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Women's Handbags - Size Does Matter

From Gucci to Coach, from New York's Chinatown to Walmart, we have all frequented the stores to get our handbags; the one for special occasions, the one for daily use, the one to sport the designer label or the one matching that special dress. Although considered a mere accessory, we who use a purse know how important it is to get the right one.

With the market crowded with purses and handbags, it often becomes difficult to pick up the right one. We like the silver handbag in "Devil Wears Prada" or we get bowled over by the weird handbag collection of Phoebe in "Friends"! So many choices, what to do?

Here are some fashion mantras to help you choose the appropriate handbag:

Do not let the handbag dictate your style:

There are a number of mind boggling, beautiful handbags adorning the shelves. But don't buy one just because you like the look of it. Chances are it will either end up in your closet for want of clothes matching the handbag or you will end up spending money on buying clothes that match the handbag.

Your handbag should match your size:

Are you a tall, slim lady taking the runway by storm? Then you can use any handbag except for the small, tiny shoulder bags these may make you look taller or more precisely gigantic.

Are you a small lady? A petite lady should go for small handbags and not the exceptionally large baggy, bulky ones. Again if you go for one it may magnify your small size.

If you are a plus size lady, the right one for you would be a wide bag with medium length shoulder strap. Do go for nice straps; metal or lace, both would look great on you.

Handbags instead of shoulder straps work out fine if you want to draw away attention from your upper part of the body.

Choose color wisely:

Do not get confused by the color and the pattern. They may look great on shelves under special lights but may actually look hideous on the street. Keep the color close to a neutral one that would go with most of your dresses. Keep the patterns trendy. Look for unusual patterns but subtle ones unless of course bright dressing is your style in which case go for big patterns with bright colors.

Keep your stock varied:

Remember, you should have at least three to four handbags. One for the parties, one for work, one for spring and summer fun while one for casual. Choose the bag that suits most of your dresses. By thumb rule try and keep the evening purse small while your work purse should reflect your professional demeanor. The purse that you will be using most frequently should ideally have enough pockets and zips to hold your keys, mobiles, documents, etc.

Laptop bags:

If you are the busy IT professional and are trying to double up your laptop bag as your handbag as well to office, then remember there are many stylist laptop bags available these days from the pink one to the one with patterns from the usual black one to the Velcro strapped trendy one.


How To Keep Up With The Latest Trends In Workplace Fashion

If you work outside of the home then you are no doubt concerned with workplace fashion and the latest trends so that you can look your best at work. Whether you are already working or you're just getting ready to enter the workplace or starting a new job, keeping up with the newest fashion trends is crucial.

Many people keep up with the latest trends in workplace fashions by subscribing to or buying fashion magazines. This can help to keep you informed of the latest in accessories and clothing and many of these magazines can be found for less than five bucks. If you are thinking you may want to subscribe to a certain magazine you may want to visit your local bookstore and flip through that magazine as well as others like it. You will discover that some of these magazines will have areas specializing in workplace fashion but many will not.

Of course the internet is another tool that you can use to help you stay on top of the latest in workplace fashions. As with nearly any other subject there are numerous websites that specialize in fashion, probably more than you can actually find and view. The thing that is great about most online fashion sites is that they are updated frequently so you are able to really stay on top of the trends that are popular and know about them as soon as they are "hot".

With all of the television channels available today you may also be able to keep yourself well informed about workplace fashions by locating some channels on the subject. Since fashion is a very popular topic it should be relatively easy to find shows that specialize in this area. Another thing you may want to do is see if there are any fashion shows coming up in your area that will be featuring workplace fashion.

Shopping is another way to stay on top of the latest styles as well since most shops will be well stocked in the latest fashions. Online fashion retailers will usually have the hottest and most popular styles of clothing and accessories right on their front page. It is relatively easy to find the workplace fashion information you are looking for my specializing your search parameters to focus on that specific topic only. This will keep you from being distracted and getting off track looking at general trends that won't help you in the workplace.

So when you stop and think about it a little, there is a large variety of choices you have when seeking to become more familiar with fashion trends in the workplace. Just remember that you also have to consider whether it works for you as well, just because it looks great on that size 3 model doesn't mean that you will be able to achieve the same effect and sometimes a particular style may not really be appropriate for your workplace.


