Bupa Family Moments – App Review and iPod Touch Giveaway – ENDED


I was at a friend’s house earlier this week. This friend is a new mum to a beautiful almost 6 month old baby girl.

My friend is also really busy as she has just bought a business and what with that and all the mum stuff it’s a bit hectic.

While I was there we were talking about immunisations which reminded her to check when the baby’s next lot were due. Lucky she checked, they were due in two days time, so it was a mad panic to rearrange people and things to accommodate this.

If she had the new Bupa Family Moments App, it would have alerted her to the upcoming needle appointment sooner. The app, from insurer Bupa was only just released this week – as if my friend’s mad panic sent a wish out into the universe and wham! there’s now an app for that!

But it doesn’t just take care of remembering immunisation appointments for you. You can also use it as a reference tool to check all those parenting questions. Like, how many hours, ideally, should my toddler be sleeping, and what, ideally, should my preschooler be eating. I’ll give you a clue, the answer to the first one is much more than she is and the second one is not nutella sandwiches with no crusts.

You can also chart your little one’s growth, just like they do in the health nurse books, but much prettier.

You can add photos and notes to capture precious moments too.

Then you can share this info with your selected elite group of family and friends or you can share it with the world on Facebook.

Best thing? the app is FREE.

If you are a Bupa member you can also have a time lapse photography thingo which is pretty cool! If you are not a Bupa member, you can pay $4.49 and add it on. It’s pretty nifty! I so wish I had this five years ago! I saw this thing on Pinterest once where these people had taken a photo of their  baby sitting in the same chair from day one to about age five. AMAZING. I would totally do that with this app. It would be easy peasy and totally awesome.  Maybe I should have another baby… (bahahahahaha)

Because I haven’t had the app since Millar was born, we did a quick vid of about 5 photos to show the Time Cam app in action. Obviously this would be way more awesome if you took a photo of your baby almost every day from birth to age two. How cool would that be?


You can WIN this iPod Touch. Or actually, one exactly like it in the gorgeous blue that matches my son’s top.

EDIT: 28 November 2012 This giveaway has ended. The winner (Karlene) has been notified by email.

Simply leave a comment below to tell me what imaginary-not-yet-invented app would make your life easier or more awesome. 


  • Open to Australian Residents only
  • Competition closes Tuesday 27th November.
  • Winner will be notified by email and has 48 hours to respond with a postal address or I will chose another winner.
  • The most creative, funny or otherwise appealing answer will win.
  • The item is one 32gb iPod Touch in Blue valued at $329.
  • If you want to triple your chances you can pop over to Kate Says Stuff and Crash Test Mummy  and enter their comps too.
Disclosure: I received an iPod Touch loaded with the Bupa Family Moments App to keep for review purposes. As always, all words and opinions are my own.  



69 thoughts on “Bupa Family Moments – App Review and iPod Touch Giveaway – ENDED

  1. Rae

    I’d love an app that checks and tells me the best place to buy stuff!,for example at Christmas if I’m looking for the best place to buy say a monopoly board game it could tell me the price at various retailers and if it’s in stock -this would save a lot of legwork as well as stress!
    It would also be great for the supermarket to check for the best prices!

  2. Michelle V

    I’m not sure if this app is out there, but it would be SO awesome to have an app that helps find your car when you park it in a busy shopping centre carpark!
    Recently, I wandered around aimlessly (with trolley!) for over HALF AN HOUR as I just couldn’t find where I’d parked.
    I think it would be particularly handy in the lead up to Christmas for time-poor, stressed-out, clueless car-parkers like me!

    1. Tina

      I’m sure I’ve seen one that does this?
      I’ve also read that if you take a photo of where the car is parked that can help, particularly if you park it near a column with a number on it… 🙂

  3. Sarah Armstrong

    I think it would be good to have an app that would give you ideas for the best christmas presents for people. Once you type in some details like age, sex, hobby’s, target price, it would access the latest information and give at least 5 options. I desperately need it this xmas 🙂

  4. tattoomummy

    An app that makes phone calls to you when you’re in an awkward situation. You program it to call you at a certain time and if everything is ok, you can cancel the call. It should also have an emergency function when there is a situation that just popped up, you could set a phone call for 1:30 minutes to get you out of there!
    Also great for when the kids won’t listen you can say “Oop! That was Santa! he said he can hear that you’re nt listening…”

  5. Fiona

    A school notices app that organises all kinder and school notices/dates directly from the kinder/school to your phone – no more looking for scraps of paper in school bags, or discovering them too late. It would collate all the information, put important events into your diary, let you know (with sufficient warning) whatever costume/food/money/parent participation is required.

