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Frozen Movie Review – *SPOILERS*

Frozen Movie Poster

These school holidays we took the kids to see Frozen.

They absolutely loved it. It is the longest time Xanthe(3) has stayed quiet for. She was totally enthralled. Millar(5.5) also loved it.

I thought it was ok. What I DID like is that the two female roles were self sufficient, independent women. They were still pretty white princesses though which made it awfully similar to almost every other Disney movie ever.

One, Anna, wants to find love and upon finding the perfect man there was plenty of swoon, but she did not need him to save her, nor did she ask him to save her. Excellent.

The other, Elsa has some freaky freezy powers that she has kept hidden from everyone by keeping the castle locked up since the sisters’ childhoods until the day of her coming of age and her coronation to become Queen.

During the coronation Elsa’s powers become evident and she runs away into the mountains.

Anna leaves her new love, dreamboat prince to keep an eye on the castle while she sets off on an icy quest to stop her sister from freezing everyone’s butts off. Along the way she finds a man – with an almost unhealthy relationship with his reindeer – and a talking snowman.

The talking snowman, Olaf, is hilarious and his naive song about how much fun summer would be is brilliant. He is the comic relief providing many comical lines and farcical humour. Kids love that shit.

True loves first kiss is first thought to be what is needed to save the world, but in a delightful twist, the kiss is not the saviour, but the true love between the sisters and an act of this love is what turns it all around in the end. Hurrah!

The animation is beautiful and the story is nice. I didn’t find the songs as memorable as other Disney movies such as Tangled – but that may be because I have watched Tangled seven million times and have only seen Frozen once.

Definitely worth taking the kids to see these holidays.

 * This is not a sponsored post. My husband and I took the kids to see Frozen of our own accord with our own money. I am writing this only in the interests of sharing.

Home Security – Tips For Deterring a Burglar


We bought this house back in May and have been meaning to change the locks since then as the thought of the previous owner’s son in law’s brother having a spare key to our house was unnerving. We finally had it done! Thanks to Five Star Locksmiths in Melbourne.

Jonale, the super locksmith guy came out just before Christmas and changed the deadlocks on both our front and back doors. He then re-keyed the other two locks so that they all worked on the same key. Brilliant!

While doing this he kept up an engaging conversation with Xanthe, who at 3 years of age was very interested in what he was doing but also wanted to talk to Jonale about all things Christmas and sparkly. Xanthe can talk your ear off but Jonale was very patient and lovely.

The service was quick and professional and perfect. I would recommend these guys to anyone and everyone in Melbourne.  They work 24/7 365 and offer a five star unconditional 30 day guarantee. The full range of lock services is available from Five Star Locksmiths and they are a member of the Master Locksmiths Association.

What I also loved about the service, was the guy that made the booking got me to send a photo of the inside of my doors so he could make sure the new deadlocks would match the colour of the door handles. He ordered in the antique copper lock I needed and it matches perfectly. This is something I hadn’t even considered but it would look really silly if it was a different metal.

Home security should be a top priority for everyone but it often gets shunted down the to do list in favour of seemingly more pressing things.

As well as making sure you have the best locks installed on your home, there are some things you can do to deter a burglar while you are away this holiday season. Here are some tips from the Neighbourhood Watch website

  • Leave a radio on and tune it to a talkback station
  • Use a timer on lamps to make if look like someone is inside
  • Cancel deliveries, such as newspapers, or have a trusted person collect it for you
  • You should also have a trusted neighbour, relative or Neighbourhood Watch Area Coordinator empty your letterbox and take your bin out and in, even if it is empty
  • Hang some old clothes on the line and leave old shoes outside the front door
  • If you are going away for an extended period of time, consider getting a house-sitter and arrange for someone to mow your lawn
  • Try not to leave invitations or notes about holidays in plain view such as stuck on the fridge, next to the phone or on a whiteboard
  • If you are out for the evening, leave a light on and close the curtains.

Here are some tips to manage your phone and messages before you go on holidays:

  • Divert your home phone to your mobile or lower the volume on your phone
  • On your answering machine say ‘We can’t come to the phone right now’ rather than ‘I’m on holidays and will be back on..’
  • If you live alone, say ‘We can’t come to the phone right now’ rather than ‘I can’t come to the phone right now’.

