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Dear Millar: Three Years, Eight Months.

6 of the several million self portraits you took with my phone.

Hey little man,
You are awesome and you make me laugh so much. You have been slightly more challenging than usual lately, but there has been a lot going on and it must be hard for you to comprehend it all.

Sometimes I forget that you’re only little. You are so amazing that I sometimes expect too much from you and I have to remind myself that you’re still so young.

You’ve been learning to play Mary Had A Little Lamb on the piano and you’re doing really well. You love singing at the moment too, and make up your own little songs. You sing Frere Jacques, but you don’t know the French, so you make up your own words and it makes me laugh.

Your spelling and reading efforts have been giving me some major mummy pride moments because you are so clever!. However, today you made me laugh so much when we were playing with alphabet blocks. I spelled out a word with the blocks and asked you what it said. We sounded it out together “F-i-sh”
“HAT!” you exclaimed.
“um, no, not quite, try again, F-i-sshhhh” I encouraged.
“LUNCHBOX!” you yelled.

We moved on to playing with cars. We can do reading later.


Our Trip Home. In Happy Snaps.

Xanthe had her first plane trip.
The kids watched movies on the plane on Dad’s phone.
They played in a park on a sunny day.

..And in a mall on a not so sunny day
We left the kids with a grandparent and went out for dinner for the first time in bloody ages. And it was good.

Xanthe turned one and we had a party.
The kids met lots of relatives

And then we came home again…


Dear Xanthe: One Year Old – Happy Birthday!


This year has flown by. 

We celebrated your birthday in New Zealand, so you were surrounded by family. You applauded them after they sang Happy Birthday. Millar blew out your candle for you and you had a fantastic day. You weren’t too keen on your first taste of birthday cake, but enjoyed the pebbles.
You have started walking recently. A few steps here and there and it’s amazing to watch. Millar gets very excited about it too and yells “she’s walking!!!”.
You love your brother. You love your family and friends and you hug everyone and pat them on the back. It’s very affectionate. However you also do the same thing to shoes, drink bottles, clothing and toys. 
You love to dance and talk and laugh.
You are my gorgeous girl and I love you.
Happy First Birthday.


Siblings Don’t Play, They Fight

Hello. I am on holiday so, today for your reading pleasure, I am thrilled to give you Zoey from Good Googs.  I can really relate to this gorgeous piece about siblings. Enjoy.

It’s one of the grand lies you tell yourself when you are fat, sick,tired and pregnant that soon your first-born who seems incapable of playingalone will very soon have a playmate. And sure they won’t play much together whenyour wee one is a baby, but eventually they will.
At first, Riley barely even registered Piper’s existence. Except towalk around saying ‘I wish I had a baby sister’ apparently she didn’t count asa baby sister because she didn’t get to hold her and carry her around. And shedeveloped a desperate need to be on my lap whenever I was breastfeeding.
Eventually, she got wind of the fact that once Piper could roll, shecould move. And that very soon she would be able to crawl. Riley seemed veryexcited at this idea. That with enough time, someone would be playing blockswith her. She would tell anyone who listened that ‘frist she will roll, thenshe will crawl, then she will walk!’
Sadly the reality didn’t quite live up to this level of excitement.Now Piper is crawling around and just wants to get into everything that Rileyis doing. Riley is not impressed.
“She’s touching me!”
“That’s mine!”
“She’s looking at me!”
“Get her away from me!”
So now, not only is my eldest incpable of independent play, now Ihave to actively run interference between her and her sister as well. Fabulous.
I’m reminded of something Bill Cosby once said. ‘The truth isparents are not really interested in justice. They just want quiet.’ Word.
But every now and then the kidlets go and do something sounbelievably lovely that it breaks your heart piece by piece, shard byshard.Riley came up to me this afternoon while I was breastfeeding Piper.Ordinarily she would be coming over to assess the lap real estate situation.But instead she just said.
“I love her head”
“I love her ears”
“I love her arms”
“I love her hands”
“I love her legs”
“I love her little feet”
In the space of a 24 hour period, my big girl says a lot of words.Seriously, a lot. In her waking hours she barely even draws breath. But somewords stay with me more than others.

 Zoey is the mother of one preschooler (the googy) and one baby (thesquishy). In her former life she bought lots of handbags and wore a vast arrayof high heels. She also did lots of things alone – she went to the moviesalone, ate alone and even enjoyed having a quiet drink alone. Now she doesnothing alone. She lives in regional Australia and loves it but still missesher shoes. Zoey is a reformed perfectionist, writer, parent adventurer, chaosmanager, tiny dictator lover, baby snuggler, photographer and social mediaaddict. She blogs in words and pictures at Good Googs You can find her on Twitterand on Facebook.