  6. Mary Preston

    I’d love an app that deciphers product manuals. They are unbelievably & ridiculously unintelligible. No one reads them , because no one can make sense of them.

  7. Claire Lewis

    The one app I need to find is one that would help my husband (not me!) remember household chores, appt times, school pickup, BIRTHDAYS… He’s a very successful businessman, but if something isn’t about work – guaranteed he will forget it.

  8. Karlene

    An app that decides what’s for dinner each night, based on an accurate internal database of who likes to eat what, when we had it last, in conjunction with what’s in season and also on special.

  9. Caroline

    The in-Genie-house – a magical genie that, when the app is in use, will allow a Genie to pop out from the Smartphone, and undertake that day’s chores with efficiency, professionalism, and promptness.

  10. Jill

    Send a coffee van to a park app. Many times I have been at a park with a group of Mothers or friends who all want a coffee. The app could take orders or just inform a mobile coffee business that coffee is required at whatever park you are at, asap.

  11. Carol .J

    Well i have never seen an App for when to take your medication so i think that would be a great one to have .As i am always forgetting to take mine .And my Hubby is the same .

  12. Brian O'K

    I am a diabetic and would love to be able to use an APP to harness the power of my iPad to measure and record my blood sugar levels with recomendations to get me back on track!

  13. Nicole white

    An App that tells you when your ‘water is about to break’…so you don’t go out for dinner with a big bunch of friends, just beforehand, dressed in white!!!

  14. Rebecca Baker

    An App I think that we all need,
    Is the one that would help you all to suceed.
    In finding the lost CAR KEYS!
    So help us all out with that one PLEASE???

  15. Ying Ying TAN

    I currently need an APP that can give me a map of every public school’s local catchment area! Its is so frustrating when this information is not completely online and have to call the school to find out. We are ready to move into a suburb with a good school for our daughter and this information will be highly useful for all parents.

  16. Kim m

    I would love an ap that would fast forward time by five minutes, enough to get away from places situations you dont want to be in, or you could hit it 5 times to fast forward through your kids fights!!! AWESOME!!

  17. Ernie

    An app that lets you point your phone at cars & use it like a radar gun, capturing the speed of your friends. Fun for us rev head dads.

  18. Melanie Battistel

    I would love an app that tells you where the closest toilets are. This would make shopping and travelling with young children so much easier as when they say I have to go to the bathroom now, you arn’t frantically carrying a child two blocks to the nearest toilet you know of. This would make any parents life easier

  19. Ryan A

    an app that would predict the *winning* lotto numbers, there are plenty of ‘lottery type apps’ available, but none of them have actually predicted winning numbers for me… yet.

  20. AmberB

    I would love an app that had a selection of quick, easy and healthy meals on it and once meals had been chosen, automatically set up a shopping list with all of the ingredients. I spent too much time planning the weekly meals and what shopping needs to be done for them.

  21. Cindy P

    A ‘kid remote’ app ! It would need an on/off function, volume control and sleep mode. If only it could be done *sigh*

  22. Cynthia

    I would love an app that can camoflague your phone/ipod into brocolli. That way whenever I didn’t want the little one to touch it I could simply press a button and have confidence that he wouldn’t go anywhere near it!

  23. Vicky Atkins

    A little photo of the Starship Enterprise shows on your screen, you push it and say “beam me up Scotty” and instantly your are wherever you want to be! What bliss would that be.

  24. gemma westacott

    An app that gently ‘reminds’ hubby about his list if chores (ok, let’s call it what it is – nags him for you! Lol), but in a way that actually gets results!
    Would be a miracle app if the bins got put out, that chair that’s be broken for a year got fixed, windows cleaned etc without a word (or a hundred) having to pass my lips! He he he.

  25. Lisa

    That would have to be a Tech-nager Translator. I have as much trouble understanding what my 13 and 15 year olds are saying as I do my 2 year old!

  26. Narelle Tanner

    A time travel app of course! Go backwards, go forwards. Slow down the good times, the happy times, the fun times. Speed up the less than fun times times like when your at work lol, that’s the app for me!

