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Happy Saturday: Happy Birthday: To Me!

Good things come in small packages. That’s what they used to tell me to say when someone told me I was short, which I am.. but anyway, the best thing that comes in small packages, apart from me, is jewellery, and it has been a jewellery kind of birthday. My favourite. 
And I love these little boxes.
My mum is visiting from New Zealand and it has been a joy so far. She is only here until Wednesday and I know it is going to fly by too fast.
I have loved listening to her sing to my daughter the same songs she sang to me to get me to sleep. 
Watching my son play with his Grandma has also been so much fun, something that I may have taken for granted if I saw her everyday.
It has been a fantastic weekend already and it’s not even the end of Saturday yet.


Marriage Advice for Will and Kate

ahhhh young love.. isn’t it beautiful?

Have you heard that there is going to be a wedding in London tomorrow? No? Have you been living under a rock inside a sensory deprivation tank for a month? That’s a long time to be in one of those and is probably unhealthy.

Anyhooo there is this wedding tomorrow and the whole world will be watching. Even those that say they don’t want to, they will watch so that they can tweet about how disgusting the whole thing was and how the money should have been spent on stuff and other shit – because I’m sure they went without a wedding dress and gave the money to charity – hypocrites. Anyway, this post is not about those royal hating bitter whingers. It’s about me getting some page views because I’m jumping on the Royal Wedding bandwagon.
Oh and young love and marriage.

I’m an old married lady, so I have heaps of opinions on the matter. Ok I’ve actually only been married for almost 11 months but I feel like I’ve been married for a gajillion years on account of the whole living in sin thing and babies and shared bank accounts.

The thing is, I have some marital advice to impart.
The secret to my happy marriage and sinful living beforehand is Separate Duvets (or doonas or comforters or quilts or whatever you call them – do we all know the word “blanket”?) . My husband and I are both blanket hogs, or as I say in my best Australian accent, doona cacooners. So, one blanket was never going to be suitable. Long ago, after a particularly nasty round of midnight blanket wars, we decided on having separate blankets for our sleeping needs and have never been happier.

What marital advice would you give the happy couple. Will and Kate read my blog so you can be assured that your advice will be received by the future King and Queen..

Dear Millar. 3 years and 1 month.

This month you have amazed me. The transition from toddler to preschooler has been huge. Like from baby to child. So much has happened in just one short month.

You have written your name for the first time, which I admit, made me cry big wet proud mama tears.
You are also really really good at jigsaw puzzles. I will have to thank your grandad for that because he bought you a puzzle for your second birthday. It was for ages 4 and up so you used to make me do it for you while you watched. You can now do it by yourself and we have added more puzzles to your collection. You love them and can complete them all on your own. (when we can find all the pieces.)
You had your first easter egg hunt this month and that was a lot of fun.

You love to sing. Your favourites are twinkle twinkle little star, incy wincey spider, mary had a little lamb and old macdonald had a farm. When you are not singing those songs you are making up your own songs which all include “yeah yeah!” with arm pumping in the air.

You seem to be desperate to read. You bring things to me and say “what do those words say?” I answer this question about a million times a day. Any time you see anything written down, or signage, you will ask me to read it for you. You can recognise the letters and enjoy pointing out the letters that you know, especially letters from your name or your favourite letter: W. You have a writing book and some write on – wipe off books and cards and you love practising your writing. You are getting pretty good at it too!
I think you’ll be reading and writing before I know it. It’s all going a bit fast.
Maybe I can get you to proof read my blog. haha.

I love you,