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Storing Our Life

So these three things showed up just before Christmas.
Since then, we have been slowly putting all our wordly goods that haven’t been sold, given away or dumped, into these boxes. They will be picked up and stored for six months and delivered to us when we return.
We have nearly filled all three and we still have a fridge, washing machine, dryer, 3 beds and mattresses and a few boxes (like 10) to be squeezed in. I am not hopeful. 
One good thing about doing this is it has forced us to really look at all the crap we had accumulated over the last four years and be a bit ruthless about what to keep.
We have two more nights in this house and then we are going to a camping ground type place near the airport for three nights. That gives us time to figure out what to do with the stuff that isn’t going to fit… 
If you see a queen sized bed on a nature strip in my neighbourhood in the new year, then you know we couldn’t fit it in and will be in the market for a new bed come July.


Our Christmas in Pictures

Christmas Eve:
Millar leaves a snack and a Christmas card out for Santa. 
He tells me Santa does not like beer or pepsi. He prefers water. He also doesn’t like chocolate and would prefer ten rice crackers. He also sprinkles sparkly oats in the yard for the reindeer.
He places his present for Xanthe under the tree and then goes to bed.
Shortly after he falls asleep, Santa comes.
Christmas Morning:

Millar is totally stoked to see that Santa got him what he asked for.
Xanthe, not quite into the wrapped gift concept or name labels,
makes a beeline for the Mickey Mouse in Millar’s gifts from Santa.

She catches on to the unwrapping fun soon enough.

Xanthe gives her new doll, Lulu a big hug.

Xanthe unwraps her present from Grandma, a pram with a doll. She tries to ride it like a bike.
Azrael is pretty happy just playing with the discarded paper.
With storms causing power outages all day, we had to have chocolate for breakfast. Thankfully, Santa left a nice little bowl of yumminess in the fridge.

Millar shows of his awesome Glodoodle from Grandma.

The kids entertain us with some fine music before lunch.
Husband shows his enthusiasm at the Christmas crackers, the awesome hats, great prizes and hilarious jokes.

I show off my gorgeous hair clip prize from my Christmas cracker.

Xanthe likes her red hat.
Wine O’clock comes earlier than usual on Christmas day.
Then it’s finally bedtime for the kids. Me and husband watch a horror movie to balance all the cutesy Christmas cheer. It works. I go to bed a little more cautious of paranormal evil than normal.
Boxing day. We take our traditional Christmas photo.
Actually we took about 6. This is the only one where we are all looking at the camera
and I don’t look completely nuts. It’s hard to press the self timer button, race back to your seat, throw a toy over the camera so the kids look at the exact right moment and look relaxed and happy. 
Which could explain why Xanthe looks so confused.
Anyway, that was Christmas. All done.
Now back to the business of moving to India in 7 days!


Sleep Trumps Christmas Lights

Last year, we kept Millar up past his bedtime and went to look at Christmas lights. Last year he really enjoyed it. Last year he was still having an afternoon nap, so I planned ahead and made his nap a little later to accommodate the late night activity. Last year I wrote this about it.
The house near us that, during the day,  looks like Christmas vomited on it.
This year, Millar no longer has naps. I still wanted to take him to see the lights, I knew he would love it even more this year. So when Husband was late home one night recently, throwing our routine out a bit, I took advantage of that and decided it would be the night we did the lights.
I figured the excitement would keep Millar awake and the car ride would get Xanthe to sleep.
Wrong on both counts.
These photos were taken at the petrol station before it even got dark. 
Millar, sleeping.

Xanthe, not sleeping.

Even after it got dark and we started seeing some really impressive light displays, our “oooo”s and “aaahhhh”s didn’t rouse him.
We went against our usual policy of never waking a sleeping child and shook him awake. He looked at the lights, mumbled his approval and went back to sleep.
Even the flash of my phone didn’t wake him.

Christmas is the wrong time of year in the southern hemisphere. It gets dark too late for kids to enjoy the Christmas lights… Maybe he’ll stay awake next year.


Dear Xanthe: Thirteen Months

Not a baby anymore.

Walking, almost running.
Laughing and testing boundaries.

Exploring, playing, building and destroying.
Hugging, kissing, wave hello.

New teeth, sweet smile.
Peek-a-boo, sing and dance.

Sweet girl, my child.
You have my heart.

I love you,