Why My Maternal Health Nurse thinks I’m Incontinent.

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I like to think I’m a pretty good multi-tasker. I can split my focus amongst several tasks and get more done in a shorter time-frame than those that don’t multi-task. This gives me more time to blog and sit on my arse. (yes, at the same time, I know, I’m amazing.)

What the hell does this have to with my health nurse and her belief in my inability to hold on?

It all started at Xanthe’s 4 week check-up. I had Millar with me and he was playing quietly with the toys in the nurse’s little office/clinic/room whatever it’s called, letting me and the health nurse have a good chat about Xanthe and how perfect she is.

The appointment was drawing to a close and the health nurse was showing me some pamphlets as she was stuffing them into a large envelope for me to take home.

I was paying attention. I was. But then Millar left the room. He went into the waiting room where there are more toys. I knew there was another couple out there with a tiny baby in a car capsule.

So, my focus split… and it didn’t split evenly. While my eyes were looking at the pamphlets and my head was nodding in the right places, my ears were completely on the task of listening for what Millar was doing and making sure he wasn’t poking the new baby in the eye.

I remember the nurse holding up the last pamphlet. I remember seeing the font but did not read the words. As I strained to keep tabs on my son, my focus was slipping even further. The health nurse was talking to me and looking very earnest. I recognised by the look in her eyes that she was asking a question. I mirrored the earnest look and nodded. She then patted me on the knee and put the pamphlet in the envelope. My attention came back as she was saying goodbye.

I left the room quickly, entering the waiting room pleased to see that Millar was playing nicely with the toys and not bothering anyone.

After returning home I looked through the pamphlets… ok that’s a lie. I didn’t look at them until right before my next appointment, which was today. I recognised the pamphlet she had held up last and suddenly realised what she had asked and what my ignorant nodding had inadvertently answered.

I know this is a real issue for – apparently – one in three women who ever had a baby, but it was not an issue for me. I spent a LOT of time and energy doing my pelvic floor exercises to make sure of that. So I was a bit mortified to think that I had led someone to believe otherwise.

I had to laugh really – but not too hard. you never know.


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