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I’m On A Boat!

Well, I was… three weeks ago.

It was a gorgeous Tuesday in Melbourne as I joined some lovely ladies aboard a yacht and sailed down the Yarra sipping champagne.

I also got my nails done while on board. Seriously.

I would have to say this was the best Tuesday in recent history and every time the sun shines lately, I think about how lovely it was to sail in the sun, being all pampered and pretending it’s something I do all the time.

I especially enjoyed sailing peacefully below the Bolte Bridge instead of being stuck in traffic above.


So, why was I on a boat on this gorgeous day?

The lovely Virginia from Tick the Box invited me to join her and some other lovely bloggers to have fun on one the experiences that they have on offer.

They even let me drive! And we saw a pirate ship! Well, kinda. 

Tick the Box has girls’ days and nights out sorted. Perfect for hen’s nights, girls catch ups, or any other reason you can invent to get together with some friends and have some fun, Tick the Box have it covered.

Virginia also said that boys are allowed to come too, this isn’t a boys not allowed club. She created the company because she was looking for fun things to do for a girls night out but couldn’t find all the awesome in the one place, so she made that place herself. Which is awesome.

I thoroughly recommend being as awesome as me and getting yourself and some friends on a boat. It is the perfect spring activity.

Disclaimer: I was invited on this trip as a guest of Tick The Box and had an awesome time. I was not asked to write this post and was not paid to do so. Words and opinions, as always, are my own.

Dear Xanthe: twenty-two months

Today is your first day of occasional care.

You are there right now… I know you’ll be fine and will love it because you love coming to kinder with Millar and love hanging out with the big kids. You are not shy. At all.

You are a real girly girl and have entered a very nurturing phase. All your dolls and toys get your utmost love and devotion. Kisses and hugs and rocking and patting. They get fed and you share your water with them. They get put to bed and tucked in. Your favourites are Piglet and your new baby doll; they go to bed with you and you try to take them everywhere we go. I love how you love them.

Drawing is your other passion. We are still trying to encourage drawing on paper and not the walls though. But by far your favourite thing to draw on is Millar’s art work. While he thinks of this as destructive, you believe it is a collaboration that should be applauded.

I love you


Simple Craft: Stained Glass Windows

I got this idea from my son’s three-year old kinder class back in ages ago when he bought home a stained glass window thing for me to hang up.

We made some at home recently and it’s a great activity for the school holidays.

What you’ll need:

  • Clear contact or cover-seal, book sticky stuff, whatever you call it.
  • Cellophane
  • scissors – this is great for those all important scissor skills that the kids need.
How to do it:

Cut out lots of shapes and sizes of cellophane. We keep ours in the cheap plastic food containers you can buy at the supermarket. We also keep some pieces of cellophane on the floor. It doesn’t matter how many times I pick it up, more pieces appear. I have decided to just leave it there.

Cut out desired size of contact and peel off backing, laying it on the table sticky side up, instructing child to be careful not to get stuck to it.

Remove contact from child’s face and have the “be careful” discussion again.

Place pieces of coloured cellophane on the contact being careful not to get yourself stuck to it again.

Remove contact from child’s hair and have the “be careful” discussion one more time. Use the word “seriously”.

Leave enough exposed contact to enable the panel to stick to a window.

Place in a window that will receive some sun. If you don’t want to stick it to a window, simply apply the same size contact to the other side. This makes it a great way to gift it to grandparents without them getting it stuck to their cardigans.

Marvel at the colours on the wall and the ground as the sun shines through the glass at different times of the day.

Get more excited about this than your kids.

Resolve to get out more.

Weekend Adventures

I could have called this post “Holden on to Captivating memories of an Amazing weekend” – but that would be LAME. So I didn’t.

Recently, my car needed to go on a little holiday so I contacted the lovely people at Holden Australia and said “hey, wassup?  can you give me a car?” and they said “sure, why not?”. So I rocked on up to their office in Port Melbourne and drove off with the Captiva 7. As you do.

I thought I should write about it, since they were nice enough to let me use the car. But writing about the kinder drop offs and pick ups is a bit boring yeah? Even though I read an article once about mums that felt ashamed of their cars when they did the school run. Those people are stupid – which is pretty easy to say when you are putting the kids into the flashest car in the kinder car park. hehe. Not that I will now park the Suzuki around the corner to avoid the shame of not having the Captiva anymore, because walking is less fun than having an ugly car. Anyway,.. I said I wasn’t going to write about the boring kinder run.
The Holden Captiva 7 has seven seats. I only have four people in my little family so we invited my husband’s sister and her husband out for the day to make the most of it.

With the dvd players strapped to the seats and the kids strapped to the car we set off for the Tangled Maze and Mini Golf in Creswick. The built in GPS on the large touch screen was very helpful. The annoying voice can be silenced easily and the step by step directions still clear with a glance.

There’s not a lot of room with six people in the car, but everyone was comfortable and there is a roof rack if we had have needed to take luggage.

Without the back row in use, there is plenty of room for luggage, grocery shopping or even an impromptu fish and chip picnic shelter on Fathers’ Day. With both rows folded down there is enough room to carry a 1.2 metre dolls house and still have room for other stuff.

The centre console has plenty of space for stuff with an added secret compartment under the drink holders. The drink holders have little grabby bits that hold on to your drink so you don’t spill it when going off-road and over jumps. Not that I fully tested that feature.

There was an off-road moment when we tried to find a picnic spot down a forest road and ended up in some mud. Not a good picnic area on closer inspection.  It gave the Captiva a nice coating of proper mud which looks pretty good on an SUV actually. The Suzuki would not have handled that forest road at all. The Suzuki would still be there, stuck in the mud I imagine. Then again, I wouldn’t have attempted that road in my car.

The car is packed full of features and the heated seats on a cold winter morning would probably be my favourite. The car is low enough so that I didn’t need a step to get up into it, but still high enough that I could see over all the traffic on the road, which is another favourite. Reverse camera and beeping parking assist also very helpful. My son loved the car. He talked about how great it smelt every time he got in it and the first day without it, he cried because he missed it. I think he’s a car man.

Anyway – back to our weekend maze adventure. It was awesome. The hedge maze and mini golf was the most fun we’ve had in ages. The maze includes a cryptic scavenger hunt  quiz with a lolly snake prize at the end. The mini golf is as insane as expected with two kids of my kids’ age. I got two holes in one and a couple of holes took 17 hits before I gave up on the stupid astro-turf mounds. The kids loved it.

I’ve talked enough, here’s some photos.



Disclaimer: Holden Australia let me drive the Captiva 7 around for two weeks. All opinions are my own and no payment was received for this post. Tangled maze in Creswick was fun so I wrote about it. I didn’t ask for, or expect a freebie. I write about stuff I like.