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Why Toyota should give me a car.

I’m not sure what happened. Well that’s not true – I know what happened, I’m just not sure why.

When we first moved to Melbourne, we didn’t have a car. We walked everywhere or used public transport – which was heaps of fun with a baby. Heaps. But at least we could be on our high horse about how environmentally friendly we were.

When we bought a car it was a Toyota Camry station wagon and it was great. We were able to fit everything in it. It even had a tow-bar for the rare occasion when we needed even more space.

So when we decided to trade the station wagon in on a new car (new to us, not actually new), why, oh why did we get a Toyota Camry sedan? I don’t recall the decision process. But I know I was pregnant at the time, so downsizing our car would be a majorly stupid thing to do when you are about to upsize your family right? Right.

Since the birth of our daughter I have been stranded at the mall twice because of our stupid tiny car.

The first time was when my husband and I were shopping with 1 week old Xanthe while Millar was at occasional care. We noticed it was time to leave and rushed to the car. Being the first time we had used the pram, we were inexperienced in folding it down…. so inexperienced that we couldn’t do it. At all. While each of us tried different combinations off pulling, pushing, kicking and swearing at the pram, time marched on.

We knew we had to leave immediately to pick up Millar or we would be charged $10 a minute. We tried to put the pram in the boot without folding it down. Nope. Tried to jam it in sideways behind the drivers seat. Nope. Finally, I said, I’ll stay here with Xanthe and you go and get Millar. So we unloaded the baby and attached her to the damn pram and I went and hung out in the parents room.

While I was in there feeding my daughter I had time to notice the instructions on the side of the pram for folding it down. “Squeeze the lever on the handle and slide inward. Press the tab on the inside left handle to release frame button. push handle down until frame partially releases. pull up and release the red secondary lock on the lower frame and push down the handle to fold”.

That’s where we went wrong – we bought a pram that didn’t make any fucking sense.

The point is though, if we had our station wagon, we wouldn’t need to collapse the pram. It would fit in the back of the car as is if need be.

The second time was after several pram collapsing training sessions at home. I figured we were prepared and would not face a repeat of the last time.

So we attempted the visit to the mall again while Millar was at occasional care. This time it was to pick up the Christmas laybys. I had forgotten how big they were. We had a large box protruding from the boot and no room for the pram.

Once again I hung out at the mall while hubby took the laybys home, hid them and then picked up Millar from occasional care and came back to pick me up.

This would never have happened with the station wagon.

I wouldn’t mind being stuck at the mall if I could shop… but If I bought anything it wouldn’t fit in the stupid car anyway. grrr

I never thought I’d want a big SUV type thing until I trialled the Ford Territory back in September 2009 – I really miss that car. I think it was very mean of Ford to take it back at the end of the trial.
But if I was spending money on a new car it would be a Toyota. Nothing against Ford, I loved the territory but I’ve always trusted Toyota above all others.

So I think what needs to happen now is for Toyota to give me car to trial…. like maybe a new Rav4 in the yummy blue storm colour. And then what needs to happen is for us to win lotto so I can buy it if Toyota turn out to be as mean as Ford and take their vehicle back.

It’s not too much to ask is it? Please. I just don’t want to be stuck at the mall again. ever..

Dear Millar. 33 Months


We have just celebrated your third Christmas and you turn 3 in a few short months.
Christmas was a fun day and you enjoyed opening your presents, and everyone else’s!
You love playing with your train set and keyboard. You like to sing jingle bells or twinkle twinkle into the microphone while playing the piano. It is very cool and I hope to catch it on video next time you do it.

Your baby sister is one month old and it has brought back so many memories of when you were a baby.
I remember you used to laugh whenever anyone sneezed. So we would pretend to sneeze a lot just to hear you giggle. It’s hard to believe you were ever that tiny.
You are talking so much and so well now. Some of the words you say are still pretty cute.
You say Tri-a-gon and rect-ta-gon for triangle and rectangle. You say cho-rock-o-rit for chocolate.
You love to wrap up random things in bits of paper and give them to us as presents.Today you gave me half a clothes peg wrapped in red paper. You are such a wonderful little person.You make me laugh so much and I still love to hear you giggle.
I love you


Our Christmas Tree

I love my Christmas tree this year. It is full of super cheap silver decorations that make it shiny and glittery and twinkly. It also has some special decorations, like the photo of Millar in a Christmas hat on his first Christmas. The cardboard decorations covered in glitter that Millar made at daycare this year. The pink stocking with “baby’s first Christmas” on it that Darren’s mum bought for Xanthe’s first Christmas this year. The colourful stocking she bought for Millar. The fire truck that Millar chose for the tree this year and the Pukeko we bought in New Zealand last Christmas. A tiny santa that plays “jingle bells” when you press his tummy that my mum sent in 2007, which was our first Christmas in Australia. An angel for Xanthe’s first Christmas, this year the angel tops the tree. Oh and don’t forget the lights – there can never be too many fairy lights.

Tonight, presents will appear under the tree and tomorrow will be madness.

Thank you all for reading this year.
I wish all of you a very very very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.
I hope the season brings you whatever you are wishing for.

Much love, from.