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Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Animal

Dyson Digital Slim Discount Giveaway

Disclaimer: Dyson gave me a Digital Slim DC59 Animal to use and to keep. I use it everyday and seriously love it.

You know when you are looking for advice on what vacuum cleaner to buy and everyone, like EVERYONE says “get a Dyson!” and so you go and check them out and your wallet screams a little bit and you think to yourself…. really? Gosh… I think I’ll just buy this other one because it’s cheaper.

Less than a year later and you hate the guts of your cheaper vacuum cleaner and its incompetence and you want it dead so again you seek advice on what vacuum cleaner to buy from trusted friends, family and Facebook, and again they ALL say “get a Dyson!”. You should really listen. Really.

There is no denying that Dyson is not the cheapest vacuum cleaner out there so I’m not going to scoot around that. But they are not the cheapest, because, well, they’re not cheaply made pieces of crap. There’s a whole lot of technology and testing behind these cyclonic babies and they stand the test of time and do the job properly.

There is also no denying that Dyson are the best vacuum cleaners and you will struggle to find anything else that comes even a little bit close.

I have been lucky enough to be given my very own Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Animal. I love it. Like totally, actually, very deeply love it.

Here are some jaw-dropping facts about dust and yuckies thanks to Dyson’s research team.

dust factsEWWWW!

In my house, I vacuum every day. Sometimes more than once. The children are messy people with their crumbs and glitter and their smuggling the school sandpit home bit by bit in their shoes, clothes and hair. There was also the added mess created by dog hair. So. Much. Hair. The living room rug is always in need of a clean and my Miele vacuum cleaner with it’s bag and it’s crapness was just not doing the job right.

On it’s first day in my house, the Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Animal sucked up more than I thought possible. It was horrifying to see how much crap was in that rug.

full dyson

Seriously, this was just from one large rug that gets vacuummed daily with the Miele. Amazing.

Here are some things I love about my Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Animal:

The most important attribute for a vacuum cleaner is that it sucks good. This baby sucks really good and even has a couple of settings to change the sucking intensity, so it has that covered. It will also never, ever loose suction.  It is the perfect little stick vacuum that doesn’t know it’s a stick vacuum and sucks like the big boys.

If you vacuum something up which clogs the pathway, the Dyson will flash its lights at you and then stop so you can deal with the clog and then continue. It wont pretend it can still work like other vacuums try to do, making all that sucking noise and not actually picking anything up. (I’m looking at you, every other vacuum cleaner in the world). The Dyson is honest and tells you when it needs you to remove the lego ninja turtle from it’s throat.

It’s really, really light. Even for a stick vacuum, it’s so light. My kids love using it, and I really like them doing the cleaning.

photos 030

It’s really easy to empty. Just push down this button here and the bottom pops open. Then, if needed, you can slide the whole thing off to get at any bits around the top.

You can also remove the turny brush cylinder thingo from the large head, so it is easier to clean. The filter can be rinsed under the tap and it has pictures of taps on it so you remember that handy piece of info.

Dyson 1

I also love that it can be taken out to the car and used there too! I can remove the long stick and attach any head straight to the handle thing and I’ve got myself the best little car vacuum ever. I’m also going to take this camping with us next time we go.

My house is a pretty small 3 bedroom home, and this vacuum is perfect for it. I still vacuum the living room every day and when I do my full house clean, the Dyson can manage.

If you have a very large house and like to vacuum all at once and it will take more than half an hour, you might want to look at getting a bigger Dyson. Like the upright DC65 Animal.

dyson 2

It all clicks together really easily and clicks apart really easily.

It is also beautiful. I mean look at it! I love the colour and it’s just so sexy.

Look! Even attractive men wearing kids' shoes can use it.

Look! Even attractive men wearing kids’ shoes can use it.

Dyson says:

About Dyson:

  • Dyson has 1,536 engineers and scientists working on a pipeline of technology that stretches out over twenty-five years.
  • Dyson invests £1.5 million a week on research and development and has doubled the number of engineers employed at its UK research and development laboratories in the past two years.
  • Dyson has expertise in fluid, mechanical, robotic, electrical, thermal, chemical, acoustic, motor, thermo dynamics, testing and software engineering, and is thought to be the only vacuum cleaner manufacturer with an in-house microbiology team.

Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59:

  • Testing: Dyson prototypes are subjected to 636 different validation tests. On/off buttons are punched 20,000 times. Prototypes are drop tested 10,000 times.  Cleaner heads are slammed into iron table legs.
  • Patents:There are 350 patents and patent applications worldwide relating to the technology used in Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, including patents relating to Dyson digital motors.
  • Run-time: This machine will run for 20 minutes, 17 minutes with the motorised tool, and for 6 minutes on boost mode.
  • Hygienic bin emptying: Just push the button to release the dirt directly into the bin.
  • Weight: 2kg.
  • Guarantee: The machine comes with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee.
  • Energy Star Rating: The machine’s battery charger has qualified for the Energy Star rating, due to its energy efficiency.

There is still that question about price though and I can’t give away a whole vacuum cleaner today, I would really, really love to but what I CAN do is give you your very own super discount!

  • If you want to buy the Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Animal, then you can win a 30% discount right here. That’s a fair chunk of change off the cost of your brand new Dyson.
  • In the comments below, tell me the most frustrating thing about your current vacuum cleaner.
  • Entries close at Midnight AEST on Sunday 14th September and I will chose a winner and advise them by email on Monday 15th September.
  • The winner will be emailed a special code that they can use at the checkout on the Dyson website to get their very own 30% discount.

Scienceworks. Family Favourite


Xanthe checks out a terrarium

Saturday was a busy day for us with the quick visit to the snow in the morning and then we headed off to ScienceWorks for the afternoon and finished the day off with dinner with the Sister in Law and her Husband.

I was lucky enough to get some free tickets to ScienceWorks so we could properly check out the new Think Ahead section and visit the Planetarium.

I am loving the new Think Ahead section. It opened in January this year and we saw some of it last time we went but this time we spent a bit more time there and were able to enjoy some interactive exhibits and email the recordings to ourselves.

sw8 sw7

Here, Xanthe is designing a futuristic car. She was able to chose all the body parts and materials and the colour. The car is then displayed on a large screen in the “showroom”. We were able to email those designs to ourselves.

Thinkahead_futureTransport (1) Thinkahead_futureTransport (2)


As you can see above, you are able to name your design. Millar chose his own name while Xanthe went with “Aeppkkbvcg”.

We also played a virtual reality game. The kids LOVED this. There are two booths with large screens and the player needs to stand on the red carpet strip to be seen by the cameras.

Inside the booth, everything is controlled by your own body movements. The player is able to choose the body parts they want superimposed onto themselves and then they play a game to see how many targets they can hit with hands or feet and it is all displayed on the screen in front of them. Afterwards, you can select your game from a screen outside the booth and email it to yourself. Which we did and for some reason I cannot get the little videos to embed on this blog, so you’ll have to take my word for it!


Xanthe being scanned before the game


Playing the game and hitting the targets.

One of my favourite sections is the sound booth. The subtleties of this one is lost on my kids as they run around pushing buttons and kind of missing the point, but I would love to spend more time in here creating the perfect calming sounds with lights to match.

SW2 SW1Think Ahead is a permanent exhibition so it will be around for quite some time. The old favourites Nitty Gritty Super City and Sport are still there too.

If you’ve never been to ScienceWorks then you don’t know what you are missing. It is my favourite thing to do with the kids in Melbourne. The price is so reasonable that we are able to visit often. My kids never tire of it and would spend all day there if I had the energy to chase them around all day. Hands on action with an educational slant. Love love love.


Adult Child (to 16 years) Concession
Scienceworks only $12.00 Free Free
Optional Extras
Planetarium Show $6.00 $4.50 $5.00
Lightning Room Show $6.00 $4.50 $5.00
Rescue Exhibition $6.00 $4.50 $5.00

ScienceWorks is part of the Museum Victoria family, so MV members can enter free of charge. We should really get a family membership, it would be well used!