  27. Lilly

    OK, wow what a great prize. I would like an app to be able to tell me if someone is a person I should be avoiding at all costs. So I need a BS app or a lie detector app. I always seem to fall for people’s sob stories etc only to be taken for a ride later. It would like having your own human radar, something I appear to be lacking in spades for some reason, lol. I tend to trust most people which as it happens does not always work out for the best. I seriously would like an app like that.

  28. Sharon Fawcett

    I’d love an app that reminds hubby that I like it when he actually talks to me and gives him bonus points when he actually initiates the conversation himself.

  29. Angie Boylan

    I long for the day that it would be possible to have an app on a phone which can track items which are very valuable if ever lost, for example jewellery, car keys and most importantly your children! Would love to be able to know where they are at any time – would take the fun out of hide and seek though 🙂

  30. miss.cinders

    Oh that is wayyy cool! Why didn’t these things exist when my kids were babies?!

    I don’t own an iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch, so I don’t know what apps exist… BUT my perfect app would have to be a cleaning tips app. It’d have a list of every cleaning situation you could think of, and how to fix them. For example, how to clean foundation out of the carpet your teenage daughter didn’t tell you she spilt until two months later. Or the best thing to remove slyly placed booga’s off the wall that have been there since before the dawn of time!

    I know I’m dreaming thinking someone would make such an app, but it would make my life much easier, and totally more awesome knowing how to fix them without having to try a gazillion things until I find something that works! lol

  31. Samara Cassidy

    I would love an app that would keep track of all the clothes you have and put together outfits for when you are going out somewhere! That would eliminate my whole I have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear problem!

  32. Lyndal Griffiths

    An app to tell me when the kids are mucking up so i can bust them in action and they wouldnt be able to tell how i knew! So i can stay the master mum who knows all and sees all but they dont know how! BUT no kids can buy the app because then it wouldnt work, they would be on to us mums and we dont want that, so when u purchase u have to provide answers to things that only mums would know like “how do u change the toilet roll” or where does your dirty clothes go when u take them off”, because i know no kids know the answer to this, and neither do the men, so we could use the app to bust the men as well! lol

  33. Kimberly Featherstone

    Would love an app that teaches manners at all times… My girls have great manners, but are constantly forgetting to use them…

  34. Melissa Jones

    I wish there would be an app that could remind me of everything I have to do during my daily life. I find that my memory is getting worse after being a mum and keeping forgetting things make my life harder. But if an app could remind me like an alarm clock, that would be fantastic!

  35. Chris Bennett

    I’d like an app that lets me list the things I have in my pantry and fridge and come up with a list of things I can cook WITHOUT going to the shops for extras.

    Either that or a GPS based shopping centre map app. Some shops are damn HUGE and I get a bit lost at times. If I could whip out my phone and find my way it’d speed up my shopping experience.

  36. Laura

    I would love an app that could find any object that I have misplaced. It could work like a metal detector and start beeping when
    I get close to the missing object.

  37. Huan

    An app that would allow me block ALL telemarketers constantly calling me, because I really don’t want to buy that new state of the art spoon of theirs.

  38. Serene

    An app that could predict when my baby is going to poop his nappy, lately it’s been happening at the most awkward inconvenient times, far from home then add in the fact that I forgot to pack a spare nappy or ran out of wipes (and they’ve been explosive leg-leakers)… It would be so nice to be able to plan around this normal and necessary but often nasty and nightmare-ish event!

  39. Mandy

    I’d love an app where I could enter everything I need to do for the day and it would determine when and what order I should do it. Unlike a diary it would just alert me, ‘Go and prepare lunch now, in an hour you are going to the gym’ OK then. How lazy am I?

  40. Melinda

    I would love the app that will let me know -What my husbands feels like for dinner, what time he will enter through the front door and wheather he will have anyone else with him who is hungry!

  41. Vicky

    For my sons 13 birthday in August last year I gave him an iPod. 1 week after starting at his new school, it was stolen from his bag. Needless to say, he was devastated. I wish iPods had a GPS locator on them like a lot of phones do, that way I would be able to locate the thing, and get it back for him! Instead I’m entering this competition in the hope I can win one for him. He deserves it. Talk about an unpleasant iniation into city school vs country school. 🙁

  42. Liz

    A toddler translator so I can know whether crying means “I want milk”, “I pooped” or “I’m just having a tantrum”. Bonus features would include a Soothe function, which gives the options of lullabies, kid TV shows (my little girl loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and interactive games!

