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Homemade Easter Baskets

easter basket1With the school holidays leading up to Easter this year, it has given us plenty of time for crafty things. I wanted the kids to make their own Easter baskets for their Easter hunt this year and I found this great tutorial for homemade Easter baskets on the Internet.

The kids absolutely loved this. I had a stash of fabric remnants I purchased a year ago for some sewing project that never happened. The kids chose their favourite colours and we got busy gluing them to the balloon.

easter basket2

I decided to make my own glue from flour and water so that we didn’t have to leave the house. The first part of these baskets were made in our pyjamas before 9am. If I had have waited until we were dressed and ready to go and buy glue, it would never have happened!

I hung them outside to dry, and brought them inside late in the afternoon. They were already dry by then but I kept the kids waiting overnight to finish them, because stretching one craft project over two days takes care of two days worth of activities and is winning.

easter basket3

Because the glue was made from flour and water, it kind of exploded everywhere when we popped the balloons. Like a cloud of dandruff. Everywhere. Hilarious.

I think they turned out pretty cute. If I was going to do them again – which we may do next year – I would probably trim off the black sharpie line that transferred to the fabric from the balloon. But apart from that, I love them and the kids are super pleased with their Easter baskets.

easter basket4



Simple Craft: Stained Glass Windows

I got this idea from my son’s three-year old kinder class back in ages ago when he bought home a stained glass window thing for me to hang up.

We made some at home recently and it’s a great activity for the school holidays.

What you’ll need:

  • Clear contact or cover-seal, book sticky stuff, whatever you call it.
  • Cellophane
  • scissors – this is great for those all important scissor skills that the kids need.
How to do it:

Cut out lots of shapes and sizes of cellophane. We keep ours in the cheap plastic food containers you can buy at the supermarket. We also keep some pieces of cellophane on the floor. It doesn’t matter how many times I pick it up, more pieces appear. I have decided to just leave it there.

Cut out desired size of contact and peel off backing, laying it on the table sticky side up, instructing child to be careful not to get stuck to it.

Remove contact from child’s face and have the “be careful” discussion again.

Place pieces of coloured cellophane on the contact being careful not to get yourself stuck to it again.

Remove contact from child’s hair and have the “be careful” discussion one more time. Use the word “seriously”.

Leave enough exposed contact to enable the panel to stick to a window.

Place in a window that will receive some sun. If you don’t want to stick it to a window, simply apply the same size contact to the other side. This makes it a great way to gift it to grandparents without them getting it stuck to their cardigans.

Marvel at the colours on the wall and the ground as the sun shines through the glass at different times of the day.

Get more excited about this than your kids.

Resolve to get out more.