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Little Potty Mouth


I swear. Sometimes quite often. It’s not a secret. But I don’t realise how much until my children use certain words.

When Millar was about 3 years old, he surprised me by exclaiming “Holy Fuckballs!”. I haven’t used that phrase since, but have obviously not removed all swearing from my vocabulary.

The other day, Xanthe and I picked up Millar from school. When I use the car to pick up Millar, the kids know that Millar gets in the car first to cross the car seats to his on the far side, and Xanthe gets in last. This is so Millar doesn’t walk onto the road to get into the car. Safety first and all that.

On this particular day Xanthe got in the car first which caused much arguing between the children.

So I said, “now Xanthe, you know Millar gets in the car first”. To which she replied, “but he was fucking around!”.

“mucking!” I said loudly for the other parents to hear “mucking around” nervous laughter. “yes, yes, that’s what you said.”

Righto then.

It’s true. Millar was pissing about, daydreaming, dawdling and generally taking his sweet time to get to the car and get in and Xanthe was having none of it. But I didn’t expect her to use that word to explain the situation.

We had a chat in the car about what words she could use instead of the one she used and that perhaps mummy needs to not say that word any more either.

Which will be tricky because If I had a swear jar I’d be rich… or something.

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WOS frontage

Wordless Wednesday – World Of Style by Porter Davis

I was invited to check out the Porter Davis World Of Style showroom. It’s amazing, inspiring and all kinds of awesome. Check out these snaps.

WOS lights

WOS mood boardWOS bedroom WOS brushesWOS colour wall WOS carpet WOS handles and tiles

WOS paint pots WOS kids space
WOS little chair WOS living roomWOS bathroom

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creative title


Today I’ve decided on a whim to join in with The Shake’s September Creative Challenge.

Now we all know that I suck at daily challenges and I expect this will be no exception so I am not going to promise daily awesomeness or even semi regular awesomeness but instead I will attempt to play along in some way when I feel the urge.

I’m loving the diversity in this challenge already. Today I have seen flash fiction and pottery, crochet and baking all shared on different social media platforms but all with the “Made” prompt in mind, thanks to The Shake.

So let me tell you about my day.

My husband made me a cup of coffee when I got up. I like that. I made an excellent choice marrying that one, he’s a keeper.

I made Millar’s lunch and listened to him reading his reader.

I took a shower and got dressed and made plans for my day in the form of to do lists and other hilarious lofty dreams of things I hope to achieve on a Monday and I had a damn good laugh and then made Xanthe a doctor’s appointment because she is sick. I made another call to her 3 year old activity program to advise them of her absence for the day.

I dropped the healthy one off at school and came home again. I made myself some breakfast and Xanthe a second breakfast because that’s how she rolls and the kid really likes her weetbix.

Then we made cookies.


And I made this for the #fmsphotoaday thing. – another daily challenge I don’t expect to ever complete.

photos 018

After eating cookies and brushing teeth we set off to see the doctor. We were made to wait for about an hour. I don’t know what the point of an appointment is when they can never stick to a damn schedule anyway. When we got in there the doctor didn’t even have Xanthe’s details, he only had mine so he couldn’t see her. This made me very angry as I had given all her details to the receptionist over the phone when I made the damn appointment that very morning.

We were made to wait a further ten minutes while the doctor saw the next patient and I gave the receptionist my daughter’s details AGAIN. I made the conscious decision not to lose my shit in this moment.

waiting room

We then made a trip to the chemist to get the medicine the doctor prescribed. I made sure the chemist made the medicine pink so that Xanthe would take it. She’s particular like that.

A trip to the library was also made to drop off library books due back today and to get out some more. I made sure to get a non-fiction book for Millar as per his request, as he is tired of Zac Power and wants to learn some stuff about bees. I couldn’t find a book about bees so I grabbed a book about how other things work.

We made it home by about 2pm and had a late lunch. Xanthe requested a peanut butter sandwich with no crusts and cut into tiny squares, which I made for her. I then made myself this delicious cheese, lettuce and mayo wrap. And then I made another one because, yummo!


It was suddenly time to pick up Millar so I made a mad dash around the house getting his swimming gear ready and sorting out something to keep Xanthe occupied for the duration of the lesson.

At school pick-up I made this because the weather is pretty ordinary for Spring considering yesterday was so gorgeous.

photos 030

We went straight to Millar’s swimming lessons from school pick-up and then home for dinner. I made Quesadillas with corn for the kids because I could not be arsed doing anything else and I had made the mistake of not preparing something earlier.

The evening consisted of homework and showers and pink medicine and hubby eating leftovers from last night and putting the kids to bed and me writing this blog.

That is Monday done and dusted with only dishes left to do and maybe a bit of planning for Tuesday.

Another thing. The entire day I have had Shania Twain in my head thanks to this prompt. “Looks like we’ve made it, look how far we’ve come my baby…” Not acceptable.