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Wordless Wednesday Old Photos

We found some old photos on an external hard drive. These photos are from a trip we took to Australia in 2007, just before we moved here. There were hundreds of pics on this hard drive. 20gb of memories. I will share just a few.


Me and hubby, before he was hubby. Before kids and all that stuff.


Cheesy posed photo pretended to mine opals.


Baby Joey on some desert farm in the middle of nowhere.


The Dog Fence.


Sunset in the middle of nowhere.


The only way to keep flies off my face while waiting for the plane to go home.


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#100happydays – Week 5


Tuesdays are Karate Days. – The only photo I shared this week for #100happydays.

So, it’s Monday and that usually means another round up of my week of photo sharing on the #100happydays hashtag. However, I only managed to share ONE photo on that hashtag this week. ONE out of SEVEN days. I am calling it a failure. So here is a list of other daily challenges that I have failed.

  • Photoaday with Fat Mum Slim – I play often but am yet to complete a full month.
  • 12 week body transformation – I think I lasted a week
  • Moisturising – Sometimes – I just forget
  • 30 day squat challenge – I got to day 8 both times.
  • 30 day abs challenge – hmm
  • Taking vitamins, the pill or any medication – I forget, ok?
  • Clairey Hewitt’s blog every day in May challenge – 4 days out of 31
  • 31 Days to Build a Better Blog – No shock to anyone
  • 7 days of grateful on Facebook. – Please stop tagging me.
  • Index card a day – I never even started. I bought the index cards. that’s all
  • Operation Move 400 – I think I did about 3 days
  • 5 plus a Day Fruit and Vegetables – constant failure
  • The dishes – Look… I’m a busy lady.
  • And of course, 100 happy days. – This is the second time I’ve failed

So, I think what I need to do now, is to not attempt another daily challenge for at least 60 days. That’s my new daily challenge.

The 60 day, No Daily Challenges Challenge. Are you with me?





Wordless Wednesday – Spider Web

I caught this tiny spider web yesterday morning. It was a cold foggy morning and this spider web was bedazzled with dew drops and begging to be photographed.

spider web2 spider web3 spider web4

spider web

Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys and Twinkle in the Eye for Wordless Wednesday