This Week in India

We had a pretty cushy lifestyle back in Australia. Pretty predictable, some may even say boring. But I like the predictability of daily routine. Husband worked the same shift each day, so routine came naturally. Our life was pretty low on the stress meter and we liked it that way.
Here, in Chennai, Husband is on a different shift each week. For the first few weeks he left here at 3pm and came home around 1am. Then it changed to pick up at 5pm and home around 2:30am. It meant he was here for the morning stuff and we got into a routine of him taking Millar to school in the rickshaw while I hung out with Xanthe and then we swapped for the pick-up in the afternoon. We would have lunch together and then he would go to work.
This week he gets picked up at 3:45am and gets home around 1-2pm. This means that I will be taking Millar to and from school in the rickshaw with Xanthe coming along for the ride as well. I wasn’t looking forward to this at all but I have just returned from dropping Millar off and it went smoothly. Xanthe even fell asleep on the way back and is now in bed. Bliss. 
We all spent the last week very ill. Millar especially. Husband took him to the doctor last Monday and was told he had pneumonia. The doctor wanted to admit Millar into hospital, but Husband said no. He needed to take some yucky medicine three times a day and also go back to the hospital each day for an injection – which of course he hated. He has had the all clear from the doctor but is still taking one of the meds for another day or two. But it’s back to school, because the pneumonia is no longer a threat but he may die of boredom if he stays here another day. I can’t imagine how he would have coped in hospital. That boy needs to run, everywhere, all the time.
On the weekend we tried out a new mall. It’s further away but the supermarket there was the best we have been to. Seriously. It was clean and well stocked and not too busy. Will tell you more about that awesome find later.
I am getting over my flu and today I noticed that my sinuses had cleared enough for me to smell again. It is very ripe out there today. With the weather heating up, the sun hits the rubbish early and the smell is most unpleasant. Not as bad as the smell coming off the river though. I can share stories and photos with you, but the smell is something you will just have to imagine. 


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