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Wordless Wednesday – A Dog and His Boy

leo leo2Millar is home from school this week. He’s not well. Leo is staying very close to him. It’s a bit cute.

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When the Easter Bunny Visited.

This is how our Easter Sunday played out: The kids went to the park with their Dad and I stayed home because I was feeling unwell…. While I was snoozing on the couch, the Easter Bunny came and hid eggs around the house.

He left quite a mess too.

Easter Bunny Footprints

Usually, the Easter Bunny gives printed out photos for the children to follow as clues. This year, the Easter Bunny emailed the clues to the children via mine and hubby’s email accounts. Probably because he was out of ink for the printer and he hadn’t made time to go to a photo lab…. or maybe because he’s environmentally friendlier this year.

He had time to photograph some hiding places and then get busy on pic-monkey though. He made separate clues for each child so they were completing separate hunts. These were Xanthe’s photo clues.

easter hunt cluesThe kids had a great time.

footprints 2

chocolate bunny eggsThey got new pyjamas and lots of books and, of course, lots of chocolate!

And that is Easter done and dusted for another year.




Homemade Easter Baskets

easter basket1With the school holidays leading up to Easter this year, it has given us plenty of time for crafty things. I wanted the kids to make their own Easter baskets for their Easter hunt this year and I found this great tutorial for homemade Easter baskets on the Internet.

The kids absolutely loved this. I had a stash of fabric remnants I purchased a year ago for some sewing project that never happened. The kids chose their favourite colours and we got busy gluing them to the balloon.

easter basket2

I decided to make my own glue from flour and water so that we didn’t have to leave the house. The first part of these baskets were made in our pyjamas before 9am. If I had have waited until we were dressed and ready to go and buy glue, it would never have happened!

I hung them outside to dry, and brought them inside late in the afternoon. They were already dry by then but I kept the kids waiting overnight to finish them, because stretching one craft project over two days takes care of two days worth of activities and is winning.

easter basket3

Because the glue was made from flour and water, it kind of exploded everywhere when we popped the balloons. Like a cloud of dandruff. Everywhere. Hilarious.

I think they turned out pretty cute. If I was going to do them again – which we may do next year – I would probably trim off the black sharpie line that transferred to the fabric from the balloon. But apart from that, I love them and the kids are super pleased with their Easter baskets.

easter basket4



Grampians – Camping in the Rain


So we did it. We packed our tent and headed to the Grampians. The weather forecast said not to, but we couldn’t change the dates our dog was being looked after so instead of cancelling, we soldiered on with gumboots and brollies packed and hope in our hearts. That dog is holding me back from my travel dreams and I blame him for all my woes. All of them.

meeps car xanthe car


A three hour car trip demands in car entertainment and these seat back activity packs were a winner.

We arrived and chose a camp site close to the playground. Everything was puddles. And mud. And Kangaroo shit – but that is always there – not just when it’s raining.

The kids like jumping in muddy puddles, so they really enjoyed it for the most part. I threw my toys when the tent started leaking and we changed our accommodation to something warmer and drier – and less muddy. I’m so glad we did otherwise it would have been a very unpleasant – and damp – night.

thumbs down rain

Thumbs down to rain inside the tent!

The kids loved the adventure of packing the car and finding our new accommodation in the dark and rain.

The lovely Michael at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist park was so nice. He helped us find alternative accommodation close by (as their own cabins were all booked out) and he also refunded our camp-site fee which was unnecessary but much appreciated.

The next morning, Darren went back to get our very soggy tent while I stayed in the motel with the kids which was definitely the better part of the deal.


Kangaroo at our motel


The kids insisted on having their photo taken with the big ice-cream


Waiting for breakfast

meep breakfast

Chocolate pancakes with ice-cream!

After a delicious breakfast, and a visit to the fudge shop to stock up, we drove into the mountains and into the clouds, turning back when we could no longer see the road ahead. With nothing left to do that didn’t involve more mud, we went home a day early. :(

The Grampians are still gorgeous in the rain, with low clouds making it look all the more magical. The weather stopped us taking any of the walks which was disappointing but we will be back… in the less wet months.

grampians3 grampians2 grampians grampains