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Milky Foot Soak Recipe

As a busy mum, I don’t take a lot of time to pamper myself. Which sucks. Pampering is good. 
I was recently sent an awesome pamper pack thanks to Porter Novelli and Paul’s Milk. containing: Milk, chocolate, chocolate milkshake syrup, cocoa, essential oils, honey, salts, cups, milkshake glasses, nail polish and a novel. Noice!!

I soaked my feet in the milk – at their suggestion – It was divine! I have decided I’m going to do this on a regular basis.
My cat was very confused, and a little bit upset and then she became rather angry when I tipped the used foot soak milk down the drain.
I also had a chocolate milkshake while I soaked my feet. The cat didn’t mind that so much. 
I was nice enough to give the cat some milk too. She forgave me, but still thinks I’m crazy for bathing my feet in the drink she loves so much. 

Azrael: Hey crazy lady, WTF?

Here’s the divine foot soak recipe if you would like to try it yourself:

2 Cups Paul’s Full Cream Milk
2 tablespoons Almond Oil
2 tablespoons Epsom Salt
3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
7 cups Water


1) Heat the water and milk in a large pan on the stove until it’s just steaming. The mixture should be as hot as possible to still be comfortable enough to soak your feet.
2) Still in the pan, stir in the almond oil, salt and peppermint oil and mix until the salt has dissolved in the warm liquid
3) Pour the mixture into a mixing bowl or tub large enough to fit both of your feet at once and soak for 10-15 minutes
4) Rinse, dry and apply a nourishing lotion to your feet to complete the pampering experience.

Why did I get this lovely hamper? 

Paul’s Milk, have changed their packaging. The new tetra-pak, the Tetra Brik Edge, has a square shape with a slanted top and a larger spout with a twisty turny easy to open lid. The large spout takes a bit of getting used to as the milk comes out a lot quicker.

I personally prefer the narrower oblong shaped cartons because I have tiny hands, but the twisty turny easy to open lid is very easy to open. Much better than those pull tabs on other milks. 
The easy openess was the reason that the Tetra Brik Edge won the the Package of the year accreditation by the Swedish Rheumatism Association.
It’s also environmentally friendly. The carton is made from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. 

What I like most of all is that to celebrate this new packaging innovation, they sent me an awesome hamper of goodies. I think more companies should change their packaging to environmentally friendly, twisty turny openy lidded packs. 


What I got out of the Problogger Training Day

Are you sick of reading these “what I learnt at Problogger” posts around the ‘sphere yet?
It happens.
But anyway, here’s mine.

I was lucky enough to be sponsored to attend the event by the lovely Louisa from Brand Meets Blog.

Because I was sponsored and also because, I think that after 18 months, it’s high time I start taking this blogging thing seriously, I decided to show up and pay attention instead of stumble in hungover clutching a coffee and a sausage roll. Which is how I rolled at the last blogging event I attended.

So I got there early, with my netbook and notebook and pens and enthusiasm. I had plans to live blog the event, but it was theatre seating and I may be able to tweet from my lap but I cannot blog the whole day in that hunched over position. Kudos to those that managed it.

There are plenty of blogs giving a run down on what was covered on the day, and if you are reading this, you were probably there or following the twitter stream, so I wont cover the same old ground.

There was a lot of good stuff, most of it relevant to me and my blog and where I want to go with it. I took a shitload of notes and learnt a lot. But the most outstanding session of the day was the blogging for social good session with World Vision. Inspiring. Firstly, it reminded me that child sponsorship has been on my to do list for too long and shouldn’t be put off any longer. It also gave me ideas about ways blogging can help charities such as World Vision.
Expect more social goodness on this blog in the future.

I hope to travel to some of the places that World Vision works in and see first hand what happens, and sharing that with you.

Speaking of World Vision and donating and stuff, did you know that the Australian Government is matching donations to the Horn of Africa appeal, dollar for dollar. Did you also know that you can set up donations to come out of your pay before it lands in your bank? This way it’s tax free, so you don’t have to sort that stuff out later, and it’s automatic. It’s what we do and we recently changed it to the Horn of Africa appeal so that the donation is doubled by the government.

The other thing I get out of all blogging events and conferences is the “networking”. I love meeting up with my blog friends again and talking in more than 140 characters. …And then the other thing I get is a hangover… not as much fun. Maybe next time I will practice more restraint while “networking”..

Dear Millar: Three Years, Seven Months

You are really into writing at the moment. The first word you wrote was your name and you have recently added Mum, Dad and Xanthe to the list. You love to make us all cards with a heart on the front and our name and yours on the inside. 
I blame American TV for this Valentine’s obsession, but it is incredibly cute, especially when you go and “post” the cards in our room. I find the cards in random places and I love that.
I am so hugely proud of your love of words and your passion for learning how to write everything. You are also starting to learn how to spell things by thinking about how they sound and what letters make those sounds.
I’m convinced you’re a genius – because I’m your mum.
I love you, Millar.   


The Lion King Giveaway

Me and Shae, before figuring out you couldn’t drink
wine with the masks on. Thanks to Kate for the photo.

Earlier this month, I was invited to the coolest PR event ever. Me and a group of other bloggers (Picklebums, Yay For Home, Stuff With Thing, Planning With Kids, Diary of a Mad Cow and Diary of Joni and Anya) got to see the Lion King in 3D in the directors suite at the movies – Super posh and super awesome. The last time I saw a 3D movie was in the 80’s. Things have changed a lot since then and I was like an excited child trying to reach out and touch the things in front of me.

THEN, we went to Melbourne Zoo and stayed there for the night! They fed us and entertained us and we got to experience the nocturnal side of the zoo, which is it’s own special kind of awesome.

The tours took us to some of the behind the scenes parts of the zoo where we saw a couple of animals that the general public don’t get to see. Such as the tree kangaroo and the slow loris. I touched a snake and saw some frozen mice treats that would be the snake’s dinner. Nom Nom Mice-icles.

The Roar N’ Snore activity at the zoo is suitable for kids aged over five, so unfortunately my kids had to stay home. I was secretly looking forward to a full nights sleep, but the very noisy penguins, our neighbours for the night, woke me at about 3ish. I didn’t think shoving a dummy in their mouths and patting them on the back would have resettled them so I stayed in my tent.

The food was pretty good and we dined in the old Elephant house that used to house Bong Su. He now lives in much larger quarters but left some of his artwork for us to admire. Elephants are pretty handy with a paintbrush even though they are colour blind.

Our guides, Jackie and Michelle were fantastic. They were awesome with the kids, answering questions with patience and enthusiasm and remembering names. They were funny and knowledgeable and passionate. I think zookeeping is one of those jobs that you get into because you are passionate about animals and you love your work. It shows.

The night tour ended at about 10:30 which meant all the kids were well ready for sleep. Hurrah.

We were up early the next morning to feed giraffes and watch the penguins have their breakfast.

So what was all this in aid of? The Lion King has been released on Blu-ray and DVD. If you get a chance to see it in 3D I would highly recommend it. However, they haven’t changed the story line, so Mufasa still dies. Which sucks,  I got my 3D glasses all wet with my big baby tears.

I have an awesome goody bag to giveaway which includes the Diamond Edition Blu-ray+DVD Lion King for you to enjoy. Did you know it first came out in 1994? Did I just make you feel old?

Enter Below to win this fantastic prize pack worth over $140. Winner will be drawn at random on Thursday 10 November.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Porter Novelli Melbourne and received free entry to see the Lion King 3D and Experience Melbourne Zoo’s Roar N Snore. There was no obligation or payment to write this post. All opinions are my own.