visit. The most interesting places are those that are close to nature. Besides, historical places also become favorite places to visit by visitors. Also, there are still some other places which are attractive to pay a visit, like a shopping center, restaurant, and so on. Thus, you can decide which kind of place you like to visit.

A list of 5 best places to visit in Japan

From several places which are good to visit, we have five best places you can choose from. Each of the five places above has its special beauty and attractiveness that is so breathtaking and inviting. That is why we choose them as the five best to choose. Here is the list of them.


Ishigaki - Best Places to Visit in Japan

Who does not like a beach? Everyone must like going to the beach. For you who like spending time at the beach, you can go to this place when you choose Japan as the place to holiday.

For the location, this place is located in Okinawa, precisely to the west of Okinawa. This place is so special since it is Japan’s premier beach destination for the visitors. So, when you decide to go there, you can find a million people there.

In this beach, you can go to the other islands in the Yaeyama archipelago. It can be so since this beach makes a good base to explore them. Thus, it will give so much fun experience of exploring around that place. Then, if you are confused to find this place, you can begin your trip from Tokyo.

Everyone must know Tokyo, right? Ishigaki is a beach that is located 1,250 miles south of Tokyo. So, if you are the tourists who come from other countries, you can start your trip to this town. It will be easier to find.

Also, you need to know that Ishigaki does not have shrines and temples. It is not like other some Japanese cities have. However, it has an exuberant nightlife which is provided for any visitors that need to stay there for fun.

Thus, for you who still have energy after spending your day at the beach, you can come to that event.

Talking about spending time a day in Ishigaki, you can have some fun and attractive activities. You can take water sports, beachcombing and other events there. There are many people that have a chance to try those beach activities. So, for you who like to play and have fun at the beach, those activities can be the right solution for you.

For the water sport, there is one of the most favorite sports on this beach. For you who like to dive, you can do it in Ishigaki since it is available there. The most interesting matter of diving there is to do it in the surrounding coral reefs. It must be a great experience to dive and surrounded by a natural look.

To get some tools to dive, you can go to the dive shops that are located near the beach. You can choose as you like since there are available numerous dive shops there.

Furthermore, while spending some fun activities in Ishigaki, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the beach. The existence of the view there will increase the attractiveness of the beach.

Hence, your day will be perfectly pleasurable during staying at the beach. Besides getting pleasure from the beautiful scenery,  you can also enjoy other activities. You can stay and play under the palm forest, take a pleasurable look at mangrove-lined rivers, and even go hiking and camping.

To go hiking and camping, the area around Ishigaki is very comfortable to do those activities. Around the beach area, there are jungle-covered mountains which are usually used for both hiking and camping. Thus, those activities can complete your interesting activities during the day.

By seeing the condition of Ishigaki, just be sure to visit this beach while you are traveling to Japan. Thus, you will be able to have a great experience that you may not get from other beaches. Be ready to get amazed at the wonderfully stunning look in every spot of this beach.

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Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji - Best Places to Visit in Japan

Who does not know Mount Fuji? Everyone mostly knows this mount since it is one of the most popular mountains in the world. With its beauty, there are many people that often climb and spend activities there. Thus, for you who like climbing, to go to this famous mount in the world will be a wonderful experience for you.

Going to this mount will be suitable for you who like a challenge. This mount has been attracting many challengers from across the world. Many climbers from other countries have come to this mount to experience the challenging situation of the mount while climbing.

So, for you who never done it, it is your turn to try visiting and climbing this mount.

As the climbers, you need to know when the climbing season of this mount begins. So, there will be some available services and helps for the climbers while climbing.

Well, the Mount Fuji’s climbing season begins in early July. Before that month comes, you can prepare for anything that you may need to climb. Then, the climbing season runs throughout the middle of September. So, make sure that you have free time during those months if you want to climb up the mount Fuji.

For additional information, there will be relatively little snowfall during this short seasonal window. Also, the weather around the mount becomes quite mild. In this matter, you need to do some research first before deciding to climb up.

You should do it since the condition of Mount Fuji can be very challenging.

Then, before climbing up, you have to make sure your capabilities, condition, and physical wellness. We suggest you do that to avoid something wrong that may happen during climbing up.

Thus, when your trip of climbing run well, it will remain in a pleasant experience for you. Unlike to have an experience of airlifted rescue off the mount that will make you feel bad after climbing.


