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She is fiercely independent, my daughter. She’s at that age where she wants to do everything for herself, by herself. Undo her seatbelt, get in and out of the car, get dressed, do up all the fiddly buttons, make her own sandwich.

xanthe pb xanthe pb2

All these things I wait patiently for her to do all by herself, knowing it would be ten times quicker to do them for her, but also knowing she needs to do them herself.

This morning it was 1:27am when she called out my name over and over in her cute, crackly cold and flu voice. I raced into her room to see what the problem was.

She couldn’t reach the tissues that were on the floor next to her bed. That is totally something she could have done herself without dragging me out of bed in the middle of the night.

Kids, eh?


Scienceworks. Family Favourite


Xanthe checks out a terrarium

Saturday was a busy day for us with the quick visit to the snow in the morning and then we headed off to ScienceWorks for the afternoon and finished the day off with dinner with the Sister in Law and her Husband.

I was lucky enough to get some free tickets to ScienceWorks so we could properly check out the new Think Ahead section and visit the Planetarium.

I am loving the new Think Ahead section. It opened in January this year and we saw some of it last time we went but this time we spent a bit more time there and were able to enjoy some interactive exhibits and email the recordings to ourselves.

sw8 sw7

Here, Xanthe is designing a futuristic car. She was able to chose all the body parts and materials and the colour. The car is then displayed on a large screen in the “showroom”. We were able to email those designs to ourselves.

Thinkahead_futureTransport (1) Thinkahead_futureTransport (2)


As you can see above, you are able to name your design. Millar chose his own name while Xanthe went with “Aeppkkbvcg”.

We also played a virtual reality game. The kids LOVED this. There are two booths with large screens and the player needs to stand on the red carpet strip to be seen by the cameras.

Inside the booth, everything is controlled by your own body movements. The player is able to choose the body parts they want superimposed onto themselves and then they play a game to see how many targets they can hit with hands or feet and it is all displayed on the screen in front of them. Afterwards, you can select your game from a screen outside the booth and email it to yourself. Which we did and for some reason I cannot get the little videos to embed on this blog, so you’ll have to take my word for it!


Xanthe being scanned before the game


Playing the game and hitting the targets.

One of my favourite sections is the sound booth. The subtleties of this one is lost on my kids as they run around pushing buttons and kind of missing the point, but I would love to spend more time in here creating the perfect calming sounds with lights to match.

SW2 SW1Think Ahead is a permanent exhibition so it will be around for quite some time. The old favourites Nitty Gritty Super City and Sport are still there too.

If you’ve never been to ScienceWorks then you don’t know what you are missing. It is my favourite thing to do with the kids in Melbourne. The price is so reasonable that we are able to visit often. My kids never tire of it and would spend all day there if I had the energy to chase them around all day. Hands on action with an educational slant. Love love love.


Adult Child (to 16 years) Concession
Scienceworks only $12.00 Free Free
Optional Extras
Planetarium Show $6.00 $4.50 $5.00
Lightning Room Show $6.00 $4.50 $5.00
Rescue Exhibition $6.00 $4.50 $5.00

ScienceWorks is part of the Museum Victoria family, so MV members can enter free of charge. We should really get a family membership, it would be well used!

The new Rescue Exhibition has replaced the circus section and we didn’t visit it this time but it is on the list for next time, along with the Lightning Room.

This time, we visited the Planetarium. Arriving too late for the show aimed at young kids, we chose to see Black Holes instead. Millar is very interested in space and has been asking about black holes a lot lately. I can’t answer those questions so I’m glad that the lovely Geoffrey Rush could do it for me. The show is long enough to be informative and short enough so that Xanthe didn’t have time to realise she didn’t understand what was going on and get bored. After the show about black holes, we were treated to a night sky tour. This is always very interesting and inspires my kids to look at the stars at night and point out Mars and Venus and the Southern Cross.

If you plan on visiting the Planetarium, check out the show times first and plan your trip accordingly.

Young kids under 8 will really love Tycho To The Moon. My kids saw this on our last visit back in January and still talk about it.

Beware of falling asleep in the planetarium. It is very dark and the reclining seats are very comfortable.

I seriously cannot get enough of ScienceWorks. We’ll be back in a month for more awesomeness.