Crazy Sales – Review and Giveaway

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I ordered this absolutely gorgeous Lamaze Playhouse gym from Crazy Sales. The delivery was super quick and now I’m just waiting for the baby to arrive so I can see this awesome toy in action.

The Lamaze Playhouse Gym is one of those awesome toys that grows with your child. There are 4 different configurations you can put the play mat into depending on your baby’s development stage. I love that! This one toy will last a couple of years.

I also love the bright contrasting and gender neutral colours. No pastel baby pinks or blues in sight.

The first configuration is the baby laying on their back staring up at the hanging things and the music and light show put on by the smiling sunshine. Baby hones their motor skills by batting and kicking at the toys.

lamaze config1

A simple rearrangement changes the mat into a tummy time playmat. The toys are easily removed from the bar and clipped onto the appropriate loops, bringing them to baby’s eye level.

lamaze config2

The bar can be removed when baby is at the sitting and playing stage. The toys are still fun and baby is a great age to pick them up and enjoy the rustling, squeaking, jingling and rattling that the different toys provide.

The mat then turns into a cute little house with a rustling opening door. One side has blank shapes which can be used for shape matching with the corresponding toys.

lamaze config4

The mat is easy to change around to whichever configuration you like and also really easy to pack up and move, making this a great take-along toy for mothers’ group and play dates, as displayed by this random model. You can also pop it over your shoulder and use it as an eye-catching shopping tote! Ok, don’t do that. That’s just silly.

lamaze carry

At $76.95 this is not the cheapest baby play mat on the market, but because of it’s versatility and longevity it is worth every cent. I also saw it on another website for $216 which is ridiculous, do not pay that. Buy it at instead.

Now for the Giveaway!

  • You can win one $50 voucher to spend on whatever you like at It’s not just baby stuff!
  • Simply tell me in the comments below, what is the best toy you bought for a baby.
  • I will chose the best or most creative or entertaining answer after Midnight AEST on 1st November and the winner will be notified by email and sent a voucher code to use at
  • Good Luck!

Wordless Wednesday: Superheroes

The kids were very lucky to receive some fun costumes thanks to Warner Bros. They had hours of fun playing superheroes.
batman and robin

batman scooter

The Batmobile is in for repairs, so Batman has to ride the Thomas Scooter.


So busy fighting crime and stuff, Batman fails to realise his shoes are on the wrong feet.

cutest robin

Cutest Robin in the whole universe.



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38 Weeks: Any Day Now

The problems with a large baby belly and short legs.

The problems with a large baby belly and short legs.

So Uncomfortable. I can not even begin to describe the discomfort.

I’ve been experiencing the very annoying “practice contractions” known as Braxton Hicks contractions. I don’t think that should be allowed this close to the due date, because it’s confusing and also because I still have shit to do man! I can’t be stopping every ten minutes to wince and groan and think “was that real or practice?” It’s my third time at this particular rodeo and even though I’m mostly all zen about it, I still have issues with the complete lack of control over when this is all happening. I am a planner, but babies don’t respect that. They don’t give a hoot about schedules and calendars and meal plans and such; they tend to come when they damn well please.

So here I am. Braxton Hicksing all over the place and trying to finish things and sort stuff and make sure everything is in place for baby to arrive as well as all the day to day housework and usual mum stuff and the admin work I do. It might be time to stop working soon methinks.

I have finished the crochet blanket! I am really surprised that I actually managed to finish this before baby day. I’m pretty pleased with it. It has lots of mistakes and anomalies. It’s definitely home-made.

crochet blanket finished

We bought another car. It is huge and has seven seats and a towbar. This means all the kids have their own space and we can continue with the travel plans by hooking up a caravan and hitting the road. Not just yet, but soon. So exciting.

stavic inside

We have also attached the cot to the side of our bed in a side-car co-sleeper type arrangement. We have strapped it to the bed properly and securely and made it up with the baby sheets, so that’s all ready to go. It makes it really hard for me to get in and out of bed at the moment, but I’m hoping this arrangement will mean less getting out of bed in those first few months. More rest for me and baby.

I have been on time with the birth of both Millar and Xanthe, but I’m hoping I go at least a week early with this one, because I’m impatient and also because I am so uncomfortable. I want the big belly to be strapped into a car seat so I can drive again!

Our little family is going to change so very soon. I’m looking forward to seeing what this new person is like and how the dynamics change. I remember when Xanthe was born, I was worried I wouldn’t have enough love to go around two babies. But I did, and my favourite part was watching the sibling love grow. It’s still my favourite part of this whole thing, and having another baby will be more of that and more of everything. More noise too. Bring it on.





Life is unfair. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for the horrible things that happen to some people and why some people are touched by tragedy again and again while others breeze through, seemingly without a care under the wings of lady luck.

So far, I am one of the latter lucky creatures and I am fully aware of my luck and good fortune and am grateful beyond belief. The kind of grateful that doesn’t need to be kept track of in a grateful diary or Facebook daily list. So very grateful, yet always waiting for the other shoe to fall, wondering when my luck is due to run out.

I’m not a religious person. At all. So I don’t have a God to thank for my blessings, and if I did, I would and then I would ask why the hell my friends don’t have the same good fortune. Why me? Why am I so lucky? Why can’t I suffer some burden to lessen some of what is going on in the lives of those I love. Where is the balance?

But there is no balance. It’s all random. The luck train carries the lucky and runs over others and then backs up to hit them again, and again. We say things like “surely, your luck will change” or “you must have earned enough good karma now, something great must be just around the corner”.  We don’t know shit. It’s all random. So cruelly random.

Just this week I have friends going through the toughest of shit, none of which are my stories to tell, and I can’t even touch on the shit to let you, the reader, know what they are dealing with because I don’t want it to seem that I am using their shit to get my sympathies. I am not that person. Suffice it to say they are all dealing with the worst of the toughest shit. Real shit. I don’t mean “drama”. I actively avoid the drama seekers. You know the type. They seek out and attract problems and drama and never stop complaining about the drama – so much drama. They are the people that don’t seem to realise how good they actually have it.

As I sit here waiting for my third baby to arrive, I feel so guilty with all my good fortune. I am lucky to even be having this baby. All of my kids are amazing blessings that I didn’t even know that I wanted.  I really hope my luck continues with the health of this baby. I may not be religious, but I am often superstitious which is ridiculous. I feel I have been so blessed that how could I possibly be allowed to have even more? How can this good fortune continue? Is no one in charge here? Do I throw salt or spit left? How do I keep this good thing going? There is no control. It’s all random. I am living the dream and am surrounded only by happiness and love. So incredibly lucky. And really, ridiculously grateful at what random has thrown my way.