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Things I Know

I know that this photo is from my samples folder on my computer and has
nothing to do with anything, but I’m in a hurry.

I know that Blogopolis madness starts today!!!

I know that the Hello Blogger event tonight is going to be awesome and so are all the other events and of course the main event, the conference, will also be awesome.

I know that sharing a hotel with Glowless, Yayforhome and Magnetoboldtoo is going to ROCK.

I know that I only got to share the hotel because Tutu Ames can’t come 🙁

I know that I really wanted to get my nails and hair and eyebrows done but I didn’t.

I know that I really wanted to buy a pretty new top to wear tonight but I didn’t.

I know that I will have an awesome time anyway and no one really cares what my hair, nails and eyebrows look like. Thankfully.

I know that I feel like I’m going to a reunion with my tribe.

I know that I’m going to meet a whole lot of new bloggers too.

I know that I have to leave at about 3pm.

I know that at 2pm I will start throwing shit in a bag and panicking.

I know I will forget something.

Other people know stuff too


The Winners Are…

The winners of the Munchkin Nappy Disposal system, as chosen by the Soup team are:


I have emailed imroxy but there were no contact details for you, Cathy, so you have 48 hours (11am Saturday) to email me at or I will award the prize to another person.

All other commenters for this competition will be emailed with a code to get a $25 discount on the Munchkin Nappy Disposal System at Unless you did not leave your email in my commenting system. sorry.

The winner of the Museum Victoria Household Membership as chosen by is


check your email for details.

thank you everyone for entering..

Dear Millar: Three Years, Four Months


Your attention span has recently grown long enough for you to watch movies. You love Toy Story. Like really, really love it. Yesterday you jumped off the couch while yelling, “to infinity, and beyond!”

You love to sing and play your guitar and your rhythm is getting pretty good.

You love baking. You aren’t that keen on actually eating the biscuits, but you love to make them with me.

I love it when you sing twinkle twinkle little star whenever Xanthe is crying. You stop whatever you are doing and rush to her side to sing to her. She loves it and soon stops crying. She loves you so much and thinks you’re pretty cool.

I do too.

Love you,


Solution to Dressing a Wriggly Baby – Patent Pending

Art by Gwenboul

It’s not an old problem, this wriggly baby thing. They are so hard to dress at this age and as for nappy changes. Oh. My. God. All the buttons and domes and tiny hands in narrow sleeves and tabs and grips and the constant, unending wriggling!

In the 11 Steps To Becoming A Parent* viral email that continues to show up in parenting forums everywhere; the process of dressing a small child is likened to attempting to put an octopus into a loose mesh bag so that none of the arms hang out.

I have a solution. Powder coating. Well, not powder coating exactly but something very similar. “What’s powder coating?” I hear 7 out of 10 of you asking. Well, when I was at school and we did metal work class, we made these scrolly shelf brackets out of metal and then dipped them in a vat of coloured powder and voila, they were coated in a shiny layer of, um, stuff. There was a vacuum cleaner attached to the vat of powder and it was turned to “blow”.
Obviously I don’t know exactly how it all worked, but I do know that if that scrolly shelf bracket had been wriggling at the time, it still would have been coated without too much fuss or tears.

So what I’m suggesting is an at home vat of stuff to dip the baby into. Obviously it can’t be hot. A substance that can clean, dry and coat the baby all at the same time would be fantastic. Negating the need for nappies, clothes and bibs; the substance will dry quickly, be able to be wiped clean after meals, and be peeled off when necessary.

I will need to get a team of scientists onto it. But I am certain that this will be a winner.

This would make my life a lot easier.

So, do you know, or are you, a team of scientists?

*if you do know the original source, please let me know so that I can link to it..