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30 Weeks – Progress Report

30 weeksGestation: 30 Weeks

Walk: Full waddle with crippling pain

Brain Status: Can forget keys, phone and date of birth.

I’m well and truly into the third trimester now with only ten weeks to go until I meet the latest member of my little family.

This weekend I managed to lose my mobile phone twice. The first time was on Saturday at a busy playground, and I did not notice for  a good fifteen minutes. I sent hubster running back to get it and thankfully it was still there. The second time was on Sunday when I left it at the checkout at Ikea. I noticed as I was walking out to my car, and after the frantic handbag search, I waddled back in and retrieved it from the greeter. Phew! I then went back out the car park only to realise I had no idea where I parked my car. It took about 30-painful-waddling-with-heavy-bags-minutes to locate it. It was two floors down and on the complete other side to where I thought.

That same morning I had an event to attend and typed the wrong address into my GPS. I arrived at the GPS directed address 30 minutes early, so I had time to take a walk waddle around the block. When event time started and no one was at the address, yet people were tweeting delightful pictures of the event I was supposed to be at, it dawned on me that I may have been in the wrong place. I had to waddle 100 buildings further down the street to get to the right place.

Last week I had a blood test (I still have the bruise, but that’s not really important, I just like to mention it) and they had to check all my details. When they asked me my date of birth I gave them my son’s date of birth instead.

So, baby brain – it is totally a thing. I don’t care what “science” says, it’s a damn real thing and I has it.


#100happydays – Week 4

A pretty good week on the happy photo sharing front. I’m finding it easier to find joy in the little things like cups of tea.

photos 024
Monday: I love it when the kids amuse themselves with craft.

photos 037
Tuesday: Earl grey with a teaspoon of honey. Little cup of heaven before bed.

photos 043
Wednesday: My son humouring his little sister’s dress up game but insisting on the grey bow. He’s an awesome brother. She misses him while he’s at school.

photos 048
Friday: Baking with this girl.

photos 066
Saturday: Today I turned a pair of jeans into a skirt for Xanthe. I’ve been talking about doing it for ages and today I finally got it done. I’m stoked with how it turned out. (Why was I so excited with a simple jean-to-skirt conversion? Because I am not known for my mad sewing skills)

10418880_690756484337803_1555651134455726244_nSunday: Teaching Millar how to play Monopoly. He won. He’s very happy about it.

The Joy of the Third Pregnancy


Not ready to share photos of my baby bump, I will instead share this photo to show you how I feel.

Not ready to share photos of my baby bump, I will instead share this photo to show you how I feel.

When my body realised it was pregnant again – after the shock wore off – it went straight into super pregnant mode. It didn’t ease into it at all, it just jumped straight into heavily pregnant, racing through all other stages if not bypassing them altogether. It’s like my body knows what it’s doing and doesn’t want to waste time in the preliminary stages. This is not my first time at the rodeo! It’s efficient I guess. I mean, why spend three months in each trimester when you can just jump straight to all that third trimester awesomeness as soon a possible? Right?

Still within my first trimester, my clothes struggled to fit and I had to stop wearing my jeans. Although my tummy didn’t look like a little baby bump. It just looked like I’d eaten all the pies.

Now into my second trimester, the bump is thankfully a little more pregnancy shaped and less pie shaped. However, it looks like I’m about thirty weeks pregnant instead of only eighteen.

My core muscles went on leave early too. They have previously stuck around until well into my third trimester but they were gone almost as soon as the second pink line appeared. This makes most things tricky. Like moving at all.

Baby brain kicked in quickly, taking away my ability to construct simple sentences or remember certain words or locate my car keys. Ok, the car key thing is not a pregnancy thing, It’s just a me thing. But everything else I can totally blame on “my condition”.

I am already enjoying such third trimester joys like heartburn and pelvic girdle pain. The stretch marks were already there, so I can’t complain about those.

I’m not sure if the exhaustion is new or is just a mum thing. But I’m sure it will never go away now that I’m having a third baby.

I must be insane.

Life Lately

I’ve been so busy lately – actually I’ve been sick and lying on the couch a lot, but let’s just go with “busy” – that I forgot to brag about mother’s day and even more importantly, my birthday!

birthday card

I turned 27 again this year, which is nice. Although my son refuses to play my age pretend game and instead likes to remind me of how old I actually am. Lovely child.

My dad and his wife came over just before my birthday and stayed for the week. Lovely to have people to celebrate my birthday with and it felt like a week long festival of me.

I was spoilt and got some lovely pressies like all the best stationery as well as going out for dinner at my new favourite local restaurant. My husband made the most awesome cake which sadly, no one got a good photo of.

This is the best photo of the cake which was a two tiered carrot cake with cream cheese icing and a ring of carrot cake pops all topped with a swirl of salted caramel.

cakexantheMy Dad and Xanthe enjoyed themselves. I was pretty pleased with how well my kids behaved in a restaurant with no playground and I got to eat proper food – the most delicious ravioli ever.

Mothers’ Day was awesome too. It’s only a week after my birthday so the festival of me continued. Millar did really well at the school mothers’ day stall with a purchase of a Japanese doll money box. He bought it because I have a babushka doll, so I obviously like dolls and also because it’s green and because my phone and my drink bottle are green, it means I must love green. I love that he thought all those things before choosing her.



I also got a photo album full of pictures of the kids and some even had me in it! There’s not a lot of photos of me out there as I’m usually the one with the camera.

I had to work on Mothers’ day, so we didn’t go and do anything fun, but I did come home to a gorgeous roast dinner cooked by my favourite man.

Life is good.

My husband bought us tickets to Wicked! for my birthday. Today we get to go and see it. I am so excited! …..I should go and get ready!