Melbourne Museum: Aztecs Exhibtion Giveaway.


The Aztec word for gold literally means ‘excrement of the gods’.

It’s sometimes expressed more poetically as ‘sweat of the sun’.

That is one of many new things I learnt at the Aztecs exhibit currently showing at the Melbourne Museum. It is a fantastic exhibit and if you’ve always been intrigued by the Aztecs then you will love every little artefact and nugget of information.

Above: This is from the outside of a school building. I like it. It would look cool on my house. Melbourne Museum wont let me have it. Meanies.

The Aztec Empire ruled what is now Mexico and Central America from 1325-1521. Remnants from the Aztec Empire still surface every day in Mexico City. Fascinating!

The Aztecs were conquered by Spain, and the region still speaks Spanish today and celebrates both cultures.

The exhibition is nearly over! It finishes on August 10th so,if you are planning on seeing it, hurry up!  Or you could win tickets right here. Keep scrolling.


Above: The face of youth behind an aged face and then finally the face of death.

Above: This guy is wearing the skin of another guy that he sacrificed to the gods. He would wear this skin for 20 days and then peel it off and emerge reborn and renewed. Lovely.

The exhibit is open from 10am – 5pm daily. Tickets are: adults $24, concession $16, children $12 with family passes and member’s discounts available.

  • To win one of three double passes to see the amazing Aztecs exhibit, simply comment below.
  • The winners will be chosen at random and emailed.
  • The winners must reply with their postal address within 24 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • It will certainly help if you live in Melbourne or are planning on visiting before August 10th
  • Entries close Monday July 21st at midnight AEST. Winner drawn on Tuesday and emailed that day.

#100happydays – Week 3

Week 3 of the #100happydays challenge. I managed 5 out of 7. Not bad!


Tuesday: Today their games are making me giggle. Meet King Millar and Queen Xanthe.


Wednesday: Gorgeous rainbow this morning


Thursday: Playing with snakes at shopping malls. As you do.


Friday: Beautiful blue skies and sunshine.


Sunday: Inspired by an episode of Mouk, my kids try out meditation. Cute and quiet. Win win.



Chilli Pesto Bread

Chilli Pesto Bread – totes delish 

  • Use the dough recipe from here.
  • Roll out the dough onto a lightly floured surface or sheet of baking paper.
  • Roll into a rectangle shape about 1cm thick
  • Spread pesto down the middle third of your rectangle
  • Smear sweet chilli sauce on top of the pesto
  • Grated cheese can then be added if you like. Totally optional.
  • You can simply fold over the side dough flaps or you can get fancy and make cuts in the side like the picture below and kind of plait them over each other. This looks awesome once baked.


  • Place in the oven at 200°C for 20 mins.
  • Let cool for a couple of seconds and then devour chilli pesto bread with soup or salad or just by itself while watching crap on TV. It’s all good.

You can even make smaller individual chilli pesto bread cuties like these by splitting up the dough and repeating the above steps on a smaller scale. Totally awesome.



The TV Uniform

Johanna Griggs

Appropriate TV attire. Johanna Griggs looking gorgeous.

I know I’m not alone here when I say, the moment I do something that my mum would do or say something she would say, is a moment of horror.

Not that I don’t love my mum, I do, I love her dearly. But I’m an individual with my own personality! The older I get the more of my mother comes out. Sometimes it’s simply the shoes I wear. I look down and my mum’s feet are on the end of my legs! This has happened a lot since I stopped wearing ridiculously high shoes and started wearing shoes for comfort. I haven’t yet purchased a pair of white nursing shoes but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. In all fairness to my mum, she is actually a nurse which explains the footwear.

Sometimes her voice comes out of my mouth. Usually when I’m speaking to my children. The kids haven’t noticed and haven’t called me Grandma, so I’m sure it’s all in my head so far. Thankfully.

But today, I started making judgements on clothing people wear on TV. This is something my mum does all the time and something I laugh about. My mum expects people on TV to be dressed accordingly. Her idea of the outfit they should wear is what I call the TV uniform and today Mia Freedman was not wearing that uniform on TV. She looked like she was wearing her pyjamas with floral pants and a stripey top. She was flanked by two women wearing black and white and looking dressed for TV. Mia looked like she’d slept through her alarm and decided to rock the pyjama look instead of turning up late.

I don’t know why I cared. I’ve never cared before. The only time I’ve really disapproved of what people chose to wear on TV is when they wear diagonal stripes that make the TV do that thing that causes wibble wobbles and probably epilepsy and strokes. You know what I mean.

Last night I watched House Rules and I don’t know who dresses Johanna Griggs but last night they got it so terribly wrong (OMG listen to me! Why do I care?) She looked like she was wearing a wetsuit. And not a very flattering one. It seriously was very hideous. How hard can it be to dress Johanna Griggs? She is gorgeous.

I wonder about this new TV clothing criticism part of my personality. Is it a pregnancy thing and will it pass like my craving for strawberry jam with cheese on top, or is it a permanent fixture? It doesn’t sit well with my philosophy of “each to their own” and “I am not the boss of what you do” and “what people wear is not representative of who they are” and something about books and covers and judgment. Sigh.

I need to either quash this new personality flaw or embrace it and start critiquing fashion choices of celebrities like Joan Rivers does. ICK!

The first option is the best choice here. I will now go and write a thousand lines.

“I will not judge fashion choices made by people on TV” or “I will not tweet about Mia’s pyjama-esque morning show attire” or “Stop giving a shit what people wear”. Yeah. That last one should work.

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