Dear Xanthe. Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday my darling girl.

We had a little party for you on Sunday with just family and you had the best day ever. Your excitement clearly showing with each present and the balloons and the cake and the bubbles and the people. So. Much. Fun!

Millar gave you Dora mega blocks and a Tinkerbell costume. You wore the Tinkerbell costume all day until you decided the party was over. At about 4 pm you demanded the dress come off. You chose a T-shirt to change into and then tried to snuggle into my arms and sleep. But with everyone still around, you were torn between your exhaustion and your need to be with everyone.

You fell asleep as soon as they left. An exhausting and fun filled day.

Watching you grow from a baby into a little girl has been amazing and joyous.

I love you so much,



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