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Wordless Wednesday – Spider Web

I caught this tiny spider web yesterday morning. It was a cold foggy morning and this spider web was bedazzled with dew drops and begging to be photographed.

spider web2 spider web3 spider web4

spider web

Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys and Twinkle in the Eye for Wordless Wednesday

#100happydays – Week 4

A pretty good week on the happy photo sharing front. I’m finding it easier to find joy in the little things like cups of tea.

photos 024
Monday: I love it when the kids amuse themselves with craft.

photos 037
Tuesday: Earl grey with a teaspoon of honey. Little cup of heaven before bed.

photos 043
Wednesday: My son humouring his little sister’s dress up game but insisting on the grey bow. He’s an awesome brother. She misses him while he’s at school.

photos 048
Friday: Baking with this girl.

photos 066
Saturday: Today I turned a pair of jeans into a skirt for Xanthe. I’ve been talking about doing it for ages and today I finally got it done. I’m stoked with how it turned out. (Why was I so excited with a simple jean-to-skirt conversion? Because I am not known for my mad sewing skills)

10418880_690756484337803_1555651134455726244_nSunday: Teaching Millar how to play Monopoly. He won. He’s very happy about it.

#100happydays – Week 3

Week 3 of the #100happydays challenge. I managed 5 out of 7. Not bad!


Tuesday: Today their games are making me giggle. Meet King Millar and Queen Xanthe.


Wednesday: Gorgeous rainbow this morning


Thursday: Playing with snakes at shopping malls. As you do.


Friday: Beautiful blue skies and sunshine.


Sunday: Inspired by an episode of Mouk, my kids try out meditation. Cute and quiet. Win win.



#100HappyDays – Week 2

Week two of the #100happydays challenge and I dropped the ball somewhat. Unsurprising really. I suck at daily challenges and it’s very normal for me to stumble this early on!

It’s not that I wasn’t happy on the last three days of the week just gone, it’s just that I was busy doing stuff that makes me happy and I forgot to record and share. I could say some wanker bullshit thing about living in the moment but I wont because that’s wanker bullshit.

Here are the photos I managed to share on the #100happydays hashtag last week.

photos 046
8/100 listening to Millar read before bed.

photos 084

9/100. Today was hard. The kids were challenging and the dog on his worst behaviour. But I made it through, and at least the last of the autumn trees were pretty.

photos 072

10/100. I got to go to an event at the museum by myself! I needed this kid free time more than I realised. Outside in the city after dark!! photos 102

11/100 balloons before bedtime.

Next week’s challenge will be to share a photo every day! Wish me luck.

I hope your week was happy too!