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Wordless Wednesday – A Dog and His Boy

leo leo2Millar is home from school this week. He’s not well. Leo is staying very close to him. It’s a bit cute.

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Wordless Wednesday – Back into it

That first week back at school and all the extra stuff was exhausting! I didn’t realise how much running about we did and how many places my mind has to be at one time, until I had six weeks of not doing it.

first day

Back at school and occasional care


Back to playgroup where Xanthe takes her role as the only girl very seriously.

tap shoes

Back to dance – this year there will be tap dancing too.


Back to swimming


Karate is a new thing. – Which is why Millar doesn’t have a uniform yet.


And Xanthe is back to hassling the dog because her first choice of playmate is back at school.

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crazy hair

Crazy Hair Day


Last Friday, Millar’s school held a “crazy hair day” to raise money for Relay for Life.

I decided to go with coloured hairspray and a bit of glitter glue I had lying around. Millar wanted his hair blue and spikey. Xanthe wanted in on the crazy hair action too, and of course, she wanted pink hair.

This coloured hairspray stinks! It’s a sickly chemical candy smell. I feel sorry for the teachers that had to put up with 25 heads covered in the stuff in a closed classroom.

The glitter glue was a bad idea. It did not dry. At all. So Xanthe came home from occasional care with sand stuck in her pink glittery hair.

I was worried about how hard it would be to get out of her hair, but in fact, the sand acted as an exfoliant and all traces of pink and glitter were erased in no time.

Millar did not have sand in his hair and the blue was proving stubborn. The water turned blue and dripped down his face and onto his body staining his skin a delightful shade of smurf. I tried my facial cleanser/toner but it wasn’t budging.

blue water2 still blue2

I went and got the salt to try and recreate the exfoliating effect that the sand had on Xanthe’s head.

It worked ok, but his poor skin was still slightly blue. Thankfully it was the weekend so we had a couple of days to continue with the salt scrubbing before he would return to school.

After a day off on Monday due to illness, he returned to school on Tuesday with not a trace of blue left on him. On Tuesday afternoon I picked him up and to my utter shock he was blue again!!

His school sun-hat, which stays at school, still had blue dye in it from Friday and it had transferred onto his head on Tuesday. I took the hat and the boy home and washed both thoroughly. It took another two days of salt scrubbing to get the blue off his forehead. Poor Millar.

Next year for crazy hair day, we’ll get a wig.