The new Rescue Exhibition has replaced the circus section and we didn’t visit it this time but it is on the list for next time, along with the Lightning Room.

This time, we visited the Planetarium. Arriving too late for the show aimed at young kids, we chose to see Black Holes instead. Millar is very interested in space and has been asking about black holes a lot lately. I can’t answer those questions so I’m glad that the lovely Geoffrey Rush could do it for me. The show is long enough to be informative and short enough so that Xanthe didn’t have time to realise she didn’t understand what was going on and get bored. After the show about black holes, we were treated to a night sky tour. This is always very interesting and inspires my kids to look at the stars at night and point out Mars and Venus and the Southern Cross.

If you plan on visiting the Planetarium, check out the show times first and plan your trip accordingly.

Young kids under 8 will really love Tycho To The Moon. My kids saw this on our last visit back in January and still talk about it.

Beware of falling asleep in the planetarium. It is very dark and the reclining seats are very comfortable.

I seriously cannot get enough of ScienceWorks. We’ll be back in a month for more awesomeness.




Peppa Pig Live! Treasure Hunt Review

My family attended Peppa Pig Live! Treasure Hunt as guests of the promoter

The heavy red curtains were still closed when the lights dimmed and the familiar jingle started. A theatre full of kids squealed with delight like tweenage girls at a One Direction concert. The jingle was the theme song of the best pig to ever grace the television screen. Peppa Pig.

The show has already enjoyed a smash hit season on London’s West End and a sell out Australian tour. It’s back for more downunder with shows on both sides of the Tasman.

Peppa Pig Live! Treasure Hunt, is as suggested in the title, about a treasure hunt. Peppa, along with little brother George and her friends Danny Dog, Pedro Pony and Zoe Zebra embark on a treasure hunt with the help of Daisy, (a real person and not a puppet) and plenty of transport help from Miss Rabbit and Grandpa Dog.


The performers encourage lots of audience participation which the kids all enjoy. The fact that the puppeteers can be seen at all times, did not seem to distract them or detract from their enjoyment. The show held the attention of my 6 and 3 year olds for the full 70mins – excluding the boredom of the intermission. I could have kept them entertained during this time by spending money on showbags or other things, but I don’t do “merch”. However, there is definitely plenty of things to buy your young ones if you do wish to partake in the stuff. I’m pretty sure my kids were the only ones that left without a Peppa stuffed toy or balloon.


After the intermission there was a trippy scene involving glowing sea creatures. That was cool. Probably my favourite bit.

I would recommend Peppa Pig Live! Treasure Hunt for any Peppa Pig fan. I wouldn’t recommend you take your baby if you plan on having it sleep while your toddler enjoys a nice quiet show, because this show is not quiet. It is singing and yelling and oinking and laughter. Your kids will LOVE it. Mine did.

For information on dates and how to buy tickets. Check out the website.

Happy Anniversary with Poster Candy

poster candy wedding

It’s our wedding anniversary and I have finally done something with my wedding photos! It’s only taken me four years! I just need to get an awesome 50 x 50 frame and hang this baby. I hope to do that soon and not let it take another four years!
Remember when I did the huge PosterCandy of the kids?  It was, and still is, AWESOME.

poster candy2
Since then PosterCandy have become even better and easier for everyone to use. You can now connect through Facebook to use photos from your Facebook albums or upload photos straight from your computer or smartphone as well as being able to connect straight through to instagram like you have always been able to.
You can also order single prints now and they come to you like old style polaroids. So Much Fun!

My poster came packaged beautifully in a tube and wrapped in bright green tissue paper with bright pink tissue paper at one end that had lollies in it!

PosterCandy is definitely my favourite photo product and I’ve used it to send gorgeous photo gifts to my mum, my dad and my mother in-law who are all overseas.

Check out PosterCandy online and have a play – it’s fun and with posters ranging from $15 there is something for everyone and every occasion.

*PosterCandy provided me with a code to get my wedding PosterCandy absolutely free. But I do really, really truly love them and everything I say is true.