We made it! After one of the longest days my kids have ever had, we made it to Chennai. Hot sweaty and bleary eyed, we touched down at about 10pm local time but our bodies knew it was about 3am in Melbourne and we had been travelling all day and were more than ready for bed.
We were greeted at the airport with flowers and cold drinks and cold towels. Bliss!
We were adorned with gorgeous scarves when we arrived at the hotel. Except for Millar. He did not want anyone putting anything anywhere near him. He was cranky and confused.
The ride from the airport to the hotel was interesting. No child restraints and seemingly no road rules either. Holy shit. 10pm at night and the traffic was nuts. People here love to use their car horns. A lot. Constantly. As I sit here typing, I can hear car horns from the street five floors below. If I had a shot for each horn I heard, I would be pissed within minutes and it would beat the shit out of my Back To The Future drinking game…. But anyway, I’m getting used to the noise.
I haven’t seen much of Chennai yet so I can’t tell you much. Plenty of time for that as I’m here for six months.
I have left the hotel once to visit the mall and go grocery shopping. Another interesting experience that I will save for another post. The rest of our time has been spent trying to adjust to the local time. Jetlag is a bitch and jetlag on a teething toddler is a mega bitch. Add humidity and you have the perfect recipe for crazy baby syndrome which can cause nutcase mummy syndrome if left untreated.
I will leave you with some photos and promises of more. It’s 7pm and I am heading to bed. Shut up. It’s later than last night’s bedtime of 6:15.


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