Sleep Trumps Christmas Lights

Last year, we kept Millar up past his bedtime and went to look at Christmas lights. Last year he really enjoyed it. Last year he was still having an afternoon nap, so I planned ahead and made his nap a little later to accommodate the late night activity. Last year I wrote this about it.
The house near us that, during the day,  looks like Christmas vomited on it.
This year, Millar no longer has naps. I still wanted to take him to see the lights, I knew he would love it even more this year. So when Husband was late home one night recently, throwing our routine out a bit, I took advantage of that and decided it would be the night we did the lights.
I figured the excitement would keep Millar awake and the car ride would get Xanthe to sleep.
Wrong on both counts.
These photos were taken at the petrol station before it even got dark. 
Millar, sleeping.

Xanthe, not sleeping.

Even after it got dark and we started seeing some really impressive light displays, our “oooo”s and “aaahhhh”s didn’t rouse him.
We went against our usual policy of never waking a sleeping child and shook him awake. He looked at the lights, mumbled his approval and went back to sleep.
Even the flash of my phone didn’t wake him.

Christmas is the wrong time of year in the southern hemisphere. It gets dark too late for kids to enjoy the Christmas lights… Maybe he’ll stay awake next year.


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