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Itchy Feet

coober pedy
I’m not a fan of standing still. Staying in one place and laying down roots. But I thought that was just a thing I felt when I was young and I thought I would grow out of that. I moved house a crazy amount of times as a teen and young adult. I enjoyed road trips with friends, solo travel to the UK and Europe and a couple of family trips to the USA. I thought I’d find my forever place and settle down when I grew up. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do right?

me mum usa

I am married with two children and our third on the way and last year we bought a house. In the suburbs. We have a dog and I drive an SUV. This is grown up right? This is settled.

I don’t feel settled. I feel bored and trapped.

It occurred to me recently that I have been searching for a place to settle. A place to call home and lay down those roots, but never actually stopping to ask myself if that’s what I really wanted. I just assumed that settling down would be a happy thing because it’s what everyone does and it seems like the dream – except for crazy eccentric types that wear hemp and travel to weird places and don’t have a fixed address.

It turns out I actually want to be that crazy eccentric type. I don’t want this suburban mum thing that I’ve got going on and I don’t think I ever did. It just happened. It’s like I woke up one day and thought: “how the fuck did I get here? And why the hell am I not in Peru?” I don’t want to wish away my kids. I plan on taking them on my crazy adventures – and the husband of course. Showing my kids the world is one of the best things about travel. But most importantly, there will be adventures. I need that. I want and need a life full of travel.

I would love to travel the world while home schooling my kids. Making our living on the road as we go. Sounds both awesome and terrifying. I don’t think I’m brave enough to do that. I just need more travel, more often and to keep moving. But to also have the security of a home base. But that home base needs to keep changing. And often. Too much to ask? Probably.

elephants at the pinnawala elephant orphanage sri lanka

It definitely feels like time to move on again. This suburb has grown stale and I need new things to see and do. I desperately need a holiday and we had a huge New Zealand road trip planned for later this year but you know what they say about the best laid plans… This November, instead of bush-walking/tramping through Abel Tasman National Park, I will be pushing a new human out of myself. So plans have had to change. That New Zealand road trip will happen, just not while I’m in labour. Postponing our trip is fine but I do need something else, and soon.

I’m hoping a short holiday will help with the restlessness because these itchy feet are demanding some movement immediately. Sometimes a weekend away to somewhere new is all I need to recharge and help me get through the next few months of mundane daily life. We have a weekend trip planned for August and I am looking forward to that in a huge way. It’s just a local trip – a five hour drive to the edge of the state. But it will be awesome. There will be a cave tour and much driving and new places to see.

It’s only a month away. I am counting down the seconds.

Also… I really want to find my photos from Europe. Do you know where they are?



Melbourne Museum: Aztecs Exhibtion Giveaway.


The Aztec word for gold literally means ‘excrement of the gods’.

It’s sometimes expressed more poetically as ‘sweat of the sun’.

That is one of many new things I learnt at the Aztecs exhibit currently showing at the Melbourne Museum. It is a fantastic exhibit and if you’ve always been intrigued by the Aztecs then you will love every little artefact and nugget of information.

Above: This is from the outside of a school building. I like it. It would look cool on my house. Melbourne Museum wont let me have it. Meanies.

The Aztec Empire ruled what is now Mexico and Central America from 1325-1521. Remnants from the Aztec Empire still surface every day in Mexico City. Fascinating!

The Aztecs were conquered by Spain, and the region still speaks Spanish today and celebrates both cultures.

The exhibition is nearly over! It finishes on August 10th so,if you are planning on seeing it, hurry up!  Or you could win tickets right here. Keep scrolling.


Above: The face of youth behind an aged face and then finally the face of death.

Above: This guy is wearing the skin of another guy that he sacrificed to the gods. He would wear this skin for 20 days and then peel it off and emerge reborn and renewed. Lovely.

The exhibit is open from 10am – 5pm daily. Tickets are: adults $24, concession $16, children $12 with family passes and member’s discounts available.

  • To win one of three double passes to see the amazing Aztecs exhibit, simply comment below.
  • The winners will be chosen at random and emailed.
  • The winners must reply with their postal address within 24 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • It will certainly help if you live in Melbourne or are planning on visiting before August 10th
  • Entries close Monday July 21st at midnight AEST. Winner drawn on Tuesday and emailed that day.

Wordless Wednesday – Melbourne Star

When my dad and his wife were here recently, we visited the Melbourne star. It was a hideously rainy day – it actually rained and was cold the entire time my dad was here, quite different to the current “warm wave”.

Anyway… Here are some photos from the Star.

melb star

See the rain,
melb star2

Figured out how to take a photo of outside without getting the rain in the way.

melb star selfie couple

Gotta take a selfie of course.
melb star selfie

Gotta take another one when you realise the natural light and over exposure makes your skin look pretty good.

melb star pirates

Tried to take a nice photo but the kids insisted on being pirates. I have NO IDEA why.

melb star3

This is as good as it got. My kids do not pose naturally.


Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday today. 

Grampians – Camping in the Rain


So we did it. We packed our tent and headed to the Grampians. The weather forecast said not to, but we couldn’t change the dates our dog was being looked after so instead of cancelling, we soldiered on with gumboots and brollies packed and hope in our hearts. That dog is holding me back from my travel dreams and I blame him for all my woes. All of them.

meeps car xanthe car


A three hour car trip demands in car entertainment and these seat back activity packs were a winner.

We arrived and chose a camp site close to the playground. Everything was puddles. And mud. And Kangaroo shit – but that is always there – not just when it’s raining.

The kids like jumping in muddy puddles, so they really enjoyed it for the most part. I threw my toys when the tent started leaking and we changed our accommodation to something warmer and drier – and less muddy. I’m so glad we did otherwise it would have been a very unpleasant – and damp – night.

thumbs down rain

Thumbs down to rain inside the tent!

The kids loved the adventure of packing the car and finding our new accommodation in the dark and rain.

The lovely Michael at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist park was so nice. He helped us find alternative accommodation close by (as their own cabins were all booked out) and he also refunded our camp-site fee which was unnecessary but much appreciated.

The next morning, Darren went back to get our very soggy tent while I stayed in the motel with the kids which was definitely the better part of the deal.


Kangaroo at our motel


The kids insisted on having their photo taken with the big ice-cream


Waiting for breakfast

meep breakfast

Chocolate pancakes with ice-cream!

After a delicious breakfast, and a visit to the fudge shop to stock up, we drove into the mountains and into the clouds, turning back when we could no longer see the road ahead. With nothing left to do that didn’t involve more mud, we went home a day early. :(

The Grampians are still gorgeous in the rain, with low clouds making it look all the more magical. The weather stopped us taking any of the walks which was disappointing but we will be back… in the less wet months.

grampians3 grampians2 grampians grampains