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New Priorities

I’m sitting here at the computer, trying to write a blog post.
It has taken me almost 2 hours to settle the new baby so that I could have 5 minutes on the computer. Parker, the new baby sleeps a lot, but babies are ruled my Murphy’s law, so when I need him to sleep he wont.

The thing is though, it’s harder to get to the computer these days and It’s harder to make the time. When I do have time, I like to spend it doing other things. This blog is no longer the place I spend my time and energy.

You can still find me on Facebook or Instagram because those are things that can be done from my mobile with one hand in the spaces in-between the feeding and changing and settling and loving.

Thanks for reading. See you around.


Christmas Shopping the Easy Way

It’s that time of year again. That time when people are constantly reminding you how many days it is until Christmas. That’s pretty annoying. It’s 46 days by the way.

So, if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet, you might be panicking a little bit. Especially if you have a large family to buy for. Stop panicking, I have it all sorted out for you thanks to online shopping with

I love me a bit of online shopping. I can shop at 3am if I want to and everything will arrive in a couple of days to my actual doorstep. I don’t have to leave at all. Which is pretty handy these days with the newborn baby holding me hostage in my own living room.

Here’s your handy gift list for all the important people in your life. All items, and billions more can be purchased at the aforementioned

For Mum:



Perfume is always a winner. But make sure you know what her favourite is. Giving mum her favourite perfume says “I love you”, but getting her some other stuff because you weren’t paying attention says “I think you stink and I don’t know what stuff you like”.


photo 5How awesome is this? Dad can now convert all of his classics from the vinyl that they are trapped in. You’ll be listening to Sadie the Cleaning Lady on convenient USB in no time.


sewing machine bookends

I LOVE these sewing machine bookends! Seriously cool. You can get some Star Wars All Terrain Walker bookends instead if she’s more of a Star Wars Grandma than a sewing Grandma.



I don’t know what Grandpas are into these days, but this looks like it might fit the bill. A Deluxe Boule set.

The Kids:

crossbow photo 3


Encourage some outdoor activity with these toys.

Kids that aren’t yours:

dora noise

The perfect noisy gift for your niece or granddaughter or any child that doesn’t live in your house.

Your Cat:

photo 1

Because you love your cat more than anyone else in your family. Even if your cat didn’t get you anything.

Your House:

lights1 lights2 Lynch House.jpg

Do not forget your house. It needs some serious Christmas bling in the way of Christmas Lights and with up to 60% off Christmas decorations right now, you can go a little crazy and bedazzle your castle.

So, don’t leave the house. Don’t suffer the crowds and long queues and hideous Christmas carols. Stay at home in your pyjamas with a glass of your favourite and finish your shopping from the comfort of the internet.

You’re Welcome.


Wordless Wednesday – 7 Days of Parker

Yesterday Parker turned one week old. In a blur of all things newborn, that week went really fast. Here’s a photo from each day of that first week.

Day 1 Parker Reed

Day one. Just hatched and hanging out in hospital.

Day 2 sleepy

Day Two. Sleeping in his bouncy chair at home.

Day 3 Bath

Day Three. Parker does not like bath-time.

Day 4 Hug a bub

Day Four. Snug as a bug in the Hug-A-Bub.

day 5 reading time

Day Five. Millar reads from the book of Peepo to Xanthe and Parker.

day 6 chillin'out

Day Six. Chillin’ out and being cute.

day 7 out for a walk

Day Seven. Out for a walk in the pram.

Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday.

Introducing Parker

Born at 12:20am on Tuesday 28th October, this little man. The newest member of my little family, Parker Reed.

Parker Reed

Family Kids 1 Millar and Parker Xanthe and Parker


Mum and Parker

Today was his due date so I thought it fitting to write this post today. Actually that’s not true. Today was his due date but I’ve been in a haze of broken sleep and cracked nipples and haven’t written more than a Facebook status update since going into labour.

We are all doing well and leaving hospital as soon as I could was the best decision I ever made. I was still there longer than I would have liked because getting discharged is a lengthy process of waiting for people to come and do the checks they need to do. They say they will be right there but it actually takes six hours for them to get there and do the checks and sign you out so you can leave.

Now that I am home, we have been able to enjoy these early days together as a family. I have been able to sleep more than I ever would have in a noisy maternity ward and I have had fresh air and natural light and proper food. Good food. I am loving being home with my little family. My perfect complete little family of five.