Storing Our Life

So these three things showed up just before Christmas.
Since then, we have been slowly putting all our wordly goods that haven’t been sold, given away or dumped, into these boxes. They will be picked up and stored for six months and delivered to us when we return.
We have nearly filled all three and we still have a fridge, washing machine, dryer, 3 beds and mattresses and a few boxes (like 10) to be squeezed in. I am not hopeful. 
One good thing about doing this is it has forced us to really look at all the crap we had accumulated over the last four years and be a bit ruthless about what to keep.
We have two more nights in this house and then we are going to a camping ground type place near the airport for three nights. That gives us time to figure out what to do with the stuff that isn’t going to fit… 
If you see a queen sized bed on a nature strip in my neighbourhood in the new year, then you know we couldn’t fit it in and will be in the market for a new bed come July.


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