 And in the unlikely event that all this fails, make sure you are adequately insured! It’s all just “stuff” but nothing can take away that feeling of being violated after being burgled. 

I’ll leave you with this video clip of another way to deal with burglars, courtesy of Macaulay Culkin.

Seems like a lot of hard work, just get your locks sorted!

Aden + Anais = Baby Luxury

One of the first brands I worked with on my blog was Aden + Anais. They contacted me to do a review and give away a long time ago. I still have the gorgeous bamboo swaddles I reviewed. They are one of things I just can’t part with. A lot of my other baby stuff has been donated or passed on to friends, but not the bamboo swaddles. I don’t know why. There is no sentimental attachment like the going home outfits I’ve kept. Those teeny tiny first proper clothes my kids wore.


But the swaddles are so soft and luxurious and pretty, I just can’t bear to part with them.

I love, love, LOVE Aden + Anais stuff. Check out their range on their website here. Perfect gifts for all the babies in your life. Babies need luxury too.

Aden + Anais contacted me again to review their gorgeous products. But as I no longer have children of baby age, I have no need for these lovely things. But I know plenty of people that do. I asked Aden + Anais to send me a package that I could pass on to St Kilda Mums.

They were happy to send this package.

aden and anais package

When I saw the cozy plus™ sleeping bag – four layers of super soft muslin in gorgeous star print – I almost wanted to keep it and immediately have another baby… luckily I came to my senses, and drove over to St. Kilda Mums to drop it off. I’m sure the person it goes to will love it.

sleeping bag close up

Aden + Anais products are so popular that even the Royal baby, future King George, was seen wrapped in a gorgeous bird print swaddle from the range. Which caused so many people to buy it, that the servers crashed and the swaddle sold out!

source: E-online

source: E-online

Celebrity babies all over the world have been snapped swaddled in Aden + Anais. So, you’d be surprised to know that the range is reasonably priced. It actually is.  It’s not bargain basement cheap like the swaddles you’ll find in a department store. I had some of those and after a couple of washes they feel like paper and they are really small. Aden + Anais swaddles are pure muslin and get softer with each wash and are large and useful and beautiful.

Thank you Aden + Anais for your generous gift to a needy mum. It’s great to know that out there a baby born in much less fortunate circumstances than the future King of England, is swaddled in the same cloth.


Cures For Colic – A Giveaway

Sponsored Give Away

There are many things on the market to ease colic and a million different tips and tricks from a million different mums around the world. If you’ve ever dealt with a colicky baby, you’ll know some of these tips and tricks and perhaps have a few of your own that work just for your baby.

I remember Millar being especially colicky as a wee baby and the hours of screaming involved. We tried gripe water and natural remedies after each feed and followed instructions on different ways to hold our baby or different techniques for burping to ease the discomfort he was experiencing.

What we didn’t have though, was a way to prevent the painful colic instead of trying to cure it.

Prevention is way better than a cure and I wish we had these MAM anti-colic bottles back then. My kids are way past the bottle drinking stage now (yay!) but I would recommend MAM anti-colic bottles as a prevention to any new mum. So much better than dealing with that painful scream.

How do they work? Check out this video.

You’ll see that as well as preventing colic, they are self sterilising! We had a big plastic microwave steriliser that was a pain in the butt when travelling overseas. These bottles would have been a dream to take everywhere!

I also really like the colours! And of course they are BPA free. What’s not to love?

Available at Target, Big W and Baby Bunting or online at babynest at the following RRP:

Anti Colic Bottles 1PK 160ml – $ 8.99
Anti Colic Bottles 1PK 260ml – $ 9.99
Anti Colic Bottles 2PK 260ml – $ 18.99
Anti Colic Bottles 3PK 260ml – $24.99
  • I have three packs of 3pk 260ml  MAM Anti-Colic bottles to giveaway to three lucky readers.
  • Tell me your colic soothing tips in the comments below and I’ll choose three winners on 9th September.
  • Australian Addresses Only
  • Winners chosen by me based on how good the tip is or how amusing the answer is. Judges decision is final.
  • Winners will be notified by email and need to respond with a postal address within 24hours or another winner will be chosen.