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Big Brother Love

Millar "hugs" Xanthe

Remember I told you about Fun City – that place like Timezone in India. I think I left out the bit about getting tickets from the games – just like at Timezone.

It was coming to the end of our time in Chennai and we had quite few tickets from our frequent trips to Fun City, I counted them up and it came to 657. The count got squeals of excitement from Millar. He said he had “thousands!”

Thousands of Tickets

Millar was very excited about buying something cool with his tickets and so off he went with his Dad on a trip to the mall to acquire his prize.

Looking into the display counter of cheap crappy crap that one can purchase with said tickets, he chose two super bouncy balls for himself and then he spied this drink bottle and decided to buy it for his sister.

Tigger and Pooh Drink Bottle for Xanthe


Millar often thinks of Xanthe which I think is pretty cool and makes me a pretty proud mum of a super big brother.

Long may the sibling love continue.



From My Window

I don’t get out of the hotel much, so I do a lot of looking out the window. Ten days till home time!

The rain comes in so heavy that I cannot see the other side of the lake


Then, a minute later it clears.



Apparently the monsoon makes the lake good for fishing. At least, I think that's what all the people in the lake are doing...


Dear Millar: Four Years Three Months

It's not all computer games. There is some jumping sometimes.

I sometimes have to remind myself that you are still so young. Sometimes you help me remember by acting your age with a well timed tantrum. I guess sometimes I ask too much and expect too much from you, and I’m sorry.

You are doing extremely well for a child that is bored out of his tree most of the time – unless you are playing on the play station of course.

My mother guilt rages fiercely and I’m making promises in my head about all the things we will do when we get home. All the running and jumping and playing and learning and getting out of the house – not long to go now.

I know you will love going to Kindergarten and I know you love having a backyard again. So will I.

You’ve learnt so much by being here though and you are so smart and so amazing and I love you so much.

I just need to remember to show you more often than I tell you.

I love you,