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Dancing Around In Your Undies.

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I don’t always dance around in my underwear, but when I do, I totally look like the women in this commercial:

Oh alright, that’s not at all true. Those people dance around in their underwear because they look good doing it. Wouldn’t you?

Bonds have brought out a new range of colourful under garments for summer. The colours are  inspired by Australia’s colourful environment, flora and fauna. Nice. Also a perfect stocking stuffer this xmas.

Here’s what one of the models had to say about dancing around in their undies.

Rachael Taylor said: ‘Christmas for me has always been about family and friends, BBQs and relaxing long afternoons in the sun. I loved working on this campaign because it brought back great Aussie Christmas memories.’

I would highly recommend putting some more clothes on if you intend on BBQing. By all means, wear your awesome new colours of Christmas Bonds bra and knickers, but for safety reasons, please at least put on an apron. Sunscreen is also recommended.

Bonds has been an Australian staple since its birth in 1915 and is still a brand worn by Australians everyday. I would LOVE to hear what the staff from this 1920’s photo have to say about the new range.

I think bloomers were still the style back then, and dancing or BBQing in your unmentionables was frowned upon.

Further research has unearthed this Bond’s commercial from the 60’s. Things were a little less conservative then and bloomers were long gone from the knicker drawer and the first hint of Bonds inclination to dance around in your undies is seen here:’

It seems to have snowballed from here with dancing around in your smalls becoming the thing to do when wearing Bonds undies. A quick search on youtube finds such commercials as the Patty-Cake Hi and Lo ad and the kaleidoscope commercial of dancing women in brightly coloured bra and brief sets.

So, while not new, it’s still compelling and I’m sure it will continue for years to come.

I have a suggestion for next year’s range of undies to dance in. Australiana. Imagine Pat Rafter dancing around in a chesty and boxers covered in Aussie icons. An Aussie icon, wearing iconic underwear printed with icons. Icontastic!

I can’t wait ’till they release the thong thong.

Are you stuffing stockings with Bonds this year?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Bonds, but all opinions are my own.

Book Of Spells

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playstation wonderbook book of spells image

With a title like that I could go on to write about my teenage years as a Wiccan, casting spells with candles and ribbons and consulting my book of shadows.. but I wont. This isn’t about me, it’s about Playstation and Harry Potter.

The latest game to the Playstation family is Wonderbook’s Book Of Spells which looks like amazing fun. J K Rowling and Playstation. How could it not be a winner?

We love Playstation at home. Millar first met the Playstation when we were living in India and spending all. the. time. inside our hotel. We bought a PS3 and all the bits and pieces. While I think Millar might still be a touch too young for this game recommended for 6-12 year olds, I can see it in our near future and I’m sure the whole family will enjoy it.

So, what’s so great about it? There’s this book which is a wipe-clean white book with intricate blue markings on it. When placed in front of the webcam it transforms (on screen) into a book of spells found in the restricted area of the library at Hogwarts School of  Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The child also appears on screen, thanks to the magic of the webcam, along with the move controller which appears as a wand.

Instructions on screen direct you to attempt a series of spells which unlocks further levels and content. Hours of wizardry fun and shenanigans!

Check out this video to see the shenanigans in action. Fun!

The Playstation website explains it better here:

WonderbookTM will bring to life a thousand stories in one physical book with a brand new series of adventures and experiences to explore. A powerful storytelling vehicle and tool for the imagination, Wonderbook will bring exclusive content in immersive new ways by putting you at the heart of the action, using augmented reality technology to transform the world around you. Bringing mystery and discovery to your living room, Wonderbook titles will draw you into new worlds, and give you the chance to live in the stories you love.

Book of Spells is the first story in the Wonderbook “experience” but Wonderbook has plans for future collaborations with Disney and the BBC hit, Walking with Dinosaurs. I can only imagine the possibilities. Dinosaurs in my living room!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Playstation, but all opinions are my own.

Dear Xanthe. Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday my darling girl.

We had a little party for you on Sunday with just family and you had the best day ever. Your excitement clearly showing with each present and the balloons and the cake and the bubbles and the people. So. Much. Fun!

Millar gave you Dora mega blocks and a Tinkerbell costume. You wore the Tinkerbell costume all day until you decided the party was over. At about 4 pm you demanded the dress come off. You chose a T-shirt to change into and then tried to snuggle into my arms and sleep. But with everyone still around, you were torn between your exhaustion and your need to be with everyone.

You fell asleep as soon as they left. An exhausting and fun filled day.

Watching you grow from a baby into a little girl has been amazing and joyous.

I love you so much,