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Minnie’s Masquerade DVD review and giveaway

My son loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse, so I wasn’t surprised when I put this DVD on and he sat glued to it for two hours.
There are several episodes on this DVD including the title episode, Minnie’s Masquerade. If you are familiar with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, then you already know what to expect.
If, not, then you probably don’t get the Playhouse Disney channel.
This new generation of Mickey Mouse and friends are fantastic. Like any good children’s TV show, they teach counting, shape recognition and sorting along with themes of helping friends with a problem and other such good lessons for children. There are plenty of catchy songs (be warned, you may find yourself singing along to the Hot Dog Dance while waiting in line at the supermarket).
In Minnie’s Masquerade, everyone is getting ready for the masquerade ball. Minnie and Mickey are going as a princess and prince so they need to make crowns. Goofy turns up and is missing a shoe. The team have to go on a hunt to find goofy’s shoe with the help of Toodles and his mouseketools. Meanwhile, Pete is trying to choose a costume that will win him the big prize, even though everyone gets a prize at the ball.
This DVD is a hit with my son and I’m sure all preschoolers would love it too.
And, thanks to Porter Novelli, I have one to give away.
Simply leave a comment to enter. 
You will get an extra entry for tweeting, facebooking or blogging about this giveaway. Just leave another comment to say that you tweeted or facebooked or blogged it. If none of those words make sense, just leave a comment. 
Entries close 5th April at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Melbourne O’Clock)
Winner will be drawn by Random.Org on Wednesday 6th April. (promise this time – I’ve put a note in my phone and everything! I wont forget!). 
Update: 6th April: The winner is… Fiona!


Pirate Potty Giveaway winner.

Whoops. I completely forgot to do this! Bad blogger!
So I just ran now and it said, number 6.
Comment number 6 is Michele! yay Michele!!! I have emailed you to get your postal address so that Pirate Potty can be yours.

I also pledge to remember future giveaways and draw them on the promised date. I blame the Aussie Bloggers Conference and my son’s birthday party for distracting me..

Dear Millar. Three Years Old

Happy Birthday little man.
When I refer to you as big or little you say “I’m not little, I’m medium”.
How did you get to three so fast? You have grown so quickly I just want to press pause a little while.
We had your birthday party on the weekend and you had so much fun. You love parties and pretend to have them at home with your toys almost every day. So when it was time for your actual birthday party you were so happy! We went to the miniature railway and there were train rides, purple balloons, a train cake and all of your friends. I wish I had time to take more photos!

You start pre kinder today which wont be that much different than occasional care because it’s at the same place. The difference is, now you’ll be going there every day. You love it there and I usually have to bribe you to come home again after the session.

You are making your own sandwiches now and anything else you can do by yourself you will try your best… (except for cleaning up your toys).

Three years old. Nothing medium about that, Millar. That’s huge.

I love you

52 Week Project: Weeks Thirty Three and Thirty Four


Missed a week again… I was in Sydney at that conference.
But my husband sent me photos of the kids that weekend and I took one of myself so we have the photos, I just didn’t do the post. So, two weeks for the price of one. Again.

Me, in Sydney last weekend. Grimacing for the camera.

                                       Me, today

Millar last weekend at home.

and this weekend at his Birthday

Xanthe, Last weekend at home.

And this weekend at Millar’s party.

So only 34 weeks down. Still 18 weeks to go in this year long project. I’m looking forward to putting them all together..