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I’ve been using shower gel for as long as I can remember. So long in fact, that when we recently went on holiday and stayed in a holiday park, my kids were very impressed with the little hand soaps that were in our bathroom. They had never seen soap before and were very impressed. Hilarious.

They were even more impressed when a package arrived for me from my good friend Veronica Foale.

Veronica lives in Tasmania and makes soap. She makes it from home and has shelves full of soap doing it’s thing. “Curing” and such. Can you imagine how amazing her house smells?

The package Veronica sent me was full of soapy goodness and smelt amazing.

veronica foale essentials

Maple Sugar Candy, Lime, and Lemon Meringue Pie.

I have been trying a different soap every couple of days and they are little bars of luxury. My skin feels really good and I always smell nice. Some of the soaps smell intense, like coffee break, but it leaves only a subtle scent on the skin. I was afraid I was going to smell like a coffee canister, but no, I just smell awesome.

My favourite is the bar of lemon soap that I keep in the kitchen. My hands now always smell like a very clean lemon and they are also smooth and the dry scaly patches I used to get from washing my hands 7 billion times a day are disappearing.

veronica foale essentials

Coffee Break


It’s quite clearly the difference in ingredients that is helping my skin feel so good. There are about thirty ingredients in the liquid soap and shower gels that I usually use, that I cannot even pronounce.

In Veronica’s lime soap -for example- there is: Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance and Colour. That’s all.  All that oil. No wonder my skin is so silky.

Veronica recently opened her online store and I can already see a million new soaps I need to try immediately. Also lip balm. She does lip balm too! Check out the store and have fun trying to decide which delicious bars of luxury to buy. It’s a tough decision.

As well as using soap in the bathroom, and kitchen, I also want to put soaps in my drawers and cupboards. I want to be surrounded by these beautiful smells always. This will be my go-to store for gifts. Soap for everyone for Christmas!

You can also find Veronica Foale Essentials on Facebook and Instagram


Saying Goodbye

Dog chewing toy

It’s been a full month since we gave up Leo to be re-homed.

It was a really hard decision to make and one that came with a lot of guilt. Even though it was definitely the best decision for our family and for Leo, we felt really shit about doing it. We have judged other people for giving up their pets. The universe in all it’s wisdom, likes to punish me for judging people by putting me in the same position as those I have judged. This is teaching me that I should not judge because no one really has any idea what other people are going through and why they make the decisions they do.

Anyway…. after the decision was made, we needed to make arrangements and there was a LOT of crying. Big fat tears and ugly scrunched up face crying with much snot. It felt worse than when Azrael died. Such a deep pain.

The truth is, we wouldn’t be re-homing him if I wasn’t having another baby. This tiny house and that big dog and a tiny baby and all the dog hair. Argghh. I had been advised to make him an outside dog. I couldn’t do that. I would rather see him go to a different home than to banish him to outside. Leo is not an outside dog.

I took Leo to the pet shelter myself and cried the entire time. It was very, very shit. I worried about how long he would be there before being adopted. I worried that he would fret. I felt really sad and shit about everything.

After the paper work was signed and money paid, there was nothing left to do but to say goodbye. I patted his head and caressed his ridiculously soft caramel ears in my hands one final time as I choked out my goodbye and walked away.

Sitting in my car outside, I tried to compose myself enough to drive home. I could see the back gate of the pet shelter in my wing mirror. Then I see Leo in my wing mirror. He is being walked by a couple. I know that he needs to go to the vet for a full check up – it’s part of the pet shelter’s policy and he’s due for his flu vaccine too, so I’m sure that’s where these people are taking him…. So I stalk them… as you do. Slowly driving on a parallel street, parking ahead a little bit and watching in my mirror through big fat tears and body heaving sobs. Completely normal behaviour right? Right.

I stalked and watched until he was at the vet. I ugly cried some more and then drove home.

For the next few days I stalked the pet shelter’s website and Facebook page, waiting for his advert to go up. After three days, I still hadn’t seen his ad. Nothing! Until I checked the “recently adopted” page. He had already been adopted! I was thrilled. It looks like he spent only one night at the shelter and then someone took him home. They paid quite a handsome adoption fee too!

I know that this house is much calmer without him and I am calmer and overall, this is a much happier house without any pets. I can bring a baby home without worrying about all the things I was worrying about. I can deal with the high possibility of another trip down PND lane without the added stress of having Leo around.

I hope Leo is getting the love and attention he needs and deserves. I hope his ears are getting stroked and I hope he is getting lots of walks and playtime and tummy rubs and has all the toys to chew.

Saying goodbye was the right decision but that doesn’t make the tears go away. We still miss him.

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33 Weeks – Counting down the days.

It's getting really bloody hard to take a preggo selfie.

It’s getting really bloody hard to take a preggo selfie.

With only 7 weeks to go until I meet this new baby, I feel like I’m on the home stretch. My body is definitely ready. I can’t walk very far without being in a lot of pain and most of the time I am just really uncomfortable. On Fathers’ Day we went for a simple twenty minute walk in the Macedon Regional Park and it nearly killed me. True story.

I feel like a whale.

But the house is not quite ready for the baby. There is still so much to do.

I’m working on this baby blanket and have been working on it since about week 6.

baby blanket

Crocheting makes me sleepy, so it’s hard to do a lot at once without taking nap breaks, which is why it’s not done yet. I got the pattern from Pip at Meet Me At Mikes. Her blanket took her 8 hours. Mine is taking forever. I am using a smaller hook and different yarn and I also haven’t crocheted anything since doing granny-squares in high school, but still, I thought I would totally have this done by now. It’s still only half done and baby is way more than half done. I need to get a wriggle on!

I still need to get the pram and some more clothes and nappies and I also need to cook a whole lot of meals for the freezer for those days when I am too tired or busy to cook – so pretty much the entire first 6 weeks after the baby is born.

So, I’m feeling pretty unprepared, yet not too worried about it, all at the same time. This is baby #3, I’ve been here before, I know what I’m doing. I think.

The main thing is, in about 49 days, whether I am prepared or not, I will be meeting a new beautiful little person that will fill this house -and our lives- with all things baby.


Little Potty Mouth


I swear. Sometimes quite often. It’s not a secret. But I don’t realise how much until my children use certain words.

When Millar was about 3 years old, he surprised me by exclaiming “Holy Fuckballs!”. I haven’t used that phrase since, but have obviously not removed all swearing from my vocabulary.

The other day, Xanthe and I picked up Millar from school. When I use the car to pick up Millar, the kids know that Millar gets in the car first to cross the car seats to his on the far side, and Xanthe gets in last. This is so Millar doesn’t walk onto the road to get into the car. Safety first and all that.

On this particular day Xanthe got in the car first which caused much arguing between the children.

So I said, “now Xanthe, you know Millar gets in the car first”. To which she replied, “but he was fucking around!”.

“mucking!” I said loudly for the other parents to hear “mucking around” nervous laughter. “yes, yes, that’s what you said.”

Righto then.

It’s true. Millar was pissing about, daydreaming, dawdling and generally taking his sweet time to get to the car and get in and Xanthe was having none of it. But I didn’t expect her to use that word to explain the situation.

We had a chat in the car about what words she could use instead of the one she used and that perhaps mummy needs to not say that word any more either.

Which will be tricky because If I had a swear jar I’d be rich… or something.

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