My Week According To Instagram

Linking up with Tina today to share with you my instagram week…. I’m stretching it right back to last Saturday though, just because.


Row one shows our trip to the Gold Coast from plane seating of the newly two year old to my first wine of the holiday (not my last).

Row two includes the kids fast asleep after a fun day at Dreamworld, a Kookaburra and my feet in the pool at our resort.

Row three are days 5, 6 and 7 on the #fmsphotoaday prompt: Looking up, From where you live/your country and Stars.

Row four starts with a traffic jam Millar made before bed that night, then day 8 of the #fmsphotoaday thing (someone you love) and finishes with a pic of the fish and chips I did not eat due to the skin on the fish. I posed the question to the internet asking what the people preferred, skin on or skin off when it comes to battered fish. (most people said skin off with a resounding EWWW. Two people, only two, said they liked it intact.)

Moving on to row five with Day 9, Out and About. On the #fmsphotoaday prompt, then a cute pic of my kids walking to the gate to board our flight home and then the photo of the large welcome home surprise I found back home in Melbourne on my kitchen bench.

That is all. Funny what the week looks like in little photos. Lots more happened obviously, but that’s instagram for you. Snapshots of what you have time or remember to photograph and share.


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