Things I Know.. About Kellogg’s

I recently went to a yummy brunch with Kellogg’s and Brand Meets Blog.
I learnt a lot of things about Kellogg’s, some of which I shall share with you now.

Me getting my tweet on at the Kelloggs Brunch.
Photo by Little Red Photography

  • Kellogg’s Cereal boxes are like, huge now. They were heaps smaller in the 70’s. – I was also heaps smaller in the 70’s.

Retro packs next to the huge Sultana Bran Buds box
Photo by Little Red Photography
  • Coco Pops provide only 12% of your recommended daily intake of sugar. So they aren’t the evil candy I thought they were. They are a perfectly acceptable dessert option.
  • Kids love Sultana Bran Buds. They have been a hit at snack time around here and were an awesome snack on the plane when we went to NZ too.

Xanthe, enjoying sultana buds at the Kelloggs Brunch
Photo by Little Red Photography
  • Kellogg’s is slowly decreasing the amount of sugar and salt in their cereals so that we don’t suddenly notice and say “eww yuck” and stop buying it. But we will be getting less and less sugar and salt without noticing a difference in taste. Unless you time travel often.
  • Their nutritionist Bobbie Crothers, is really lovely and also really gorgeous, so I will totally believe anything she says about cereal. It’s clearly working for her.
  • The Just Right, Barley and Berries is my favourite cereal EVER. Seriously yummy.

                     and there are more on the Kellogg’s website.

  • This personalised cereal box is TOTALLY cool.

My personalised cereal box.

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