Watches - Fashion Accessory Or Time Keeping Device

If it seems to you like watches have always been in existence you aren't alone, there is surely nobody living today who remembers a time when there were no watches. Since the invention of the time keeping device there have many different styles and many new innovations. There are mechanical watches, quartz watches and the new kinetic types and more. These days companies generally are not working on new methods to show the time and any new innovations in the watch are usually to do with style. New releases that come out are essentially just a rehash of an old type. Sometimes, it is hard to comprehend that it wasn't really that long ago that this type of watch was actually invented.

The quartz watch is a type of watch that first came into the public interest in the early seventies. Quartz crystals are used to power it and it is still one of the most popular of all watches. Over the years it has improved a great deal and has many features including stopwatches and timers.

The first wristwatches were the analogue type, a type of watch that has individual hour, minute and second hands. These days most analogue watches wind back up automatically, though at one time they had to be wound back daily by the owner.

There are numerous other specialist watches used by the army and divers. These are watches that have been brought to the marketplace after being used by these groups, such as the Navy SEALS that first used the Luminox watches. These watches were perfect for the SEALS because it allowed them to check the time and many other functions under water. Of course these watches are also waterproof to a great depth.

Another great innovation of watches recently is the number of different features that you can get on them. Even some of the old style analog watches have started offering these newer features. Some of the more expensive watches also have stopwatches and display at the side of the face the month and date.

Watches are really becoming more and more known as a fashion accessory. Watches can be equipped with leather, metal, rubber and plastic straps. You can even go to a watchmaker's shop now and change the strap if you don't like the one it came with. Some sport watches make the stopwatch and timer the biggest feature and often have very flashy stopwatches where even lap times can be counted and sometimes saved.

These days watches just like home phones have been virtually replaced by the cell phone which can do everything a watch can do and more. Watches really need to be repackaged and probably the only way the watch can survive is by going back to the old times and selling self as an nice-looking fashion item..


Factors You Need To Be Aware Of If Your Teen Wants To Become A Fashion Model

If you are the parent of a somewhat attractive and fashion conscious teen you may find that they desire to be a fashion model. Even though most people think of girls as models, boys are employed in the field as well. I worked as a male model when I was in my teens so I have first hand experience. The thing you need to ask your self as a parent is should you allow them to be models.

There are many factors that come into play and must be considered when you are deciding whether or not to allow your teen to participate as a fashion model. One of the factors to consider is whether they would be modeling locally or working out of town or even abroad. In most situations I would have no problem with my teen working locally, this is what I did. Traveling and working with adults in environments that they may not be emotionally mature enough to handle is another story.

Another consideration is how your teen came up with the idea. If they just want to be a model you may not have anything to worry about anyway, modeling agencies are very picky about who they use. On the other hand if a local agency or a department store has actually asked your teen if they would be interested in modeling then you may want to sit up and take notice. This means that they may have a look that the agencies and stores are looking for and they could actually get work as a model. Even so, it will take a lot of work and ambition from your teen to actually make it as a model.

Still another consideration is what kind of fashions that your teen would be wearing while modeling. Depending upon the age of your teen there are some styles that you would not want them in. For example, many of the clothing styles today for teens are very sexy, revealing, and seductive. Do you really want your 13 year old modeling clothing like that? You also have to consider that there are pedophiles that could be watching the fashion shows which could set your teen up to being exposed to a dangerous stalker or child predator.

If you decide that you are okay with your teen taking a stab at modeling it is far easier for you to control the situation if you target local fashion shows and the shows put on by local department stores. This way you can maintain some control over the people that they come in contact with. Just be careful and do a little research, especially if you are using a modeling agency. Some agencies are just scams that take your money and never get you work.


The Importance of Womens Leather Wallets for Travel

Investing in a quality leather wallet is a must for every woman. Womens leather wallets are designed to hold everything a modern woman might need while she's go on the go including money, credit cards and identification. A stylish and practical wallet is especially important for a woman who travels frequently. If you often find yourself traveling around the globe or going on business trips, it's essential to buy a wallet that can hold all of your important documents and money safe and organized. Losing credit cards or identification when you are far away from home can be a very stressful experience since money and IDs are often needed at airports and hotels. Buying a great wallet that is designed to keep everything in place is the best way to avoid accidents that can cost you a lot of time, money and frustration.