  43. Jennifer B.

    Give me an app where I can dictate my shopping list as I go and then have it read back to me item by item – IN THE ORDER OF THE AISLES!

  44. cj

    I need an app that tells me how a teenager’s mind works… so I stay at least one step ahead MOST of the time. I think every parent will love it!

  45. Parental Parody

    Something that teaches my kids an important and useful foreign language via subliminal messaging inserted into classical music, interspersed with flash images of broccoli and spinach that make them crave the stuff. That would be quite awesome, and I’d happily pay for that in the App store.

  46. Jasmine

    I’d love a ‘blog’ app where it could show me all the blogs with all the best competitions around. That way I would never forget to visit you and enter your comp

  47. Tina

    I’d love an app that can answer every situation of the never-ending “Why…” questions. “Why do I have to [insert your own situation] go to bed now?” “Why can’t I [insert your own situation] have an ice cream?”.

    They begin as soon as your child can speak and, although some are cute and easily answerable, some days it seems they get asked ad infinitum, without even listening to your answer or pausing for breath. It would be especially good when the question seems to be stuck on Repeat and you’ve got a gazillion things to do and you’re running late and you just want them to get in the car so you can [insert your own situation] ….

    It would also have to be able to cope with any question a teenager may have, especially about why you’re being so mean to them when all their friends can do [insert your own situation]!!

    I’m sure this app would be a top seller as would be many of the apps that have been suggested. So I hope some budding app developers are reading your blog!

  48. Ross

    I want an app that can lock my kid’s iPod between certain hours. This is so they can leave it charging in their dock overnight and use it as their alarm clock to wake them up… but they can’t use any other functions when they should be winding down or sleeping.

  49. SANDY




  50. Jade Gower

    I would have to say…an alarm
    But not any normal alarm
    one that gets the kids up in the morning
    makes breakfast
    gets school food together
    Keep yelling at the kids to keep getting dressed
    AND get them to school on time!

    *IF the alarm feels like it..come home and put on a load of laundry for me 😉

  51. Alexandra

    I would love an app that could somehow translate what my pets are trying to say and also translate what I am trying to communicate to them. I am sick of stepping in surprise puddles!!!

  52. Alli @ Ducks on the Dam

    Wishful thinking…….. I’d like an app that would remind my Little Misses each step of the way of the things that they needed to do in the morning to get ready for school. Hair brushed – tick. Teeth brushed – tick. Lunch box in their bag – tick. Monday music practice – tick. Tuesday gymnastics kit for after school – tick. Friday – don’t forget your clarinet – tick. How easy that would make morning routine!

  53. Kevin Kelly

    An App to set up a force field to keep the Grandchilden out of my computer room when I am at work, they get into everything

  54. Phil

    Daddy Day-care Dress Adviser App
    An app which provides Daddy with the most appropriate clothing options in which to dress a toddler for childcare each day.
    The app takes into account today’s weather forecast, clothes size, suitability, colour combos, and most importantly whether they’re “childcare clothes” or “good clothes”!
    Once Daddy has found the recommended clothing, he just has the small task of getting them on said toddler…
    Never again shall childcare staff need smile at a toddler and say “so Daddy dressed you again today, huh?”

  55. Angela Drube

    I would like to see an Australian based shopping app that would allow u to scan bar codes to add items to your list. This app should allow for all types of shopping list grocery, gifts etc 🙂

  56. Kristin Santi

    I would love an app that responds to a certain voice code, maybe “where in my bloody phone” with the answer. “I’m under the third couch cushion at the back” or even an extremely loud beeping noise would do.

    That way I would be able to find my phone when the kids have had it last.

  57. Charlotte

    I’d love a mind-reading app for all those awkward situations when I don’t know where I stand with somebody, a friend is giving me the cold shoulder and I don’t know why and so I could work out exactly what answer I needed to win myself a gadget I’ve been dying for for a long time!!!!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  58. Fi

    I’m into mindful eating so imagine an iPod or iPad that is also a pair of scales that can weigh my food and tell me the calorie content of foods!

  59. Dannielle

    I have a 7 month old son… he babbles away and whinges at times for no apparent reason and I wish I knew what he wanted, I wish there was an app that you could video your bub and it picks out key words and expressions and tells you what they want and need! I’m pretty good at guessing most of the time but sometimes it drives me crazy! (if it could change poohey nappies too, that would be even better!)


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