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Things I know

I know that when your very wakeful child actually sleeps right through the night you start to look for reasons why so that you can repeat the magic “she had spaghetti last night! That’s it! Spaghetti every night from now on!” but it’s not that simple and it just is what it is. Probably a fluke and unlikely to be repeated until the next flukey night.

I know that yesterday we visited the primary school that Millar will be attending next year and that his teachers laughed about the suggestion of holding him back due to scissor handling issues and laughing too long.

I know that I have the third sore throat since returning to Australia and I seem to be constantly sick and I am so over it. Not enough to return to India, but I do seem to be catching every bug Melbourne has on offer this winter.

I know that we are going on a bit of a road trip tomorrow and the weather better behave.

I know that today is the last day of winter. Good Riddance!

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Things I Know about our new home.

It is a cute refurbished cottage in greater Melbourne.

It has a HUGE grassed area for the kids to run and play in.

It has high ceilings and huge bare walls that I will cover with framed photos and art very, very soon.


It has a hills hoist clothesline.

The surrounding neighbourhoods are full of playgrounds and historical buildings

I love this purple door

It is not in India

It is, however, very bloody cold! But I’m smiling as I freeze my butt off, so it’s ok.

Also, I can’t have the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer going at the same time or it blows a fuse. – That’s ok too.

The gas heater in the living room interferes with the TV.. that’s ok too… we will find a different power point or something.

Most importantly, it is a house, in Melbourne, not India, and I am home.

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Things I Know

I was going to write a “things I know I’ll miss about India”, because there are some things I like about being here and I have whinged about India an awful lot on this blog and I wanted to be positive… but here’s the thing:

The things I will miss about India tend to be more related to the 5 star hotel than the India-ness of anything. Like a billion thread-count sheets on king size beds, breakfast buffets and on-call housekeeping.

So I know India is not for me. I know that in a previous life with no kids and a backpack, I would have found a different India. But that was not to be. I came here with two kids and my husband working ridiculous shifts – seriously ridiculous, and this was not a holiday. Everytime we go out we get stared at and the kids are likely to get their cheeks pinched – sometimes painfully. People will come up and talk to the kids. One time four men approached my son who was walking slowly behind us. They asked his name and touched his face. This would be seen as highly inappropriate behaviour where I come from. Highly inappropriate,  suspicious and a little scary.

I know that us in the Western world may be a little uptight, overly cautious and very PC and maybe we could learn to relax a little. But not too much!

So I know that I wanted to write something positive about India. But the thing I know the most is I will not miss India.

I may miss the nanny though. Patty is awesome.


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Things I Know

I know that we are leaving India in two weeks.

I know that Mumbai has a lot of exciting things to see and do.

I know that I cannot give a rats arse about any of them and just want to go home.

I know that one day I will regret not seeing all there was to see and making the most of the time we have here.

I know that the future me that regrets those things will have forgotten how completely shit it actually was to live here in a hotel with two tiny people.

I know that when people say “one billion people can’t be wrong” that they are wrong.

I know that people have worse things to complain about and rightly so.

I know that I should be grateful for all that I have. I am.

But I also know that some days I just can’t deal.

Hey tiny people, you make me happy when skies are grey.


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