Koyasan - Best Places to Visit in Japan

The third best place which you can visit in Japan is named Koya-san. It is usually called Mount Koya too by many people there. In relation to that, it is better for you to know that Mount Koya is the most significant area in Shingon Buddhism.

It was introduced by Kobo Daishi, and then the sect has been practiced by Buddhist in Japan since 805. You need to know that Kobo Daishi is also well known as Kukai. He is one of the most important religious persons in Japan.

Actually, it contains a unique history for the people in Japan. It keeps on the headquarters for the sect and also a small town which is there around the temple. Then, the area of Kobo Daishi’s mausoleum or the wooded of Mount Koya is a historical place.

Do you want to know it, guys? Well, it is one place which becomes the starting and the ending area of the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage. Kobo Daishi started to construct the original Garan temple in 826.

Hence, tourists from other countries who visit this place can have and find the monk’s life taste. Besides, they are permitted to stay during the night in that temple. So, they can enjoy the beauty of this place maximally.

In addition, you are also allowed to eat some vegetarian monk’s cuisine or Shojin Ryori. On the other hand, the visitors of Mount Koya could come to the prayers in the morning there. Greatly, fifty temples there provide those services above to the visitors and the pilgrims too.

Then, talking about the access to Koya-San, it is very easy to do by the visitors. They can access going there by the Nankai Electric Railway from the Namba Station which is located in Osaka.

From Namba Station, it will go to Gokurakubashi Station, which is located at the base of the mountain. After that, the visitors should get a cable car to the top which takes about 5 minutes.

However, if you use an express train to go there, your whole trip just takes about 1.5 hours. While, when you use the non-express train, you need 2 hours to go to Koya-San.


Kanazawa - Best Places to Visit in Japan

The next best place in Japan which you should visit is Kanazawa. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Japan. This place is located in the northwestern Ishikawa Prefecture in the region of Hokuriku.

Besides, it is also bordered by the Sea of Japan in the west and Toyama Prefecture in the east. Then, this city also lies between the two rivers, Sai and Asano.

Moreover, this place is classified as the fourth biggest city in the mid-nineteenth century in Japan. Beautifully, it is built around the grand castle and the amazing garden too.

In the present time, the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture remains to create some arts in this interesting city. Besides, this place also has the bombing during World War II and the areas of a traditional inner city. You can know the traditional cities like Nagamachi which is completed with samurai houses.

Then, about the economic field, Kanazawa is a place center of regional commercial and transportation for Ishikawa Prefecture. Besides, it continues in the industry of traditional handicrafts. It is included in the production of ceramics “Kutani ware” and great, it becomes a major destination for the tourists from other countries.

For the additional information, talking about the traditional architecture in Kanazawa, this place is a former of geisha houses. It is located in the Higashi Geisha District and across out the Asano river.

This kind of houses is like the frontage and thin house. Actually, it is built right up to the road and consists of two floors. For the upper floor, it is used for the storage and at the front of a house. Then, one special feature of this house is having a long corridor.


Takayama - Best Places to Visit in Japan

One of the best places that you can visit in Japan is Takayama. Many people usually call Hida-Takayama. However, don’t be confused! Both the names are the same. It is a city which is located especially in Gifu, Japan.

It lies in the northern Gifu Prefecture which is in the heart of the Japan Alps. Mount Hotakadake. Then, this city has a geographic area which is the largest of the municipality in Japan.

It still talks about Takayama. It is better for you to know that it has a traditional touch like other cities in Japan. However, it is especially different in the beauty which is preserved by the old city.

Besides, it also gets the significance of the high-quality timber source. Then, a highly skilled carpenter is also considered in this city. Moreover, tourists from many countries are allowed to visit this best place for having a long peace and quiet. They can do that after working all the days so that it can refresh their mind.

Since the area of this place is close to the northern Japan Alps, Takayama is popular in having the best preserved old towns in Japan. That is why there is a section which becomes a nice one from the old city.

Do you know it, guys? Yea, it is well known as Sanmachi. In fact, it has three packs of narrow lanes and completed with a house of wooden buildings. Besides, it is also completed with the sake breweries and the small boutiques.

Well, that’s all about the exciting discussion of the best places which you can and should visit in Japan. All of them are so great and wonderful to visit to spend your holiday or weekend. So, hopefully, you can spare your time in those best places above as soon as possible.

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