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Toushka Lee was born without a maternal bone in her body. In 2008 she surprised everybody including herself by becoming a mum and then did it again in 2010.She stays at home with the kids and tries to be the domestic goddess that fairy tales are made of. Failing miserably she blogs instead with equal measures of sarcasm, cynicism, humour and heart.

Toushka, her husband, their two children and a cat live in the suburbs of Melbourne. They still call New Zealand home but have started to speak with Australian accents. Sometimes on purpose to avoid the hilarity of the inevitable sheep jokes. Actually, the cat still loves a good sheep joke, but her sense of humour needs work.

They have all just returned from a six month stint in India due to the husband’s work – the cat holidayed in a flat in Flemington for the duration.

Toushka Lee and her family appreciate Australia even more now that they are home.

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