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Farewell Autumn 2014


Farewell Autumn, you have been…

…Sometimes crisp and sometimes wet.

…Strangely warm then suddenly cold.

…New boots and crunchy leaves.

…Scarves and hats and winter pyjamas.

…Snuggles on the couch with the heater on.

…The beginning of a long soup season.

…Cold and sniffles and misery

…Afternoon sun and stars out early

Blogging every day in May with Clairey Hewitt. I didn’t even come close to making it every day. I managed two days near the start and then came in with this at the end….. I am not good at daily challenges. Terrible.



Baby News

If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, or in real life, or if I’ve passed you on the street lately, you would have already heard the news. I’m having another baby.

Here’s the announcement we put on Facebook:

image “The kids think their rock act needs something else. So we’re adding another band member in November and upgrading to a power trio!”

So, that’s our baby news. I’m 15 weeks pregnant and feeling exhausted and icky and too old for this crap! But apart from all of that, I’m pretty excited about another kid. The two I have are pretty awesome, so this one should be too.



Day 4: My Earliest Memory


I had new sandals. They were blue and had a little elastic strap at the back to keep them on my toddling feet. Something yellow featured on the top of the sandal. A duck perhaps?

Daddy was sitting in the big blue armchair. Daddy’s chair.

I climbed into daddy’s lap and wrapped my arms around his neck for a kiss and a hug. When I climbed back down and walked across the room, my new sandals made a click clacky sound against the soles of my feet. They hadn’t done that before! I marvelled in this new sound as I clicked and clacked around the room. Then, as quickly as it started, the sound stopped.

I worked out cause and effect as logically and reasonably as a toddler can and ran back to the big blue armchair. Climbing up into daddy’s lap I hugged and kissed him and climbed back down. It worked! The sandals resumed their magic clicking and I continued my circuit around the room, simply to listen to the clicking.