ONCE: Melbourne’s Newest Favourite Musical and Why It May Get a Visit From the Tooth Fairy

I was given complimentary tickets to the show thanks to Nuffnang.

ONCE_2014_1200x627_3 (2)

The cast of ONCE get their musical on and bring the Irish Pub vibe to life.

At six years of age Summer Moore has a lot on her mind. It’s her first week back at school after the holidays so she’s getting back into the routine of school days and homework. She also has two wobbly teeth! This is all pretty normal six year old stuff, except that Summer may lose her wobbliest tooth on stage at the Princess Theatre tonight during a performance of Once.

After enjoying immensely successful seasons in New York, London and Dublin the multi-award winning stage musical has come to Melbourne and celebrated it’s official opening on October 4th, receiving a well deserved standing ovation.

ONCE_2014_1200x627_4 (2)

Tom Parson’s and Madeleine Jones making beautiful music together.

I was there in the audience on opening night and had fallen in love with the music a few bars into leading man, Tom Parson’s opening song. My adoration grew stronger as the show went on, the music uplifting and soul-filling accompanied by foot stomping, hand clapping and an Irish pub vibe that made me want to move to Dublin immediately.

Summer plays Ivanka, the child of the female lead, played by Madeline Jones. The age of Ivanka is one of the little things that they have changed when adapting the story from the much loved and likewise multi-award winning movie of the same name. Ivanka in Once, the movie, is a toddler. I imagine toddlers are just as hard to work with on stage as they are anywhere.

With this age change aside, the show stays pretty true to the original story, introducing several stronger characters and more humour, making it all a bit more “theatrical” yet maintaining the simplicity of the original love story behind the music and manages to do it all on the one set – the Irish Pub which only ever acts as a pub during intermission when the audience is invited on stage for their refreshments.

Summer shares her role of Ivanka with two other girls which makes it easier to juggle the late nights and early school mornings by performing only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Nights. Mum Melani has arranged with Summer’s school for her to come in late on Wednesdays and Fridays to ensure she still gets the sleep that she needs as well as making the most of this amazing experience.


Summer Moore plays Ivanka

When asked about the audition experience, Summer says she was so nervous as it was her first ever audition and she kept shrugging her shoulders. She must have done something right as she is now enjoying being a part of Once and is no longer nervous, saying that being on stage in front of all those people is not much different than being up on stage at her end of year dance concerts.

One thing that may set it apart is losing that wobbly tooth on stage. Ever the professional, Summer knows that if it happens tonight she needs to stay in character and remain cool. Assurances have been made that the tooth fairy will find it and all will be well.

Once, The Musical is currently playing at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre. Bookings can be made online

I received complimentary tickets to attend the show but was under no obligation to write about it. Summer Moore attends school with my son and graciously allowed me to interview her. 



Wordless Wednesday – Hanging Back

I love hanging back and taking photos of my family from behind. It’s candid and tells more of the story of what’s happening. I have quite a collection of photos I have taken of the backs of my family. I hope grouping some of them here like this doesn’t look too creepy stalkerish or Blair Witch like.

acmi donkey apostles fb Autumn1

travel bridge hanging rock 001 lake lower glenelg nat park organ pipes2 photos 147 xanthe xanthe2


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36 Weeks.

36 weeks

It’s really hard to take a pregnant selfie. Unless you point the camera at a full length mirror and then you get the hideous background in as well, which is usually a bathroom or a messy bedroom. The front camera selfie gets much less of the background in but makes for awkward angles and strained concentration faces to get the right shot. One must include the preggo belly and the face. It’s awkward.

I’m 36 weeks pregnant today. The photo above was taken last night as I was about to step into the car and head to the Princess Theatre to see Once, The Musical. The dress is getting a touch too tight, but I certainly wasn’t about to buy a new one just for one night out, never to be worn again. My feet were killing me, but I felt about as pretty as one can at this late stage of pregnancy.

I had purchased a pair of sheer stockings, but because they weren’t maternity stockings, they did not stretch over the bump. Instead, they sat below the bump in an uncomfortable way. Before the show even started, the stockings rolled down my hips and were halfway down my butt before I could find a ladies toilet in order to make some adjustments. I decided to ditch the stockings in the name of comfort. No one was looking at my legs anyway. I caught plenty of people looking at the bump though. Who can blame them? It is rather huge. More of a planet than a bump.

I had to climb a gajillion stairs to get to my seat way up high in the dress circle of the theatre. Not fun for anyone but I could feel it in all of my pregnant places. The seats were made for theatre going sardines. Non-pregnant ones. It was a very cosy and rather intimate with strangers kind of experience. It’s a bloody good thing the show was so good, because those 2 hours in those seats were about as uncomfortable as I have ever been.

So, long story short. 36 weeks! Don’t go to the sardine theatre.

And also… 36 weeks! only 4 weeks until I meet this baby! Exciting!

Wordless Wednesday. That Trip I Took Ten Years Ago

Ok, not quite 10 years ago, but “that trip I took 9 and 3/4 years ago” doesn’t have the same ring to it. These are some pics from the archives. A whirlwind trip to the UK and a Contiki tour through Europe. This is as close as I can get to overseas travel right now which is painful for my itchy feet. I want to go back, even if it’s just to take some better photos!


Big Ben

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey






Canterbury – I think

Shakespeare's Grave

Shakespeare’s Grave

Shakespeare's house. Possibly.

Shakespeare’s house. Possibly.


A castle in Wales


Roslyn Chapel – This place could have a post all of it’s own, I have so many photos.


Some famous tower in Paris

Vatican City

Vatican City

la sagrada familia

The weird and wacky and amazing La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.

Luxury Accommodation. Contiki tent city.

Luxury Accommodation. Contiki tent city.

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