It would seem that all wallets serve the same purpose, so it doesn't matter which one you carry with you. On the contrary, the type of wallet you buy can have a big difference on how you keep track of your money, cards and documents. Cheap wallets that are made out of low-quality materials like plastic or vinyl are not only uncomfortable to touch and hold, they can tear or break easily. Although womens leather wallets are more expensive than wallets made out of other materials, they look more luxurious and last for several years. Carrying a durable leather wallet is the best way to keep your most important possessions safe without sacrificing your style.

Womens leather wallets come in many different designs, prices and sizes. It's important to choose the size of the wallet that best suits your lifestyle. Think about the size of the bag that you normally carry with you when you travel since your wallet will have to comfortably fit alongside other items you might already have inside it. You might also want to match your wallet to your favorite travel bag or piece of luggage. Leather wallets come in a wide variety of colors ranging from classic black to hot pink. Some have designs and prints, so browse through different styles and designs until you find the one that best suits your personality.

Another important thing you need to consider when choosing a wallet is how it's structured. Think about how many section you need on the inside of the wallet and how you prefer to carry your money. Womens leather wallets are all designed differently, so it's important to choose a layout that works for you. To find the perfect wallet for your lifestyle, write down everything that you normally carry with you when traveling. Look for a wallet that has enough pockets on the inside to keep all of the things you need organized. Make sure that the wallet you choose is secure and closes easily.


Front Pocket Wallets and Other Carrying Cases: Three Ways to Keep Your Cell Phone and Money Handy

The cell phone revolutionized communications. It forever changed the way people keep in touch as well as do business with one another.

As cell phones and then other handheld electronics became more popular, new personal storage and transport solutions were needed. This need fueled the development of front pocket wallets and other means of storing and carrying handheld electronics.

The growing prevalence of cell phones was only one change prompting solutions like these products. At the same time cellular phones were becoming more common, cash was starting to become more obsolete. People began carrying less (or no) cash in favor of more secure methods of spending and protecting money.

The average number of plastic cards began to climb began to climb as a result. Today the average American carries eight plastic credit cards and one to two bank cards.

Add this to the increasing number of business card-sized loyalty and rewards cards people routinely carry. It amounts to an average of 15-20 plastic cards per person.

It was becoming apparent that the men's billfold-style wallet would soon be outdated. Innovators created front pocket wallets and other carrying cases to address these changes.

They tackle the need for a carrying case that accommodates cell phones, more plastic cards and less cash. Three of the most popular of these include:

1) Front pocket wallets: They are slimmer and narrower than the average men's billfold. They are designed, as the name implies, to be slipped into a front pocket. This is in contrast to billfolds which are traditionally kept in a back pocket.

Front pocket wallets have a main compartment for holding a cell phone. They have slots for several plastic cards. They also contain a compartment for holding paper money for those who still like to carry some cash.

Overall, they are a more streamlined version of the billfold, with the added cell phone compartment. They allow the user to keep his money and important cards in the same place as his phone. Their compact size allows it to fit into a front pocket where the wallet is much more accessible and also more comfortable.

2) Shoulder holsters: These carrying cases are designed like slings which are worn over the shoulder. They are elastic and flexible so they're easy to put on and fit most every man.

The elastic straps come together at a slim pouch. The pouch has a space for holding a cell phone. Plus, like front pocket wallets, there are slots for cards and a place for paper money.

Shoulder holsters are advantageous because they are worn very close to the body. They are easy to conceal underneath clothing. It would be near impossible for a cell phone to fall out of a shoulder holster.

In fact, all of its contents would be much safer and harder for a thief to get to. That's why this mode is often preferred by those who travel frequently.

3) Wallet cases: These are slightly larger than front pocket wallets, but similar in function. In addition to space for a device, slots for cards and a place for cash, they contain quick access mesh compartments. This extra space means there's a spot for ear buds, cords or other device accessories.

Some designs also have an outside pocket for carrying extra accessories or other items. The case can be carried or clipped to a belt for easy transport.

They have an advantage over front pocket wallets for those whose electronic devices don't fit into standard-sized accessories. They also have room for those extra accessories that some users like to carry. Wallet cases are great for travelers who need extra storage but don't like shoulder holsters.


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