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These Moments

children reading

"he started to look for some food.."

I have so much to write about the weekend in Sri Lanka but I’m still going through the photos and it’s a long process.

But I found this one. Millar reading Hungry Caterpillar to Xanthe on the balcony of the hotel in Negombo.

This little moment in a huge weekend of awesome moments. But this one is priceless. I love this photo. I love my kids.

Dear Millar: Four Years, One Month



You are really into computer games right now, and you’re really good at them too. There’s not a lot else to do here in Chennai as we hide inside from the heat and try and pass the time.

You love taking photos of yourself on my iPad. The above setting is your favourite and I find random self portraits throughout my albums.

You laugh a lot. You have a cool sense of humour. It’s easy to make you laugh, but the funniest thing to you is watching yourself on video. Here is your favourite, it was taken a couple of months ago.

When you watch this you are in fits of laughter and want to watch it again and again.

You crack me up

I love you,


Things I Know that I Miss About Home

We’ve been in Chennai, India for four months now and we only have one more to go thanks to a shortened assignment or some reason – don’t care why, just happy to be leaving early.

I miss a lot of things about home. Here is my list:

  • My oven – and everything I cook in it
  • The ability to jump in the car and go wherever I want
  • The ability to say something once and be understood
  • The variety and quality of fruits and vegetables in the supermarket
ugly lettuce
  • Wearing a woollen skirt,   coat, scarf and black boots
  • People leaving my kids alone and not pinching their cheeks
  • Doing my own vacuuming. (I never thought I’d miss that)
  • My friends
  • Playgrounds with shade sails or trees.
  • Recycling
  • Brushing my teeth with tap water
  • Washing my dishes in water that doesn’t smell horrid.
  • Power cuts being unusual
  • Footpaths without piss or rubbish on them

Typical footpath rubbish in Chennai


So yeah. Just a few things I miss about home. Thirty-four days to go. tick. tock.
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