If I don’t like something, I just quit. Always have. Sports, jobs, boyfriends, towns, clarinet lessons and personal training sessions.
I don’t like it here and I want to quit. I saw the opportunity for escape on the horizon. It beckoned to me like a psiren in an oasis. Surely I can just change my flights and leave. But where would I go? We released the lease on our house before coming here and our stuff is in storage and when we return we need to find a place to live.
Then the psiren singing from the oasis sang louder and clearer. My dad is coming to visit soon. We can go home with him and live in Christchurch for a few months until husband finishes this assignment and flies back to Australia, finds us a house, puts all our furniture in it and then welcomes us home – back to sanity. Back to usable footpaths, meat pies, clean public toilets, efficient systems and a climate that doesn’t melt me every minute of the day.
The price of the flights was less than the cost of the therapy I was sure I would need soon.
Three to four months in Christchurch. That would be great for the kids, surrounded by family and fresh air. – and did I mention clean public toilets? and pies? oh my kingdom for a steak and cheese pie!
All the pieces fell into place – the escape was possible, hurrah!
But then… well… three to four months is a long time for a dad to be without his kids, and vice versa. Skype is ok… but it’s not the same is it?
And the family in Christchurch have got their lives too… I can’t expect endless babysitting and help, so it would be a case of me playing single mum when I am lucky enough to not have that as my reality.
And, the financial benefits of being here would diminish with the cost of stuff in Christchurch… including the winter clothes we would need the minute the plane touched down….and all those pies…
Then there’s those pesky, and surely quite frightening and taxing, earthquakes that Christchurch keeps having.
The psiren in the oasis falters on that last big note and chokes on a mouthful of reality before she disappears into where she never was.
Suck it up princess, it’s not that bad. It could be so much worse. And one day, one day soon, this will be only a memory and I’ll be complaining about unpacking my boxes and the cold winter in Australia…. and burning my mouth on a meat pie.
Oh, look. I found a footpath.


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