Monthly Archives: January 2011

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday is back by popular demand!
Ok so, not “popular demand” exactly. More like, one friend asked via facebook where happy Saturday had gone.. that’s enough for me.

To be honest it’s been hard to think of happy things lately. Stuff has been sucky. Not just for me but all around. Everywhere I looked stuff was sucking hard. It made my little problems seem so tiny but it didn’t make them go away. But it still seemed wrong to write about any happiness amongst all the crap. Hope that makes sense.

Anyway – I am bringing happy Saturday back for the same reason I started it in the first place. To force myself to concentrate on the good things, count my blessings or something like that. Even just once a week.

  • So, this Saturday I am happy that Brauer’s Colic Relief exists. My darling wee Xanthe has been suffering reflux and it has not been fun for anyone. But the magic potion that is Brauer’s Colic Relief has been wonderful. Sometimes.

  • I am also happy that I’m going out tonight with the girls. It’s now a regular thing and it is good for the soul and the laughter muscles.

  • I am also eternally grateful for the health of my family and all our good fortune. I don’t know why I’m so lucky or what I did to deserve being this blessed,  but I am blessed and grateful, Sometimes guilty about all that I have but always grateful. 
I hope your Saturday is happy. 


Dear Millar. 34 Months

I remember when you were a lot younger, we had so many nicknames for you that I was concerned that you wouldn’t know your real name. So we started making a concerted effort to call you by your name more often. Now, at nearly 3, you refuse to be known by anything other than Millar. If I accidentally call you poppet you will say “I’m not a poppet, I’m Millar!!” (or “Miwwar” actually). If we tell you that you are a kid, a boy or a big brother we get the same response.

You know that mum and dad have many names though. A few months ago you called me Tuki, which is my nickname, and you’ve called me honey a few times too. When asked, you know that mum’s name is Toushka and Dad’s name is Darren. You know that Xanthe has many names; baby, poppet, little sister and Xanthe. But when it comes to your own name: “I’m Miwwar!”

You’re getting pretty good at dressing yourself. Although you like to play and put your pants on your head a lot.

Right now you love stickers and we have used sticker charts to get you to eat your dinner, and to toilet train you.
Whenever we ask you to do something you try to get a sticker for your efforts. You’re learning how to negotiate.

I’m super proud of you this month, little man.


52 Week Project: Week Twenty-Five

Xanthe, 9 weeks old. Yes, this top is way too big for her. But I couldn’t resist the cuteness. When people give you presents for your child in the form of clothes, you have to keep checking and trying it on them until it fits. Otherwise they’ll grow out of it before they even wear it.

 Me, a wee bit tired this morning.Those really observant people will notice an empty wine glass in the background. I assure you the tiredness has nothing to do with that.

Millar, the crazy sticker child. Millar is crazy about stickers and will often stick them all over his face. He will stick them on any available surface. I draw the line when he tries to stick them to Xanthe..