Monthly Archives: February 2011

Dear Millar. 35 Months

You reminded me this morning of something I haven’t mentioned here before. You can balance a spoon on your nose. You’ve been doing it for ages but I keep forgetting to write about it. I don’t know who taught you, but you’re pretty good at it!
It’s something you do every now and then after breakfast. You’ve gone from being able to balance it on your nose for a few seconds to being able to walk around with the spoon on your nose!
I am very impressed.

You amaze me everyday.

I love you


Point and Shoot: Sandcastles

We went to Rye this weekend for a bit of a holiday.
My Dad and his wife were going to join us but they needed to stay in Christchurch after the earthquake.
We rented a fantastic beach house and tried to relax. Millar had a great time at the beach making sandcastles. He didn’t want to come home.
Playing point and shoot with Fat Mum Slim today



I know it’s just a building, but I think because it’s iconic it stood as a symbol of Christchurch. I’ve known that spire my entire life and now it’s gone. It is just a building but it’s so much more.

I have had reports that my immediate family are ok.
I have heard that 120 people have been pulled from the rubble alive.
I have spoken to friends on facebook that have survived.
These are the good things.

I have looked at photos of buildings that no longer exist.
I have read about bodies lying in the streets.
The images in my head are the most disturbing.
I wait for more news.

Never have I been so glad to not be there, yet so wanting to reach out and hold everyone. I want to send a plane and say please come to Melbourne. Just come. Now.

Mother nature has been a prize bitch lately and I have cried while watching the news many times over the last couple of months. But I have had the luxury of distance. Physical and emotional.
This time I still have the luxury of physical distance but my heart is there.

I wrote about the September quake. We thought we had dodged a bullet back then… bitch was just reloading her gun.

My poor city. My thoughts are with the missing. My heart is with those waiting for news. My tears are for the fallen and their families. My prayers are for those still trapped and waiting.